Super Mario Run: 9 Things You Should Know About


Super Mario Run is coming to Apple smartphones very soon.

Shigeru Miyamoto, who is the second highest paid employee at Nintendo, is probably the most famous game designer and producer of all time.

And now, because of Miyamoto’s efforts, Nintendo will finally bring the greatest video game character of all time, Mario, to the smartphone platform.

Miyamoto made the, rather unexpected, announcement about a week ago at Apple’s September iPhone event.

The game will be called “Super Mario Run” and will be, initially, available only for Apple smartphones.

Miyamoto, in an interview given to IGN, said that it was the same thing the company always did. He explained that Apple had never done anything like that where the company had a translator on stage for their events.

Miyamoto further added that his presence and the presence of a translator might have made Apple a little nervous originally but that was what Nintendo always did.

Shigeru looked to be in a relaxed mood and joked about how he worried that Nintendo might get forced off the stage because people had come to the event to see an iPhone 7, not an unannounced Nintendo video game for smartphones.

Of course, the man behind some of the best-selling video games of all time was well received as the audience welcomed Shigeru with a great reception.

As soon as Shigeru stepped on the stage, he revealed Nintendo’s most ambitious mobile game yet (since Pokemon Go augmented reality mobile video game wasn’t exactly Nintendo’s ), that was, Super Mario Run.

Here are the 9 Things we have learned about Super Mario Run by listening to Shigeru Miyamoto and other sources.

1- There Will Be A Veteran Development Team Behind Super Mario Run

Miyamoto recently said that since he had become a creative fellow, it was actually a lot easier for him to focus on individual projects.

And while talking about future Nintendo projects and his role in those projects, Miyamoto said that he started to work on different video game ideas when he got into the creative department.

He further added that he had finished up Star Fox Zero and was working on Super Mario Run at the same time.

Now, Miyamoto said, since Star Fox Zero has finished its development phase,”I have just been focused exclusively on Super Mario Run.”

Shigeru further explained that the director of the game was Takashi Tezuka, with whom Miyamoto has previously worked with on projects such as the original Super Mario Bros, and so he just wanted to start working with that team every day, on the game.

Miyamoto further noted that Hideki Konno was the map director and he had designed the world map for Super Mario World.

Apart from that, Shigeru also spoke about how Konno had been doing the network side of things on the Mario Kart games.

Apart from that Hideki was also working on the Super Mario game as “he is heading up the kingdom side”, Miyamoto added.

Nintendo’s second highest paid employee then went on to talk about how Nintendo was actually making Super Mario Run game with all of the past team members coming together to make a new Mario game for Nintendo.

2- No One Knows If There Will Be A Customizable Kingdom. Ever.

It’s okay to dream. In fact, sometimes you must dream in order to not go insane, but Nintendo won’t be providing much customization options for the new Super Mario Run game.

Miyamoto told reporters that, currently, Nintendo was just focused on announcing the game and that the game was definitely going to come in the near future and that he couldn’t go into further details about how players would be able to customize their Mushroom Kingdoms.

Miyamoto, whose current net worth is estimated to be around $40 million, also said that from an overall gameplay perspective, Super Mario Run would have relatively shorter courses than Nintendo’s previous games.

He explained that the new game was more geared towards casual gamers who wanted a quick playthrough on a mobile device.

The game designer further said that Nintendo wanted to make the game accessible enough so that even if a player wasn’t that good at Mario, he/she would still be able to enjoy the Super Mario Run experience.

Currently, the developer team behind Super Mario is trying to make sure that players are able to get a real good sense or running through the game’s different levels and “reaching the flagpole at the end of the level.”


Players will be able to make Mario run for an indefinite period.

Miyamoto also revealed that if a particular player was proficient at playing Mario games then there was a lot in Super Mario Run that would interest that player.

He also talked about how there was much to discover in the game and different players would be able to hone their techniques as the game would provide them with areas where skilled players would be able to collect more coins and other similar items.

Shigeru Miyamoto, whose parody Twitter account has a following of 187,000, said that the main gameplay of Super Mario Run would, expectedly, revolve around collecting coins and other items. He also said that the kingdom side of Super Mario Run would be really about playing the game’s battle mode repeatedly.

He further explained that gradually the game would allow players to increase the number of toads in their kingdom and then utilize the coins that they had collected over a period of time to customize their kingdom.

Miyamoto, who also helped create other franchises such as The Legend of Zelda and Donkey Kong, also spoke about how the “customizable kingdom” feature was actually the fun new element that Nintendo did not have in its previous iterations of Mario video games.

3- Super Mario Run Will Allow Players To Compete Against Each Other Through Toad Rallies.

