3 Amazing Facts About Mafia III

Published: 12 September 2016Updated: 14 September 2016

Mafia III will become your family.

Mafia III will allow you to become part of the family, you understand. And when you’re part of the family, you live for the family and you die for the family.

If the development team behind Hangar 13 is to be believed then a lot of research work that the team did, went into building the fictional version of New Orleans in which the upcoming Mafia III game world is based.

The city is called New Bordeaux in the game and Hangar 13 has said that they weren’t happy with just building another city that rivaled the older settings of previous Mafia games such as Empire Bay etc.

The new setting will be much grander in terms of scope and detail. In other words, Hangar 13 wanted to create and actually did create a game which gamers could experience as if it was real life in terms of the setting and the general atmosphere of the game.

In the game’s version of New Orleans, the city’s past is vile and the mafia runs the whole city with clinical efficiency.

The game will present players with a hefty dose of drama and for good reason. New Orleans has the history to back up everything that can be associated with crime and theft.

There are still streets in the dense city where you can see storefronts that acted as safe houses and business centers for deadly criminals and Machiavellian mobsters.

New Orleans was once considered to be the home of people who wanted to gain money and fame through any means necessary.

Means such as smuggling and cheating at massive scale. The riverside of the city still reeks of the city’s loud and disturbing past.

Recently hangar 13 released a demo for Mafia III and testers were able to detail the city’s criminal past.

But before you pre-order Mafia III, here are the seven amazing facts you need to know about New Bordeaux.

1- Mafia III Does Not Shy Away From Making Statements About Racism And Prejudice

The development team behind Mafia III has made sure that it gets the message across to gamers as once you start up the game you’re greeted with a customized note from the developers.

Quite predictably, the note points out that the game contains offensive language and abhorrent behavior that is related to the social problems that were present in New Orlean’s society back in the 1960s.

This part of the note makes a lot of sense since Mafia III is set in the same time period and in order to make the game as close to reality as possible, the race problems had to be connected to the overall atmosphere of New Bordeaux.

The statement from Hangar 13, the development team behind Mafia III, also said that the studio did not condone or support that kind of behavior but it was necessary because, it was the only way in which the said time period could have been accurately portrayed.

Hence, players are likely to come across a lot of racist slangs and bizarre misdeeds from lead characters in the game.

Haden Blackman, who is the head at Hangar 13 and is also a Mafia III lead, said that he was hopeful that it would come off as a heartfelt note because he himself wrote it and it was a heartfelt note when he wrote it down.

He further added that it was really to just acknowledge the fact that the studio was attacking a subject that made people uncomfortable and the studio felt that they needed to go to distressing places in order to capture the sense of time and place.

In other words, Mafia III will have strong and offensive language that will go beyond just the average race abuse.

The statement also said that there would be a lot of violence in the game because the studio was dealing with criminals fighting other criminals.

Bill Harms, who is the lead writer on Mafia III, said that in terms of the concept of the game, the kind of line that the studio needed to balance there was: what felt natural  in that part of the city and didn’t feel like it was forced in by the developers.

He also said that Lincoln (the protagonist of Mafia III) used the world in a very particular way because of who he was as a person.

Harms further added that in Mafia III, the world has the specific view of him for that very reason and since it was 1968 and it was also the south, it was a very terrible year.

In short, racism plays a huge part in the world of Mafia III (or more specifically, in the city of Mafia III) and Lincoln’s experience is also affected by it.

Bill also said that despite that, the game was not about racism. “Racism is just part of the game but it’s not the primary focus”, he explained.

Bill continued and said that Mafia III was really about Lincoln Clay just destroying the whole of the mafia that was present in the game because of who he was and that was where those racial elements came into play and were reflected in the world as the player further progressed through the game.


Expect some provocative content in Mafia III.

2- New Orleans May Not Be The Biggest And The Baddest When It Comes To Mafia Activities But Some Locals Are Of The Opinion That The Reason Why No One Speaks About The City’s Corrupt Past Is Because The City Was Better Run Under The Mafia.

The City of New Orleans is an immoral one. This fact isn’t something that the developers have tried to hide.

Historically, the city of New Orleans was run by the Matranga crime family which was founded sometime in the 1850s.

The Matranga family was one of the earliest American crime families in American history. The family used means such as extortion and was involved in infiltration,exploitation, and control of a union or a workforce through illegal,violent and other fraudulent means for the family’s personal benefit.

