Star Fox Zero – Touching Tribute to Satoru Iwata Found

Star Fox Zero is an upcoming space shooter to the Wii U and it is the latest installment of a game that started its videogame as a Nintendo 64 title. While there are many who are awaiting for the release of the newest title to hit the franchise, Nintendo fans will be surprised as there is a touching tribute to the late Satoru Iwata within the game. Said surprise is an emotional send off message for the fallen Nintendo CEO and beloved gaming personality.

Star Fox Zero - Touching Tribute to Satoru Iwata Found

Star Fox Zero Has a Send Off Message for Satoru Iwata

Even though Mr. Iwata did not live to see the release of Star Fox Zero, this lead to Shigeru Miyamoto to producing the game. Mr. Miyamoto then paid homage to the late CEO. There is a video uploaded by a YouTube user named “Jack Williams,” in which the clip shows the message that has been left for the Iwata-san. The video was taken down shortly after it was uploaded, but it did not stop some netizens from taking a good glimpse at the message.

Upon completing Star Fox Zero (Wii U), instead of just turning off the console or quitting the game, sit through the credits and a message will appear. Gamers will then be treated with a bright sky that has a text on it saying, “This game is dedicated to our wingman who fell in battle.” It was clear that the message was directed to Satoru Iwata, who lost his long battle with an illness.

The game is not the only one who has already paid homage towards the fallen CEO. There are several Nintendo producers, even that of the creator of Super Smash Bros., who has paid tribute to Nintendo’s beloved CEO. These small but very touching gestures feels like the proper way to send off the late Nintendo icon.

When Mr. Iwata passed on, news quickly spread about what had happened. Many people were distraught about it, and even Nintendo’s rivals pay their own homage to the CEO. Even though the gestures may be small, it is still very heartwarming to see an entire gaming community not being bound by any rivalry or competition to have come together to mourn the loss of a videogame luminary. Production ID, Obsidian, and even Bungie, studios how have not had contracts with Nintendo tweeted and updated on their social media accounts about their own saddened feelings about the loss.

When Star Fox Zero releases for the Nintendo Wii U on April 21, 2016, gamers can play through the storyline for them to see the send off message that Nintendo made for Mr. Satoru Iwata.


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