Pokemon Go JoyStick for iOS and Android 2023

Published: 18 April 2023

It’s been almost two years since the launch of Pokemon Go, and it’s still as popular as ever. With millions of players worldwide, the game has become an international phenomenon.

A new product is set to revolutionize how you play: the Pokem Go Joystick for iOS and Android in 2023! This revolutionary device promises to make playing your favorite augmented reality game easier than ever; no more walking around with your phone or worrying about battery life – attach this joystick and start exploring!

Pokemon Go Joystick

What Is A GPS JoyStick?

A GPS JoyStick is a virtual tool that allows you to manipulate your device’s virtual location while playing Pokemon Go. It works by spoofing the user’s current location and allowing them to “walk” around the game using a joystick.

This function can be achieved on both iOS and Android devices, with some apps providing more features than others. With this fake GPS JoyStick location, users can explore areas in-game that would otherwise be inaccessible or too far away for their real-world locations.

Not only does a GPS JoyStick enable users to access different parts of the game, but it also helps them find rare Pokemon as they traverse new pathways within the game without having to physically move from one place to another in the real world.

This gives players an advantage over competitors with limited mobility options due to geographical restrictions. As such, anyone looking for an edge should consider investing in a mock location app and Go GPS JoyStick!

Benefits of GPS JoyStick for Pokemon Go

Playing Pokemon Go with a GPS JoyStick app can be beneficial for numerous reasons. With the joystick mode, players are able to control their avatar’s movements more precisely and reach areas that would otherwise not be accessible. Additionally, using the joystick instead of walking or running in-game increases efficiency by allowing users to travel longer distances without physically moving. This allows them to play Pokémon Go without taking frequent breaks due to exhaustion.

Furthermore, since the App does not require additional hardware like controllers, players don’t need to worry about investing extra money into playing the game on their mobile devices. The GPS JoyStick is thus an economical option for those who want an improved gaming experience while playing.

This modified version also helps alleviate common issues when catching Pokémons, such as being too close or too far away from the target creature; it enables precise navigation so that users can approach at just the right distance before attempting capture attempts. Moreover, the joystick provides better accuracy than tapping onscreen controls, making it easier and faster for players to catch Pokémons they encounter during gameplay – something that may prove incredibly valuable during competitive battles against other trainers.

As such, many experienced players highly recommend using a GPS JoyStick app if you want to enjoy Pokémon!

How To Use GPS JoyStick

The first step is locating and installing the joystick hack. It can be found online on websites such as APKPure or XDA Developers.

Once installed, open up your device settings and navigate to “Developer Options,” where you will find an option called “Allow Mock Locations,” which should be enabled. This allows the joystick control app to take over location services.

joystick control

The next step is to select mock location app and set a preferred radius distance. Then, launch Pokémon Go and select your desired location with the help of the joystick.

You’ll also have access to advanced features like teleporting, waypoints, and more within this GPS JoyStick app. With its intuitive design, you don’t need special skills or knowledge to master its usage.

Troubleshooting GPS JoyStick Issues

The following process will help you troubleshoot GPS JoyStick in case you encounter some issues:

  • Check the device’s operating system version to ensure it is compatible with the app.
  • Ensure that all necessary permissions are enabled for the app.
  • Check for any software updates that may be available for the device and the app itself.
  • Check for any hardware issues, such as a faulty GPS antenna or a failed Bluetooth connection.
  • Try uninstalling and then reinstalling the app.
  • If the issue persists, contact the app developer to report the issue and inquire about any further troubleshooting steps.

Video Tutorial To Change GPS Location to Anywhere

As augmented reality gaming technology continues to expand, more and more players are looking for ways to enhance their experience. One way that some gamers have found is to change their GPS location mode to access areas they couldn’t reach otherwise.

This process can be done on Android and iOS devices using a mock GPS app or developer mode. Many online tutorials provide detailed step-by-step instructions for those wanting to change their device’s GPS location.

On most platforms, such as iOS, users will need to enter into “developer mode” before enabling a fake GPS location setting. For others like Android users, they only need a reliable third-party app that requires minimal setup effort. Regardless of what method you choose, it’s important that you follow all necessary steps accurately if you want your new location to stick and not revert after closing the game or rebooting your phone.

With this tool at your disposal, the world of Pokémon GO becomes much larger – allowing users to explore regions far beyond their local area!

