Grand Theft Auto – A 6th Installment is Already in the Works According to Reports

Published: 29 March 2016Updated: 2 April 2016

According to a report, the 6th title of the Grand Theft Auto franchise is already on it way. Rockstar, the developers of the famous title, have already begun working on the next installment to GTA V. The 5th installment was released back in 2013, and it measures up to be one of the most successful as well as the most expensive videogame in history as per a report from TechRadar.

Grand Theft Auto - A 6th Installment is Already in the Works According to Reports

Grand Theft Auto 6 May Already be On Its Way

Rockstar hasn’t settled on a location yet for the new Grand Theft Auto game, and it is still not clear when the new title will be released. While it might not be released for some years, it should be noted that GTA 5 came 5 years after its predecessor. It is also unlikely that the setting will be outside the shores of United States, according to the same report.

It did, however, suggest that the developers did come very close to releasing a Grand Theft Auto: Tokyo, but this was still around the time of GTA 3. While still scoping out for a viable setting for the 3rd installment of the franchise, the developers would make reference trips to the city and plan the game. However, the details (which included Tokyo’s road system) was said to be far too complicated to work out.

Furthermore, the company decided that it would even be more difficult to take the game’s setting outside of US, as per the report from TechRadar. If they did, this would mean changing a lot of the series’ recurring details. These would include certain brands and even how cars would look. Therefore, GTA 6 would most likely stay within US shores.

With the openness of the world that is the GTA series, more specifically that of GTA V, it does beg the question as to what would be the new things to expect from the next installment. Sure, there would be new cars, a new environment, a new main character, but these are all part of the complete package of making a new game. Hence, it can cause excitement and worry at the same time; the former feeling is due to thinking about the surprises that would come with the 6th installment, while the latter might make people dread the fact that it may just be a better performing GTA 5.

But before Grand Theft Auto 6 will become a reality, Rockstar is set to reveal a new Red Dead game first. In a recent report, it suggested that Red Dead Redemption 2 might be arriving by the end of this year. However, details are still limited to just what the game might consist of when it will be revealed.


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