Time is Indeed Money. Google Reportedly Working On Two Smartwatches

14488183845_1ae3e12f21_o If you thought Google was already a life invader then you thought right. For better or worse, Google not only wants your data, be your search engine of choice, your favorite mobile operating system, your email buddy, your calendar and your Microsoft office alternative, it also wants to be ‘on’ you physically.

Reports have emerged that Google is supposedly working on two smartwatches that it intends to then sell into the market to compete with the likes of Motorola and get closer to Apple, which is according to most experts ahead of the Google when it comes to the nascent smartwatches consumer market domination.

The watches will come in two styles which will target two different users depending on the specific needs and wants.

The two Google smartwatches are likely to be Nexus-branded and that interestingly enough puts it in direct competition with its two tried and test hardware developer partners such as Samsung and Motorola.

Since the smartwatches have not hit the market anywhere yet, the rumor comes from an anonymous source. But the anonymous source is considered pretty reliable by an Android Police source.

So let’s get into it and start off with the names.

The two smartwatches are codenamed Angelfish and Swordfish. Weird choice of names you might imagine since what on earth could smartwatches have to do with a fish? Well, as big and successful as Google has gotten over the past decade or so, you bet the company would have spent massive amounts of money in research and name selection procedures.

The one thing we can be sure of is that these smartwatches will definitely be Google’s benchmark devices for its wearable technology platform.

The smartwatches will feature completely round displays. Completely round displays you ask? Well, believe it or not, completely round display, contrary to the traditional simple watch market, is a bit of a rarity in the smartwatches world.

What do we mean by completely round displays? Well, in the smartwatch business, most smartwatches have almost completely round displays. Almost, as there is always a kind of ending spot (marked by a blank line. Imagine if you filled the inside of your watch, the display side and not actually inside the machinery of the watch, with a tiny amount of black liquid. The liquid will settle down somewhere and block anything from being seen that it rests in front of) either on the side, bottom or at the top.

Smartwatch companies like to call it a shelf but the consumer market, rightly, calls it a “flat tire” because it looks like one. Completely round watch that abruptly ends without completing the whole 360-degree circle.

Back to the smartwatches now. The reports indicate that one model is larger than the other and includes advanced technologies like LTE, GPS and believe it or not, a heart rate monitor.

The smaller smartwatch of the two will not have capabilities like mobile data and GPS.

Design and Specs

17120127097_be0c1fb3f7_zThe report actually revealed part of Google’s plans and also in some cases detailed the looks of the smartwatches.

The larger model which is the feature rich one is Angelfish. It will presumably display a 43.55 mm wide case and will measure around 14mm in thickness.

Now, for most watch wearers or smartwatches users, that is quite a big watch. But not in the case if you already have some experience with the likes of Moto 360 and LG Watch Urbane which are both bigger than Google’s reported smartwatches.

Now, the term you need to understand for this next bit is the crown. Crown, if you look in the dictionary, is the top most part of something. A part that stands out because of its peculiarity or shape of size. If we are talking about your mouth then the visible part of your teeth, that has enamel on it and is above the gums, is known as the crown.

The smartwatches will sport a large crown button on its right side. There will be numerous smaller buttons on the top and the bottom for features that are still unknown.

Speculation is rife that the two extra buttons could prove useful for displaying contacts quickly on the smartwatches or open up a specific app in a rather short amount of time.

The other model is codenamed Swordfish and is described  to look like a previous popular smartwatch that goes by the name of Pebble Time Round  but without that model’s large sloping edge (Google the name in case you want more information on that particular model).

The dimensions are smaller than the smartwatch codenamed Angelfish, as Swordfish is put at 42mm wide and about 10.6 mm thick. That coincidently also puts it ahead of Moto 360 in terms of being the watch with the smallest thickness.

Of course, the Pebble Time Round is even thinner (comes in around 7.5 mm thick) than Google’s rumored Swordfish but that should be expected from a smartwatch that doesn’t use an E-ink display screen.

Android Police has also noted that the shape of the smartwatch case is more rounded and gentle than the Pebble’s.

In contrast to Angelfish, Swordfish will only have one button on the side and as mentioned before, will lack features such as LTE and GPS.

But that isn’t even the most significant part. The more important piece of information that industry insiders are trying to find out if the two smartwatches will launch with Qualcomm’s, yet unreleased, Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor.

Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor is a processor specifically designed for wearables and it actually helps to improve the battery life of the watch.

What about AI?

The most noteworthy and remarkable feature that these upcoming smartwatches reportedly have in the presence of Google Assistant. For those unfamiliar, Google Assistant is a personalized form of artificial intelligence that helps the smartwatch wearers complete their tasks more easily and without much hassle.

At Google’s IO 2016 conference that took place in May, Google actually showed off its “latest and greatest” upcoming AI feature. Later in the same conference, Google also confirmed that this new AI feature will come pre-installed in Google Home, just like in Amazon Echo.

Let’s talk about Google Assistant feature for a moment now.

Google Assistant feature is a powerful and leading natural language engine that is able to understand and interpret complex commands from the user and context.

For example, if you ask Google Assistant to book a certain restaurant to have a meal and follow that up with “I want to have it with family this time around” then Google Assistant will reserve your entire family a place in the given restaurant.

But that’s not all. The Nexus smartwatches will also run on Android Wear 2.0, and as far as users are concerned, that means:

More powerful smartwatch faces

More cutting edge messaging

Improvements in iOS support

Final Thoughts

Android Police has speculated that the smartwatches may as well get unique features that won’t be available on other Android Wear smartwatches.

While the potential of having Google Assistant in smartwatches may be unclear, it is almost certain that Google will try its utmost best to somehow make Google Assistant an integral part of its smartwatch lineup.

Now, onto the reliability part. Android Police is a well-known authority on everything related to Android but as with all rumors, news about these upcoming smartwatches should be taken with a grain of salt.

The wearables that we are talking about here have not been released yet and as with any unreleased product, the smartwatches will undergo hardware and software changes. The shape, size and features of the product can never be completely known until launch date.

With that said, there is actually little to no information on price, development status or release date of these rumored smartwatches.

The only thing that can be said with some certainty is that the Nexus phones will definitely get released well before these speculated smartwatches do.


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