These People Have Figured Out Which Pokemon Go Monster is the Strongest


All Pokemon Go monsters are created equal. But some are more equal than others.

PoGo is without question an augmented reality game but its onslaught on game sales, game downloads, and game revenues is as real as it gets.

Recent reports in the media have indicated that Pokemon Go was responsible for over half of all revenue that was generated as a result of micro-transactions, for a period of 24 hours.

In other words, PoGo developers (Niantic Labs) have not tried to explicitly hide the game’s financial success from the media.

However, same can’t be said of its gameplay mechanics. No one really knows how to fight battles in the gym the proper way.

The more discerning Pokemon Go players would have already noticed the absence of any tutorial or manual for Pokemon Go.

That is something very unconventional because typically, games that are geared towards the mass audience come with in-game tutorials that aim to make new players feel at home.

Developers work hard to make sure that customers can ease-in to the game whenever they want. Ergo, you are likely to encounter several pages of how the game works for any mainstream game.

PoGo isn’t one of those games.

But as always with the game community, a lot of Pokemon Go players have come up with their own tutorials and guides on how to maximize your efforts in PoGo without having to play the game every waking hour of your life.

Some Pokemon Go players have gone to extreme lengths in examining how the game’s fighting engine works and under what conditions it works best.

As a result of their hard work, the once confusing fight mechanics of PoGo have now started to make more sense. More sense, is the operative word here since even now, no one knows how exactly do you win battles. Though they have a pretty good idea now.

What these dedicated Pokemon Go players have found out is that, three of the most vital stats that decide a battle are not visible to the average player. And the interesting part is that these three statistics are super important in determining the viability of any fight.

Consequently, Pokemon Go players have little to no idea of how to win battles or which statistics determine if they will win a particular fight.


As it turns out, Pikachu isn’t the greatest Pokemon Go monster of them all.

Video game maniacs who go by the name of The Silph Road have managed to find out that regardless of how powerful your Pokemon Go monster or is how much you have leveled it up, the three unchangeable attributes are base attack, base stamina, and base defense.

And while we are at it, don’t forget Pokemon species. Pokemon species (or type as some would call it) are also an important factor in deciding a battle but we’ll leave that one aside for a bit and come back to our most vital statistics that you must know in order to gauge whether you can win a PoGo fight or not.

The three attacks mentioned before remain constant across every species of Pokemon. What that means is that a Gengar Pokemon will always to more attack damage than a Pidgeotto Pokemon if they are on the same Combat Power level.

Most Pokemon Go players have little trouble internalizing how the mechanics of attack and defense work. What most Pokemon Go players find perplexing is the base stamina stat.

And believe it or not (in this case you better believe it), the stamina statistic alone can win you battles if you know how to manage your Pokemon Go monster in a fight.

So pay close attention now.

The base stamina attack determines how quickly your Pokemon Go monster will be able to fill up its special attack meter. Your Pokemon Go monster meter depletes when you activate a special attack and requires a certain cool-off time to fill up.

Pokemon Go monsters with higher stamina will always be able to use to special attacks much more rapidly than the Pokemon Go monsters who don’t have much stamina.

The Silph Road (who test out video games to learn more about them, on a regular basis) with its team of volunteers ran some tests and found out that these tips are so well hidden, that a player beginning to play PoGo could spend a thousand years playing the game and not know how to fight properly.

The Silph Road people have presented their discoveries on their official website as well and if you take a look at their findings, you would find some remarkable revelations.

The main takeaway from all their research is that some of the Pokemon Go monsters are just bad. They are so bad that in general, you should avoid going to a battle with them, no matter how powerful they seem.

One of those Pokemon Go monsters is Ditto. Now, for those who might be still confused, the rarity of a Pokemon Go monster does not decide if it will be great in battle too. Ditto is the prime example of a rare PoGo that is feeble in a Gym battle.

Ditto’s base attack, base defense, and base stamina numbers are pathetic so there is no point in upgrading him to a high CP level and wasting your precious stardust.

So which Pokemon Go monsters can be considered natural killing machines?

The Pokemon Go monsters who will win you battle after battle are.

  • Vaporeon
  • Vaporeon
  • Vaporeon

Yes, you read that right. To win most battles, all you need is a Vaporeon.

Don’t get me wrong, there are other Pokemon monsters out there who look formidable such as Lapras, Exeggutor, Snorlax, Mewtwo, and Articuno, but these are very rare and require massive amounts of resources to level up and evolve.

The Silph Road people proved what a lot of Pokemon Go players long surmised: Vaporeon is one of the greatest monsters out there in augmented reality video game and takes very little resources for the amount of damage it can do in a battle.

Vaporeon requires a paltry 25 candies and has been ranked 13 in its overall statistics when compared to other Pokemon Go monsters.

In short, Vaporeon is a mile ahead of Eevee’s other evolutions and that is the reason why some Pokemon Go players have developed a fool-proof method of acquiring a Vaporeon. You can read more about that method here.


You need more than just a big bad Pokemon monster to win fights

So you got your Vaporeon now, does that mean that you will any and every battle you will fight in the next thousand years?

Sadly, no. Having the most efficient and effective Pokemon Go monster, apparently, isn’t enough to win battles. Besides, it is more than likely that the guy you’ll be facing might also have a Vaporeon.

Another statistic that goes completely under the radar is attack duration. The reason as to why Niantic labs, who are the game developers, would keep statistics likes these hidden from the common player hasn’t been divulged upon.

Anyway, what you need to know is that the battles this time around are vastly different from the battles in previous Pokemon games. The battles here aren’t strictly turn-based classic battles.

If you ever played a game of rock paper scissors, you would easily understand how the battles in augmented reality Pokemon work.

Basically, you have three options. A quick attack option along with special attack and dodge options.

Research has shown that the dodge move takes about 500 milliseconds and quick attacks are useful only for about 200 milliseconds.

Every quick attack can be, in theory at least, avoided. The main problem is with special attacks.

Special attacks vary too much to determine how long they are effective. Some special attacks require you to dodge more than once while other special attacks can’t be dodged altogether.

The study also showed that some special attacks are useless as the Pokemon Go monster using them. Wrap attack anyone?


The study isn’t complete yet so there are still some details (such as special moves) that are being worked on but, objectively, at the moment the best Pokemon Go monster seems to be MewTwo.

Hamburglar is also expected to be a great Pokemon Go monster, when it becomes catchable that is.

Want to tells us more about your favorite battle Pokemon? Use the comments section below and if you are still unsure about why Pokemon Go is so awesome then read this.






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