The Official Top 10 FIFA 17 Players List Is Here


Nope. Neither of the four guys shown in the image has made the top 10 this year.

No, you can’t buy FIFA 17 at your local stores at the moment. But EA has revealed the game’s top professional soccer players.

And guess what, after a total period of seven years, Ronaldo of Real Madrid has finally displaced Lionel Messi of Barcelona as the highest rated player in the game.

You read that right. After countless of years of scoring an incredible amount of goals, Ronaldo has finally convinced EA Sports that he deserves the number one spot ahead of Lionel Messi who has dominated the game for much of the past decade both on the field and in corresponding FIFA series.

Check out the official list of top 10 players in FIFA 17,

1- Cristiano Ronaldo 94

It has finally happened for the Real Madrid forward. After leading his club side, Real Madrid, to Champions League glory last season and then helping his national side, Portugal, to win the Euro 2016 cup competition, there is hardly a player who deserves the top spot more than Cristiano Ronaldo.

After spending the good part of the last seven years playing second fiddle to Lionel Messi, Ronaldo has finally achieved his dream of being ranked as the highest rated player in FIFA 17.

Well, the dream part is probably not true, but you can’t help but wonder if more people will play as Real Madrid in their FIFA career mode as well as in online matches against other human players because of Ronaldo being top ranked.

As far as the 94 rating goes, well, Ronaldo is probably the most complete player of all time and not just of this generation so he deserves it.

He can shoot with his right foot as well as with his left foot. He can head the ball like no other player in the world at the moment. He can also leap as high as anybody else and his hang time has never been witnessed before on a football field.

Ronaldo scored over 50 goals for the sixth time in his career because of which he lead Real Madrid to two very important trophies last season.

Cristiano Ronaldo also fought through a thigh problem to play for his national side in Euro 2016 and even though his national team, Portugal, was one of the underdogs of the tournament and almost got knocked out of the competition in the group stages, Ronaldo came up with the goods at critical moments to make history with his national side.

Now, even though Ronaldo has been ranked second, and sometimes even third, in EA’s FIFA series in the past decade or so, his in-game abilities have been more influential than the former number one player in the world (of FIFA) Lionel Messi.

EA Sports has always ranked Messi above Ronaldo because of the trophies he won with his club side and because of his superior ball skills.

But many FIFA players have corroborated the experience that Ronaldo has been unusually overpowered in FIFA since the beginning.

The reason why Ronaldo has been more potent than Lionel Messi even though Ronaldo has been ranked below him in the past seven years is because of Ronaldo’s speed and strength.

Both attributes play a big role in FIFA games when deciding which team will win a match.

Of course, real life football is different from EA Sports FIFA game but Ronaldo is virtually unstoppable when running with the ball as far as FIFA game series is concerned.

Now, as a result of Ronaldo’s consistent performances over the last two or three seasons which also coincided with Messi’s loss of form, fans of Real Madrid can finally feel proud of having the highest ranked player in the game on their side.

2- Lionel Messi 93

Messi always deserves respect for the things he has done on the football pitch despite his small size and the raters at EA Sports FIFA division have made sure that Messi receives every bit of attention that he deserves.

This year though, Messi will have to sit behind Ronaldo in terms of being the highest rated player in FIFA 17.

Many would have thought that EA Sports FIFA 17 might again go with Messi’s reputation instead of his performances over the last couple of seasons but as it turns out, EA Sports FIFA division has finally bucked the trend and have made Messi the second highest rated player in FIFA.

Needless to say, Messi’s ranking of 93 is totally justified.

His left foot is made of gold and whenever Messi picks up the ball with his left foot it looks like the ball is glued to his feet.

He can change direction very rapidly and can accelerate to his maximum speed much quicker than anyone else. Hence, he is one of the world’s premier attackers in terms of his ability to destroy entire defenses with a couple of clever touches on the ball.

The reason for why EA Sports demoted Messi to the number two spot seems clearer by the day. Messi simply wasn’t able to bring his A game into the big games and hence his poor form during the most critical stages of the Champions League last season cost Barcelona a second consecutive Champions League title which would have made Barcelona the first ever soccer team to have defended its Champions League title.
Nevertheless, Messi still managed to score over 40 goals in a single season for the seventh consecutive time in his career and that apparently was enough for EA Sports to place him at the number two position in terms of ability on the pitch.


Poor vardy couldn’t make it into the top ten despite having a strong start at the beginning of last season

3- Neymar 92

Neymar also deserves his place at number three. He scored a mammoth number of goals last season and helped Barcelona win important away games in La Liga.