For those of you who don’t know, Toad Rally mode is a new competitive mode where the game lets the player go up against other players, strangers, and friends, on the internet.

When IGN asked Shigeru to shed some light on the new mode he said that Nintendo obviously had the capability (in the game) to race against other players in Mario Kart.

But with Mario Kart Nintendo introduced the new feature where players were able to share their custom courses with other players around the world.

Miyamoto was of the opinion that in Super Mario Run, players would not only be able to choose an opponent from a list of online players but also from a list of strangers i.e other players that the player in question does not know.

He said that some of those unknown players would be from different parts of the world while the game’s algorithm would ensure that those players would be relatively matched with each other in terms of skill level.

Not only that but Miyamoto also revealed that players would also be able to choose who they wanted to compete against.

In other words, the game mechanics will make sure there are no horribly skewed matches in favor of one player or another.

4- Super Mario Run Will Enable Players To Crossover From Miitomo Into Super Mario Run.

Shigeru told IGN that Nintendo’s goal was to enable players to bring their “my Nintendo Friend List” into Super Mario Run.

He said that if a player had Miitomo then the player could bring his/her Miitomo friends over to Super Mario Run.

5- And About Those New In-Game Courses.

Various reports have suggested that Nintendo was thinking hard on coming up with new courses for the company’s new video games.

Miyamoto, while talking about the issue, said that one of the things that Nintendo was busy doing at the moment was making sure that players were able to play through each individual course in the world tour game mode of the game and then allowing components of those levels to appear in Super Mario Run’s battle mode.

In other words, Nintendo will try to arrange the game’s battle mode in a way that the levels become endless (only in battle mode), so that the player is able to keep on running through the course until time runs out.

Miyamoto said that this new feature was only one of the areas that was a little bit different this time around and hence Nintendo was putting a lot of hard work into making sure that the feature worked in the final build of the game.


Players will be able to play against other Mario players over the internet.

6- Nintendo Was Looking Forward To Approaching More Difficult Levels Differently This Time Around

Miyamoto, whose official title at Nintendo is “Creative Fellow”, also talked about more difficulty levels in Nintendo games.

He said that people can look forward to more difficult levels in future.

As far as Nintendo as a company was concerned, Miyamoto said that the point, with Super Mario Run, for Nintendo was how to make Super Mario Run a game that people who weren’t good at games could play and enjoy.

In other words, Nintendo isn’t actually aiming for building more complex and difficult levels for Super Mario Run.

Shigeru clarified that the company had been making Mario games for a pretty long time, including Super Mario Maker, and now had a good grip on how to make games more challenging.

He concluded his answer by comforting Mario fans by saying “I don’t think you have to worry about that part of it.”

7- Is Nintendo Planning To Introduce NFC Reader/Writer and Amiibo Accessory For Smartphones?

Shigeru said it was certainly an area that Nintendo was interested in and the announcement from Apple about some news related to their NFC technology would certainly motivate Nintendo to move into that technology was well.

He said that until the announcement from Apple, there wasn’t much that Nintendo could do but after the announcement, the company could have a look at what Apple said and how Nintendo might have a chance to use that.

8- Shigeru Also Talked About His Goals And Lessons He Learnt From Making Super Mario Run

super-mario-run (2)

Nintendo wants to bring new players to its own gaming platforms using smartphone games as a bait

Shigeru told IGN that Nintendo, now, had created a Mario game that was very different from the previous games which Nintendo had released in the past.

He said the new game was also distinct from the titles that were available on home consoles. Shigeru considered the new game from Nintendo great because the new Mario game had its own style of play that was specifically conceived for mobile devices.

Nintendo’s senior most employee also thought that the new Mario game would be great for people who have never tried a Mario game before.

Miyamoto hoped that the new Mario game from Nintendo would be able to reach a much wider range of audience than the company’s previous games.

It is clear that Nintendo wants to bring more gamers into its “Mario” fold as quickly as possible.

The legendary game designer, Miyamoto, also said that Nintendo wanted to lure gamers to Super Mario Run (on the smartphone platform) so that in future those same gamers could be enticed into buying Nintendo’s games and gaming platforms.

Miyamoto said that in terms of a development standpoint, Nintendo had learned that there wasn’t new inventions in the smartphone market other than the fact that Nintendo was happy to see how easily the new Mario game adjusted to a vertical video format.

9- There Will Be Differences Between Mario on iPhone And Mario on iPad

Shigeru also revealed that there would be two differences between Super Mario Run on iPad and iPhone.

First would be the character’s size. Mario would be bigger on the iPad (which would look better). He also joked about how it would be harder to play Super Mario Run with just one hand on a smartphone device.




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