What Are The Best And Most Prominent Casino Software Development Teams Of 2016?

Published: 25 January 2017

Casino software developers are not as critically acclaimed as startup rock-stars from the Silicon Valley.

Frankly, that’s highly unfair as their job is as (if not more) important. Just think about the level of challenges they are overcoming on a daily basis:

• Casino sites are to be simple, lightweight and intuitive.

• Gambling rooms are to be accessible from all corners of the world.

• All the backend structure is to be solid enough to withstand peek traffic and game play loads.

• These sites are to be stone-solid regarding personal data and money transfers.

That’s one hell of a job, don’t you say. Poker software developers Evenbet Gaming we would lose both access and interest to one of the core areas of entertainment known to mankind. We have been a crowd of gabblers since the invention of money after all.

Top 5 casino software developers of 2016

Do note that behemoth-size sharks of the industry like Microgaming and Playtech won’t be mentioned.

They have simply overgrown development at this pint and these companies are a story of their own. Let’s just let them fight their own wars in the clouds for once.

Now that the preparations are over let’s proceed with our list!

• Evenbet Gaming. This is one of the rising-talent companies in our list. They haven’t been on the market for too long, if compared to other major players, and yet their efforts have already earned them worldwide recognition.

Fantasy Sports and Poker Software are their biggest strong sides and you won’t probably find a better team to develop your Social Gaming casino.

Given the guys are operating with rather new and flaming-hot trends, lines of customers are knocking at their doors for fair slices of innovation.

• EGT Casino. With previous experience in solutions for brick and mortar casinos the EGT team has decided to make an impressive entrance to the digital stage a few years ago. What else can I say aside from the fact that their idea worked out well for both the company and its clients?

• Thundertrick Casino. These guys are focusing on innovation. VR, AR trends in casino development as well as mobile gaming are their biggest strength but if you are going for the classy approach you’d be better off with either EGT or Evenbet Gaming.

• Play’N Go. This is probably the most data-driven casino developer of them all.

Every decision they make is based on careful analysis of industry trends and most performing solutions. If you are looking for creativity though, they are not your guys. Try Thundertricks.

• ELK Studios. As far as I know they have only released 9 slots so it’s really hard to stay whether the guys will stick through. But, as for now, all of the reviews are literally out of this world.

Top industry players are crazy about ELK studios so I can only suggest you to give them a shot until the price tag skyrockets due to immense popularity.



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