Powerboard By HoverBoard Review


Want to make an informed decision before you buy Powerboard? Then read on.

The new Powerboard by Hoverboard has been released by a United States based company. This advanced hoverboard has been equipped with the latest features including but not limited to, a new self-balancing technology along with a safer battery storage compartment.

All of that makes Powerboard by Hoverboard a very ease to use and safe hoverboard. That holds true especially if one compares the new Powerboard by Hoverboard with the rest of the electric scooters that are available in the market today.

But that’s not all. Perhaps the biggest reason why Powerboard by Hoverboard will be preferred by most of not all hoverboard enthusiasts is the fact that the new Powerboard by Hoverboard can dish out a mammoth 6-hour battery life before needing another charge.

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For those who want a detailed analysis of what makes the new Powerboard by Hoverboard so special, the following paragraphs will provide plenty of subject matter.

After reading the whole review, we sincerely hope that you’ll be able to decide if the new Powerboard by Hoverboard is truly worth its price.

Powerboard by Hoverboard Specifications and Features

We’re going to tell you straight up that Powerboard by Hoverboard is a very reasonably priced hoverboard. There is a good reason why Powerboard by Hoverboard is considered by some to be the best valued self-balancing scooter that one can buy in the current market.

As far as specifications go, the new Powerboard by Hoverboard can attain a maximum speed of 8 kilometers per hour.

And because it can operate at that speed without getting overheated and hence burning out, we have a great reason to believe that Powerboard by Hoverboard has been built with some very tough, resilient and durable materials.

One can also judge Powerboard’s quality of build by taking into consideration the fact that it weighs around 30lbs, which is quite a lot when compared to rest of the self-balancing scooters in the market today.

So, now that we have established that Powerboard by Hoverboard is a relatively heavier hoverboard when compared to other hoverboards, it is also an appropriate time to mention that the company behind Powerboard has shown enough generosity to actually include a carry-on bag that comes with the hoverboard package.

Hence, it makes it much easier for the owner of Powerboard to carry it around when not in use.

As indicated before, Powerboard by Hoverboard’s main strength over the rest of the competition is that it can go over 6 hours without charge. In other words, once you charge it up to a hundred percent then you can keep it in use for another 6 hours before it requires another charge.

In fact, we have been told that the new Powerboard by Hoverboard battery can actually last for days if the user of the hoverboard uses the machine in an economic fashion i.e not a lot.

Who benefits from the increased battery life?

Well, anyone who values his/her time because a hoverboard that can last up to 6 hours on a single charge is an automatic purchase for anyone looking to use the hoverboard for short bursts of time in order to travel shorter distances instead of emptying the battery’s juice in a single session.

The new Powerboard by Hoverboard can also be pretty beneficial for those who want to use the hoverboard to travel from work to the bus stop or even their home if they live nearby.

The long battery life of Powerboard by Hoverboard ensures that people who are short on time won’t have to charge the hoverboard every single night regardless of how much they used the self-balancing scooter during the day.

So the natural question that one should ask just about now is that, how long does it take the new Powerboard by Hoverboard to charge up from zero?

You’ll be glad to know that it takes Powerboard by Hoverboard just under an hour to charge to a hundred percent.

Moreover, this self-balancing scooter is also unique in the sense that the manufacturers behind this product made sure that it was suitable for use by both adults and kids.

To put it another way, this self-balancing scooter comes with a wide foot panel that allows users enough feet space to actually stand on the device without the risk of falling off at the slightest of nudges.

The foot panel on this self-balancing electric scooter is also layered with an anti-slip matting which protects kids from slipping while standing on the self-balancing electric scooter. Hence, the device has been made to perfection since it prevents kids from losing their balance.

That should come as a blessing, especially for those parents whose kids suffered minor injuries on older hoverboard models which were banned by the US International Trade Commission.

And while we’re on the topic of specifications, readers should also know that the maximum weight this self-balancing electric scooter can support is around 220 lbs.

So if you happen to be a professional heavyweight boxer then sorry, no candy for you.

Powerboard by Hoverboard Pros

The first and most obvious benefit is that, this product is offered by a US-based company and that means, generally, users will be able to get their purchase delivered to them sooner rather than later. In other words, US-based companies are much more likely to make arrangements for fast shipping than a company based in some other less-developed region of the globe.

Some have even said that the company behind this self-balancing electric scooter delivers products in a very short amount of time so that users can experience the joy that comes out of riding a hoverboard as quickly as possible.

As mentioned earlier, the scooter’s maximum speed is eight kilometers per hour and it has exceptional build quality and safety features. Most other self-balancing electric scooters don’t even come close to this amount of close attention to details.

As a result, this new self-balancing electric scooter should be able to provide a smooth and uniform acceleration which will enable users to maneuver the scooters around corners with relative ease.

Furthermore, this self-balancing electric scooter is pretty straightforward to handle as well. All that a user’s needs to do is to simply learn forward in order to make the electric scooter move in the forward direction and then lean backwards to reverse the direction of motion.

Additionally, this self-balancing smart scooter also enables users to lean from side to side to make cornering at higher speeds easier to learn and then master.

