Apple Watch – Why the Price Reduction is a Smart Move

Just recently, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak had a chance at the spotlight via a Reddit AMA, but it’s not the kind that you would hoped as he was criticized for the Apple Watch being the tech giant’s take on the “jewelry market.” Other than the criticisms he received from his statement in the popular web forum, the watch made headlines on its own as the announcement of a price cut was made for said smartwatch. There is a new entry level price for Apple’s wearable tech and many see it as a very smart move.

Apple Watch - Why the Price Reduction is a Smart Move

The Apple Watch is Receiving Praise After Price Cut, Despite Some Criticisms

As for what the co-founder said about the wearable, the following was his post: “I worry a little bit about – I mean I love my Apple Watch, but – it’s taken us into a jewelry market where you’re going to buy a watch between $500 or $1100 based on how important you think you are as a person. The only difference is the band in all those watches. Twenty watches from $500 to $1100. The band’s the only difference? Well this isn’t the company that Apple was originally, or the company that really changed the world a lot. So it might be moving, but you’ve got to follow, you know. You’ve got to follow the paths of where the markets are.”

With the reduction of the price of the Watch, does this mean that Apple had just only realized how expensive they are trying to market the wearable tech in the first place? Furthermore, are they desperately trying to entice more purchasers into thinking that this is more than just a smart watch? The answers for these inquiries are a plain No.

Apple’s smartwatch remains one of the undisputed leaders in the wearable tech category. While the long-term sustainability of suc a device is still a matter for debate, it is still fair to say that an early price-cut for an Apple device is not that surprising, especially if you’ve seen the company’s previous pricing strategies.

It is also a smart way of thinking that if you can make money out of selling an interconnected ecosystem of accessories and devices, which is what many tech manufacturers do in these modern times, especially Apple.

The Apple Watch is not the only device from the firm to perform this particular move. Take the original iPod for example (yes, the big, bulky one), it cost a hefty sum back in 2001 but then the price steadily declined  as the years went by.


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