Useful Pokemon Go Joystick Apps

Below are the top Pokemon Go JoyStick on iOS & Android devices with their key features:

1. PokeSpoof

PokeSpoof is a great GPS spoofing app, making it easier to catch Pokemon and access Pokestops. The app uses a variety of sources to collect data, including real-time user feedback, official Pokemon sightings, and crowdsourced data from its users. It also has a map view that allows users to spot nearby Pokemon easily.

2. iSpoofer

iSpoofer is a popular app for Pokémon Go players who want to simulate their location and catch rare and hard-to-find Pokémon. iSpoofer also provides various other features, such as creating custom routes for hatching eggs, setting breakpoints to catch Pokémon more efficiently, and more.

3. Dr.Fone Virtual Location

This software tool allows users to simulate their GPS location on a mobile device. It can access location-restricted content, games and other blocked services in certain regions or countries. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices and supports one-click access to change the device’s location.

4. Fake GPS Go

Fake GPS Go app allows you to mock location on your Android device. Users can get it easily on Google Play Store. It is commonly used for activities such as geo-tagging photos, bypassing geo-restrictions, and accessing location-based content. Fake GPS Go is a great tool for users accessing content normally blocked by their current location.

5. Pokémon Go Joystick iOS With Tweakbox

With the help of TweakBox, you can now enjoy a joystick feature on iOS devices that allows for smooth and precise movements within the game.

Imagine being able to explore desired locations with ease and catching any Pokemon that come along your way! Accessing developer settings provides a deeper dive into customizing how you play Pokemon Go.

You no longer have to worry about location restrictions as this tweak enables you to use an on-screen joystick while playing without facing any limitations. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure in Pokemon Go with TweakBox!

6. Pokémon Go iOS Joystick With Tutu App

With Tutu App’s new GPS movement feature, you can create a fake GPS route to make it feel like you’re walking along while playing. Fly GPS is also available for those who want to move faster or travel farther within the game without having to leave their comfy spot at home.

Using these features, players are able to play more strategically and be more successful overall. Tutu App has taken an innovative approach to mobile gaming by introducing joystick controls that allow users greater control over their characters while playing Pokémon Go.

This app allows gamers of all experience levels to enjoy the full potential of this augmented reality game. For many, it’s the perfect way to get into Pokémon Go – no need for expensive physical controllers! All one needs is an iOS device, and they’re good to go.

7. Pokémon Go Hack Joystick With Appvalley

AppValley is another great tool to consider. It provides a number of amazing features that make it easier than ever to access rare Pokemon and other game-altering cheats.

With this app, you can customize your movement speed in the game, so you don’t have to worry about getting caught by Niantic’s location-based apps. Additionally, AppValley also offers a video guide on how to use the Go GPS JoyStick properly.

Here are some of its features:

  • Spoof location, which allows users to change their current location in the game
  • Customized routes speed settings for both walking and running
  • Ability to capture rare Pokemon with ease
  • Access various items without having to purchase them through IAPs
  • A comprehensive video guide on using the Go joystick hack

AppValley stands out from its competitors due to its advanced features, making it easy for gamers to cheat while still playing safely within their risk parameters.

Risks of Using Pokémon Go Joystick

Before you try to catch them all, let’s look at some of the risks associated with using the Pokenom Go joystick on your phone.

Catching Pokemon
  1. Violation of Pokémon Go’s terms of service, resulting in potential permanent or temporary bans from the game.
  2. Soft and shadow bans may prevent you from catching Pokémon, spinning PokéStops, or participating in certain in-game activities.
  3. Security and privacy risks associated with downloading and using third-party apps, including potential data breaches and privacy violations.
  4. Loss of game enjoyment and fairness, as using a joystick to spoof your GPS location undermines the spirit of the game and provides an unfair advantage over legitimate players.
  5. Legal repercussions, such as using a Pokémon Go joystick, may be considered cheating, fraud, or a violation of local laws, potentially resulting in legal consequences such as fines or penalties.


GPS JoySticks can be a great way to enhance your Pokemon Go experience. While they offer many benefits and are relatively easy to install, it’s important to remember that using them comes with some risks too.

It’s always best to research each joystick carefully before installing it and use caution when troubleshooting any issues you may have. However, with the right precautions, these tools can provide an enjoyable gaming experience for years.


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