In fact, the aforementioned mafia family was so authoritative that (because of being so wealthy and vicious) after some years of wheeling and dealing even the police decided to turn a blind eye to the activities of the Matranga crime family.

It wasn’t unusual to find to members of the Matranga family being involved in crimes such as murder and torture. Most of they time, they escaped any form of punishment without a second word.

The family then spread its wings further into other criminal activities such as drugs, private gambling, and prostitution.

All this while, and perhaps quite unexpectedly, the city of New Orleans blossomed in terms of development and expansion.

Peace was the order of the day for regular citizens who lived within the city.

The developers behind Mafa III have depicted some of that in the game as well with the use of some lead characters and other social gathering spots.

Some characters are also based on real mafia members who actually resided in New Orleans at that time.

There is this one guy who goes by the name of Sal Marcano in Mafia III. He is essentially the big bear in the game and looks to be heavily influenced by the personality of Carlos Marcello who was the Godfather of mafia business in the 1950s.

Marcello used his reputation in New Orleans to expand the activities of the mafia and it was under his control that the mafia really began to assert its influence on the outer reaches of the city and beyond.

3- You’ll Need To Learn A Lot Of Tricks In Order To Make Sure That Mafia III’s Numerous Systems Work Together For Your Cause.

Mafia III will offer players with a lot of systems to work with in order to create chaos in the city. Players will be able to take advantage of numerous game mechanics in the game in order to expand their own business and criminal network .

For example, an individual player may decide to take the stealth approach in order to gain access to a criminal hideout. But if the player’s cover is blown during the secretive operation then the enemies on the other side will be able to call in a backup.

Now, with that said, the game will also allow players to take counter measures in the time it takes the mafia backup to show up on the scene.

Players can simply shoot their way to victory before any of the backup enemy waves arrive and can also escape from the whole scene in the hope that no one from the enemy side gives pursuit.

Players will also be able to call in their own support to fight enemies on their own turf.

Moreover, these aren’t all of your options. The game will grant you more alternative methods to take down your enemy’s hideout or hunt other gang members individually as you progress through the game.

For example, players will be able to throw bizarre items towards enemies such a voodoo doll which would attract enemies because of its noise. And as soon as the enemies get close enough (because they would want to investigate the source of the noise), the player could easily take a whole group out with a weapon such as a grenade which was a huge damage area.

Players will be able to attach bombs to moving cars and explode them inside enemy hideouts in order to get rid of their targets without too much effort.

And before we forget, players in Mafia III will also need to be extra vigilant about police raids and police chases. After several demos, we now know that even if one police officer suspects some illegal activities to which the player is connected, a whole squad will be sent after the player in order to maintain peace and justice.

In other words, if you’re caught committing a crime, you’ll have to make a decent effort to get rid of the police.

And just like in other games such as Grand Theft Auto and Assassin’s Creed, the player will need to leave the relevant area and find a vehicle in order to get as far away as required from the police in order to reduce the threat level.

So if you like to play with an aggressive style and go all guns blazing while searching for your target, then the police will show up regardless of the fact if you’re prepared or not.

Thankfully, the developers behind Mafia III have made sure that Lincoln is able to call for new gear from the weapons dealer, cars to be sent to his location for an easy getaway vehicle and extra reinforcements in order to tackle firmly with the police in a wild shootout.

Players will also be able to bribe a certain someone in order to get rid of the chasing police just like in other games such as Assassin’s Creed and Grand Theft Auto.


If you don’t treat your comrades with respect, they’ll turn on you.

Bonus Fact- If You Don’t Treat Your Associates Well, They’ll Stab You In The Back

Lincoln will have three trusty abettors in the game. And they will go by the names of Vito, Burke, and Cassandra.

They will provide Lincoln with all the resources and the connections that will be required to take over the city, but at a price.

Lincoln will have to reciprocate by providing them access to various hideouts and conquered territories that will be spread throughout the game.

But if Lincoln (that is, you) is not able to strike a balance between rewarding the three lieutenants then there will be undesirable consequences.

Cassandra may turn against you if you reward Vito with too many territories.

Apart from that, we also know that,  

  • Mafia III Won’t Give You Your Typical Hero Story
  • Mafia III Will Allow You To Feed People To Animals. Animals Such As Alligators.
  • Unlike Other Games, Mostly No Man’s Sky, Mafia III Will Present Players With A Lot Of Small Special Moments.

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