Needless to say, this self-balancing electric scooter is suitable for novice as well as expert users of self-balancing electric scooters. Some are even of the opinion that one should be able to learn how to ride this scooter in under five minutes.

In fact, some people have even reported having become exceptionally proficient at riding this machine in as little as 30 seconds. In other words, there is no need for formal lessons or training sessions in order to ride this scooter. In fact, riding this self-balancing scooter is a breeze because of the intuitive controls.


Powerboard is not just your average hoverboard. It is more than that.

You can buy one of these self-balancing scooters in various colors including blue, red, black and white. Perhaps we should also mention the fact that these models are absolutely new and of genuine quality.

If that wasn’t enough already then know that this self-balancing electric scooter also comes with a one year warranty and a dedicated customer support if you happen to reside in the United States of America.

So there is no risk in buying one, or maybe even two, of these Powerboard hoverboards. If you happen to encounter a problem with the powered board then you can address your issues to the manufacturer’s customer support department. You can find the contact details for the maker of the hoverboard through the official website of the manufacturer or the distributor behind the hoverboard.

Powerboard by Hoverboard Cons

We’ve already mentioned how unique and exciting this new self-balancing electric scooter is. Sadly, there is always a downside to being excellent at what you do. Namely, imitators.

The Powerboard model from Hoverboard has been copied by many other unscrupulous companies who advertise their products as being one hundred percent original while they are just cheap knock offs of the new Powerboard electric scooter from Hoverboard.

Understandably, this has lead to a number of complaints from online buyers who were scammed by various companies after they were tricked into buying fake Powerboards.

Besides, the fake ones look as original as the real ones and hence it comes rather easy for online scammers to take people for a ride with fake products.

Of course, the fake models only look like real ones in the pictures. In real life, they look as cheap as the companies that try to harm the buyers by selling them counterfeit products.

In other words, it is extremely hard to tell apart a dummy Powerboard from the real Powerboard, in pictures that is.

But once you see the product physically, you can easily spot from stark differences between the forged ones and the original ones. Fake Powerboards do not have the same build quality as the original Powerboard. Moreover, the fabricated Powerboard does not last more than a month of use.

Even worse, some customers who mistakenly bought the forged Powerboards, reported that the fake Powerboards actually suffered from overheating issues.

Most of the overheating problems were experienced during the charging process. So if you’re Powerboard is heating up out of the ordinary during charging then that is an indication that your model might be bogus one.


Some online customers even claimed that their Powerboard actually stopped working altogether the first time they charged their self balancing electric scooter.

Expectedly, the manufacturers behind the authentic Powerboard have taken notice of these issues and have moved swiftly to address customer complaints who were tricked into buying the fake models from sham online distributors.

No one should be surprised by the fact that the original Powerboard manufacturers have refused to offer refunds to those customers who bought the fake models from unauthorized sources.

With that said, the manufacturers and distributors behind the real Powerboards have started to take strict measures against the production of counterfeit Powerboards.

As far as interested potential buyers are concerned, they should make sure of the fact that they are buying their Powerboard from authorized dealers.

Always check for standard information such as reputation points, feedback score, comments, number of sales, years in business to ascertain whether the seller of any product is legitimate or not.

Should You Buy Powerboard by Hoverboard

The Powerboard offered by Hoverboard company is an exceptional piece of technology. It is intuitive to use and durable. Powerboard from Hoverboard company used definitely make it to the top of everyone’s wish list.

We recommend that you should buy this self-balancing electric scooter and not be hesitant because of the price.

Of course, we’ll warn potential customers, again, to be careful of buying a Powerboard replica from unauthorized online retailers.

Most of the problems that people have reported in online forums and various comments sections have been related to the fake models, not the original ones.

If you want to buy the original Powerboard by Hoverboard from Amazon and go to this link to get a sweet deal.


Powerboard Tips

  • To ensure that you stay a mile away from any overheating issues, always charge your Powerboard when you are able to keep an eye on the charging process. If the charger or the adapter starts to get hot, unplug it and then replug it after a while. Setting a timer to check the amount of charge and the hotness of the adapter helps to supervise the charging process.
  • Always check the board and the charger’s label to see it the product has the original UL label.
    If your model doesn’t have one then it is an indication that it might be a fake one.
    Of course, you don’t have to claim a refund as soon as you find out that you don’t have the necessary label. You just have to be on your guard.
  • Be extra careful when buying Powerboard from foreign retailers.
  • If you feel that your Powerboard is shaking then try the following steps.
    First, turn of the Powerboard and then place on a flat leveled surface.
    After that, adjust the Powerboard’s sides so that they are aligned and at an equal height from the floor.
    You need to align both sides of the Powerboard to ensure stability. Give it your best shot.
    Then press and hold down the power button until you are able to see the LED lights at the front of the Powerboard flash multiple times. Five to six times if we’re being precise.
    When that starts to happen, let go of the power button and turn off the Powerboard one more time.
    Then turn it on again to resume normal operation. Your Powerboard should be properly calibrated now.




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