After Announcing DLCs Final Fantasy 15 Gets Delayed

Published: 14 August 2016

Final Fantasy 15 will have 6 DLC packs which will introduce additional characters.

Final Fantasy 15 will release exclusive DLC packs which will make each party member a playable character. So if you’re one of those who likes to switch between multiple characters within a single game, then these DLC packs are excellent news for you.

The main game that is Final Fantasy 15 allows the player to have exclusive control of the lead character (named Noctis) but now, Final Fantasy 15 will come with DLC packs which will enable players to take control of each of Noctis’s buddies and have them go on their own adventures.

Noctis currently has three travel comrades that accompany him on, almost, all his road trips and the DLC packs that have been announced will make sure that you can take similar road trips with each of three comrades acting as the main protagonist.

Final Fantasy 15’s season pass will enable players to have exclusive access to these DLC packs which were announced a week ago. The nature of these DLC packs was described in detail on the official website of Final Fantasy 15 and was translated by Siliconera.

The Japanese version of the season pass, as has been reported by Gematsu, will include the following six DLC pieces,

  1. DLC1 – FFXV Booster Pack: Will allow Final Fantasy 15 players to have more powerful weapons and players will be able to perform better in various battles the game has in store for them.
  2. DLC2 – FFXV Episode Gladiolus: This DLC pack will be an actual episode. The episode will focus on Noctis’ friend Gladiolus as the title of the DLC suggests.
    Players will be able to control Gladiolus as the particular function of this DLC is to make Gladiolus a playable character in the game.
  3. DLC3 – FFXV Episode Holiday Pack: Will include a special item pack that will enhance the game, for the players, from a visual perspective.
  4. DLC4 – FFXV Episode Ignis: The fourth DLC will be another original episode and this time the episode DLC would allow players to take control of Ignis who is one of the three trusted friends of Noctis.
    The episode will exclusively focus on Ignis’ adventures.
  5. DLC5 – FFXV Episode Prompto: This DLC will be the third DLC which will include an original episode that will focus on Noctis’ friend Prompto.
    The DLC will allow players to play as Prompto.
  6. DLC6 FFXV Expansion Pack: The last DLC pack will actually be an expansion back. This pack will enable players to enjoy Final Fantasy 15 in an entirely new way.


While information on the number of DLC packs and their themes has been released; no details have been given about what the individual DLC episodes and expansion packs would contain.

At the moment, the Japanese version of the season pass (which will allow players to have access to all 6 DLC packs) will cost potential customers around 2700 yen which equals $30.

Square Enix has not only remained tight-lipped on the specific contents of these DLCS, but the studio also has not released official yen pricing lists.

As far as the United States is concerned, the season pass will come bundled with Digital Deluxe edition, and it will cost you around $82.

Square Enix has also offered a season pass upgrade for anyone who pre-orders Final Fantasy 15 for Playstation 4 or Xbox One.

Square Enix hasn’t released a statement on whether the Deluxe Digital Edition will come with a season pass or not.

Final Fantasy has been in development for over ten years and by the looks of things, the gameplay looks phenomenal. However, the amount of content that the main package of the game would offer to players is still a mystery.

Skeptics have questioned as to why Square Enix would not just release the complete version of Final Fantasy 15 instead of offering DLC packages to potential customers even before the actual launch date.

Right now, all we know is that the Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto packs will be stand alone episodes which will feature each character on their own adventures.

What those adventures will involve has not been addressed. The other three DLC packs, as mentioned before, would give you powerful weapons, gorgeous items and new gameplay options respectively.

The DLC offerings to play as other characters is a departure for Final Fantasy 15 from previous Final Fantasy games.

Older Final Fantasy games had that functionality built into the main game, and the only thing that players had to do (to make side characters are playable characters) was to go to the menu and select the character they wanted to play with.


Final Fantasy’s expansive game world is a sight to behold

Many followers of the long-running Final Fantasy series have complained about the lack of substance in the main game from the gameplay footage that Square Enix has released.

The primary complaint has been about the inability of players to play as other Final Fantasy characters in the main game.

Some fans of the series even expected Square Enix to introduce more than just the four characters that form the party of four at the moment.

Final Fantasy 15 is scheduled to get a worldwide release on September 30, 2016. The game will be available on Xbox One and Playstation 4 platform. There has been no official word on whether Final Fantasy 15 will ever get a PC release.

UPDATE: Multiple reports that have surfaced in the media have claimed that Square Enix has pushed back the release date of its long-in-development role-playing game Final Fantasy 15.

The new release date is now expected to be around November 29 of this year.

A GameStop source told Gamnesia that Final Fantasy 15 would indeed be delayed to November 29.

The report also said that the promotional materials with the new date have been shipped to some GameStop stores. Not only that, but these promotional materials have also been bundled with instructions which say that they are not to be displayed before August 15.

Reports also indicate that an official announcement from Square Enix could be very close.

Moreover, another source at Gematsu (which earlier correctly predicted the release date of Final Fantasy 15 to be September 30 before any official announcement) says that Gamnesia’s report is, in fact, factual in nature.


The DLC packs will allow players to control Noctis’ other gang members

Apparently, Gematsu’s source is the same one that, earlier, had tipped the site to the September 30 Final Fantasy 15 release date.

However, it is also appropriate to mention that Gamnesia’s report did not provide images of the rumored marketing materials. So, currently, there is no way to confirm these reports.

Square Enix has not come out with an official statement in response to these rumors.

Interestingly, the GameStop website is still listing Final Fantasy 15’s release date as September 30, 2016.

Final Fantasy is currently expected to be available for Playstation 4 and Xbox One while Square Enix has said that the studio is now thinking about a PC version, but no concrete statements have been made.

Hajime Tabata, who is the director of Final Fantasy 15, said in June that he had given the PC version of Final Fantasy 15 a thought, and there was a distinct possibility that fans might be able to see a PC port of the game in the future.

Talking to Kotaku, Tabata said, “Until we’ve got the console versions finished, we really aren’t gonna think anymore about that” and then further continued, “That really is our top priority and one thing we’re not gonna bend on is getting those console versions finished on time. We don’t want to be making excuses. We don’t want to be having regrets. We want to get these out and done in time.”

But even if Final Fantasy 14 comes to PC, no one should expect that version of the game to be launched beside the console editions this September.

And it is a fair possibility that PC fans might not even get a PC version for Final Fantasy 15.

Update 2: Popular gaming site Kotaku has confirmed the initial reports and has said that the site has heard from a number of sources that Final Fantasy 15 has indeed been delayed.

Moreover, Gamnesia has also released pictures of the marketing materials that were sent to GameStop from Square Enix. These photos show the rumored release date to be November 29.

Kotaku has also reported that it has observed other marketing material which refers to the expected delay.

The official delay announcement is supposed to come very soon since GameStop signage will go up on Monday, August 15.

Square Enix has still not responded with a comment on the current situation regarding Final Fantasy 15’s delayed release date.




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