WonderShare PDFelement Might Be The Adobe Replacement You Were Looking For

Published: 22 December 2016Updated: 22 November 2021

Is PDFelement by wondershare for you?

If you work in any technical field you would know that all those technical manuals along with schematics and reports aren’t going to read themselves. You need a proper PDF editor and while Adobe Acrobat is great if, for example, you want to know how to add text to a pdf file, it doesn’t come cheap.

That’s where PDFelement by WonderShare comes into play.

It is basically you all-in-one PDF editor. And boy does it do things (for free too). Let’s take a look at some of them. The PDFelement by WonderShare lets users,

Edit and annotate PDF documents

As far as PDF page go, it lets users add, delete and rearrange them in any format.

Convert any type of document to a genuine PDF file. If you want to convert a PDF file to Word then you can do that. How about PDF to Excel or PDF to PowerPOint or even a PDF to an image or text?

Well, PDFelement by WonderShare has got you covered.

It cal also create PDF forms for you. But hang on, it does you one better by filling out those form as well.

You can edit any piece of text in a given PDF directly from the editor.

If rotating, splitting or cropping is your thing then PDFelement by WonderShare is there for you.


These were some of the major features of PDFelement by WonderShare.

However, it can do a lot more than just that. How about adding watermarks, customized headers and footers with ease to PDF files? Yes, it can do that as well.

Perhaps the only “standard” feature in PDFelement by WonderShare, is that it can, just like the rest of the competition, add page numbers to your PDFs.

The biggest edge PDFelement by WonderShare has over its rivals is that it loads exceptionally fast and does not bog down your machine.

If this still hasn’t sold you over then, this next bit certainly will.

Did you know that Adobe stopped shipping standalone products a long time ago in order to continue its search for more profits?

Yes, right now, you can’t really buy Adobe Acrobat legally. You can only subscribe to their service for over $150 per year.


PDFelement by WonderShare, on the other hand, costs just $69.95 if you don’t have any need for one of its bonus features such as OCR. With OCR, it will cost you $89.95 and you can use the software forever because you own it. There are no hidden subscription fees or maintenance charges.

The Adobe challenger comes with industry’s leading OCR tool which can be used to convert image-based PDF files into documents that are completely searchable, editable and selectable.

PDFelement by WonderShare’s OCR feature is designed to recognize text quickly. It can also identify images and numbers in any given PDF file without altering the original document layout.

Therefore, PDFelement by WonderShare is a genuine threat to Adobe Acrobat’s monopoly because it complies with most in-demand industry standards.

In short, if your employer is paying for your PDF editor then you should perhaps go with Adobe Acrobat since your colleagues are likely to use that as well.


But if you’re a freelancer or an owner of a small business then PDFelement by WonderShare is the more affordable choice that can match Adobe in pretty much all the areas you will ever need to use.

PDFelement is available for Windows, Mac and iOS. Now you can get more amazing features from the latest version such as a redesigned and completely optimized UI which will enhance the overall user experience. Users will now be able to rely on a spell checking feature that gets to work while the user is editing text. The printing quality has also been optimized along with the default zoom settings that’ll improve user reading experience.

Want to free try PDFelement? Click here now!



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