Final Fantasy XV – Already 10-Years-Old, But No One Has Played the Full Game Yet

Final Fantasy XV is the next game to be added to Square Enix’s popular role playing franchise, and it has just recently turned 10-years-old. While it may have already celebrated its 10 year anniversary, nobody has been able to play the full game yet. This is because those 10 years were spent developing this PlayStation 4 and Xbox One title, and the full game is yet to be released on the 30th of September of this year.

Final Fantasy XV - Already 10-Years-Old, But No One Has Played the Full Game Yet

Final Fantasy XV Was First Announced on May 8, 2006

Final Fantasy XV was originally titled as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and it was a game that was pitched as a spin-off that would be set in the same universe as that of, you guessed it, Final Fantasy XIII. However, the events in Versus XIII would be unrelated to XIII. In order to put this into perspective, 2006 was the year that the PlayStation 3 and the Wii had launched. During said year, Nintendo was still publishing Game Boy Advance titles and the biggest first person shooter for that year was still Call of Duty 3.

Jump to two years later, and both Final Fantasy 15 nor Final Fantasy Versus XIII was still in sight. Publisher Square Enix admitted then that it was in a holding pattern with regards to the latter title. They also said that some of their team members have actually moved over in order to acquire the main XIII game out their doors in a more timely manner as Final Fantasy 13 barely managed to nudge itself into markets by the end of 2009 in Japan.

In the years that had followed, Square Enix would occasionally release some small information pertaining to Versus XIII. There would be a new trailer here and there, and some small tidbits, and perhaps a whole lot of rumors flying around. However, none of these are really substantial. While it would seem that developers were hard at work for Versus XIII, they are also completing the two storyline sequels for Final Fantasy XIII.

Back then, those who were heavily anticipating the release of Final Fantasy XV, or rather Final Fantasy Versus XIII, could do nothing but would have to wait for official announcements for the release date and just take a deep breath. And maybe even perhaps pick up a copy of the two storyline sequels of Final Fantasy XIII. Now, all those waiting have paid off dearly as the 15th major installment for the Final Fantasy series will finally launch for the PS4 and the Xbox One on September 30.


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