He can shoot with his left foot as well as with his right foot and can take free kicks as well. He can dribble really well with the ball and has a good work ethic.

Not to mention his tremendous speed and a wide collection of tricks.

Neymar is probably the most well-rounded player in the top 10 list of highest rated players and hence justifies his rating of 92.

There are very few things, if any, that Neymar can’t do on the pitch and Barcelona fans have been wreaking havoc on other teams for much of the past three years by tormenting defenses in FIFA games with Barcelona trio of Messi, Neymar, and Suarez.

Which brings us to the final piece of his awesome attacking power.

4- Luis Suarez 92

He scored a total of 59 goals from 53 games last season. Most strikers who are considered prolific score around one goal per two games.

Suarez has completely annihilated that scoring ratio by scoring more than once every game.

Not only that, most of Suarez’s goals were important goals which won Barcelona crucial points last season.

And just like Neymar and Ronaldo, Suarez can also hit the ball equally well with his left and right foot.

He isn’t the strongest player in terms of airplay but he can certainly do enough damage with his feet to not have to worry about being effective at heading the ball.

A rating of 92 is justified also because Suarez managed to score some tremendous goals against the greatest teams in the world.

5- Manuel Neuer 92

Neuer has changed the way people look at goalkeepers. He is very comfortable on the ball and can pass with surprising accuracy both in real life and in FIFA.

Most players who go for Bayern Munich while playing FIFA games do so because Neuer can not only keep the ball out of your team’s net but also help out defenders in distributing the ball more effectively and efficiently.
Neuer really is an extra outfield player, despite being a goalkeeper, when is on form.

A rating of 92 is justified for a goalkeeper that can pass as well as any defender in the world.

6- Gareth Bale 90

Bale with his speed, power and strength deserves to be ranked at the 6th position.

His main weakness is his right foot and his fitness. He remained injured for most of the season, last season as well so it is a miracle that Bale was able to convince EA Sports FIFA team to rank him this high for the game’s 2016 edition.


Who is this guy?

7- Zlatan Ibrahimovic 90

Ibrahimovic has been scoring a lot of goals for his club side, PSG (now he has left the club for Manchester United).

The only reason why Ibrahimovic is not ranked higher in terms of ratings is because he has been playing in a relatively weak league for the past four or five years.

Other than that, Zlatan has all the qualities one could want from a striker.

The biggest benefit of playing Zlatan on your side, especially in FIFA, is that no defender can knock him off the ball.
You would have to be playing against one of the top FIFA players in the world to have Zlatan not dominate everyone else on the pitch.

8- Jerome Boateng 90

Even though Boateng couldn’t help Bayern Munich win Champions League last season and even though he got humiliated by Lionel Messi a couple of seasons ago at Camp Nou, he is still ranked as the highest-rated defender in the world.

I have to say that Boateng’s rating of 90 has surprised me the most. Boateng is certainly a very sturdy defender but he lacks speed and tackling ability.
He is strong and can read situations pretty well for a defender and maybe that is the reason why he has been ranked so high in FIFA 17.

9- Robert Lewandowski 90

Scored over 40 goals last season for Bayern Munich and would have been ranked higher if he had helped his club side win anything apart from domestic titles.
Nevertheless, Robert is one of the top strikers in the world who fully deserves his rating of 90.

10- David De Gea 90

After his failed move to Real Madrid, David De Gea showed great character by staying at and performing for Manchester United.
David De Gea is surprisingly fast for a man of his size and is a tremendous shot stopper.

He is young but keeps his composure really well in the most critical moments during a football match.

Because of his agile feet and strong hands, De Gea fully deserves the number 10 spot on FIFA’s ranking of highest rated players in the game.


You may not agree with the list and perhaps many don’t but the fact remains that it is Ronaldo who has managed to top everyone else ,this year,both on and off the field.

Though it has to be mentioned that EA Sports FIFA rankings don’t really reflect real life ratings and the rankings are based on an unknown list of factors which EA Sports has never been generous enough to divulge upon.

A small victory for all the Ronaldo fans out there (and he has plenty of them since he is the highest followed personality in the world in terms of Twitter followers and Facebook fans).

Now even though Marcus Reus hasn’t made the top 10 list of highest rated players in FIFA 17, EA Sports still picked him or rather had to pick him, (before the list was list was revealed of course) as the cover star of FIFA 17.

For those interested, Marco Reus has an overall rating of 88 which lands him the 25th spot on the list of highest rated players in FIFA 17.

If you’re one of those gamers who can’t get enough of the FIFA franchise and head on over here to find the list of top 50 highest rated players in FIFA 17.


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