FIFA 17 Gives You The Right To Vote.

hqdefaultDid you ever want to see your favorite player on the cover of a FIFA game? How about the latest FIFA game? Did you also think that by selecting a player from your native country, maybe you could play a vital role in improving the image of your country and your team around the world amongst all people who play FIFA?

Then, inside your head, you’re in the wrong place.


Not exactly though. FIFA 17 cover photo player vote started a couple of days ago and what they are offering you is a bit of monarchy.

You can vote, but not for the player you think deserves to be on the cover of world’s most popular sports game, FIFA 17. Instead, you would have the option to select on of the four players, football players to be precision’s sake, for this year’s edition of the game.

Now, without wishing to sound like a Ronaldo hired enforcer, of course Messi should not be on the cover of world’s most popular sports game. Messi has dominated the cover for far too long and it makes perfect business sense that now someone else should be allowed to step up to the plate and captivate football fans around the world.

Messi had his turn; he had been the star on the cover for four years. Ronaldo also had a shot himself, certainly with PES, so the people over FIFA 17 development team thought it was time to give someone, slightly less popular, else a chance.

FIFA 17 Box Cover

9488399976_926ec1268d_zSo without further ado, here are the four players that are available for you to vote for the FIFA 17 box cover,

Anthony Martial (Manchester United speedy forward, who nationally plays for France)

James Rodriguez (Real Madrid’s creative advanced midfielder, who plays for Columbia as well)

Eden Hazard (Chelsea’s tricky winger, who plays for Belgium as a forward winger)

Marco Reus (Borussia Dortmund’s powerhouse forward, who plays for Germany)

How to Actually Vote?

There are several ways for you to vote for your favorite cover football player.

The most efficient way for you to vote is by going to the official website. As soon as you log into the site, you will be allowed to choose from a list of four players (that should be evident by now) who have been given a chance (by EA Sports FIFA) to grace the cover of the video game box art cover.

But that’s not it. In a weird turn of events, EA Sports will also allow you to rig the voting process.

If you share, who you voted for on social media, you can vote more than once. Along with that, you can also become eligible to FIFA Ultimate Team items and card packs if you manage to get more than one singular vote.

EA Sports senior producer Nick Channon stated that these four players (Reus, James, Martial, and Hazard) represent the kind of attacking and innovative football, fans of the long-running football series can expect.

Though questions will definitely be raised about Nick Channon’s actual experience with watching football as James Rodriguez has barely featured for his club said in the past twelve months. So he couldn’t have been that innovative or could he? Unless you count, staying out of the playing field and watching the game from the sidelines while sitting on a bench, as being creative and innovative.

Channon also stated that they, as a team, are excited to see which players fans will choose and select as the cover star of their franchise sports game globally.

As someone who watches an ungodly amount of time watching football, I am unsure if James, Martial, Hazard and Reus really represent football’s most favorite or liked players.

But I can’t help but imagine that the decision to choose these four players, instead of say, Ronaldo, Messi, Bale and Suarez was strictly a financial one rather than making the fans feel empowered.

With that said, don’t forget that voting time closes on July 19 and the winner will be revealed sometimes later in the month, so if you are looking forward to seeing your imposed upon favorite player on the box art of FIFA then mark July 19 down on your calendar and vote. Preferably before the last date.

FIFA 17 will launch for all popular gaming platforms including PS4, PC, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360 on September 27.

And before Xbox 360 and PS3 owners get too excited, EA has announced that owners of these systems won’t be getting the new features that will be available to owners of PC, PS4 and Xbox One as last gen console owners will not be able to play and immerse themselves into the FIFA 17 new story mode.

For long-time followers of the series, the voting process isn’t something new as EA does hold regular votes for the cover athletes of its sports games.

NHL 17’s athlete will be St. Louis Blues Vladimir Tarasenko. But there will be no such vote for Madden 17 because of impending US elections. EA skipped ahead of the vote and decided to name New England Patriots Rob Gronkowski as the athlete to represent the game on the worldwide stage.

EA did explain that they didn’t want to put the American people under more election pressure and lose sleep, thinking about another big decision.


Most of the fan would agree that it was quite kind of EA to think so deeply about their fanbase. It would have been better, perhaps, if they had chosen the four players a bit more wisely for the FIFA 17 cover.

Maybe another one of EA’s executives could explain the process behind the selection of Reus, Hazard, Martial and James as the names for the FIFA 17 box art.


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