Red Dead Redemption Orders Go Up By 6329%

3253156781_0b77932698_zWe may never get a Red Dead Redemption sequel but if number of sales is anything to go by, Rockstar may not need that sequel after all. Right after Xbox One backwards compatibility announcement, its sales ranking rocketed up by a colossal 6000%.

Xbox Store also discounted the price on Red Dead Redemption.

This monumental increase in sales ranking would come as a surprise to few as Red Dead Redemption along with Red Dead Redemption Game of the Year Edition (both initially launched on Xbox 360) received universal acclaim as it was one of the handful of games that depicted an open world wild west with remarkable detail and accuracy.

For the sake of clarity, it is not being re-launched but the Xbox 360 game is now being made available to the public through Microsoft’s new initiative of backward compatibility where Xbox 360 games become playable on Xbox One.

Online software that tracks, monitors, ranks and observes increase/decrease in sales known as Amazon Movers and Shakers List noted a 6329% rise in sales for Red Dead Redemption. Before the announcement its position stood at a humbling 1093.

After the announcement, it exploded to No. 17 on the entire list.

16384132676_da001dfa0a_zRed Dead Redemption Game of the Year (which is basically the same game with an added expansion pack of Red Dead Nightmare that introduces Zombies into the game) edition saw a similar increase in sales, a giant 1877% and climbed from position 712 to position 36 in terms of popularity.

All of this should come with a caveat though. The increase in sales rankings isn’t exactly an increase in actual units sold.

As an industry analyst pointed out, the percentage increase reflects the increase in rank, not in sales.

In actual numbers, it has jumped over 1000 spots on the ranking list. That increase is where the 6000% number comes from.

And before we forget, let’s remind ourselves again that it is now available to play on Xbox One through Microsoft’s initiative of backward compatibility with Xbox 360 games.

Live Streams of Red Dead Redemption being played on Xbox One are readily available through platforms such as YouTube and Twitch.

For those who don’t own the game at the moment, they can buy the game from Xbox Store. It is currently on sale for $7.50 for Gold members. Everyone else will have to pay $10.50 to get the game.

And before we reach the end of the post, it is time to mention a blooper committed by the engineers working at Microsoft when Red Dead Redemption was discovered by some people to be an available title on Xbox One. That mistake was quickly fixed by the company though.

Whether fans and followers get the sequel they have been longing for is a question that will remain a mystery.

But the popularity of the game can be judged from the simple fact that it was ranked third in the list of games people wanted to be on Xbox backwards compatibility catalog.

That is All Good But What Exactly Is Red Dead Redemption?

Well, if you have read this far without having a clue about it, then perhaps an appropriate counter question would be “What are you doing here dude”?

But regardless, here is a short introduction.

Red Dead Redemption, in essence, is Grand Theft Auto with a Western theme. Automatic rifles and knives have been replaced with older, more manual, rifles, pistols and a Lasso.

Cars and trucks have been replaced with horses and Carriages.

Of course, you could, again, ask the question, what on earth is Grand Theft Auto?

We’ll play nice and explain.

Grand Theft Auto is a game where you run around a city like a maniac, shooting and injuring people in a wide variety of ways while running away from the police. On top of that, you get paid to accomplish criminal acts.

It’s just like real life. Except that, in real life, you get thrown into prison and sometimes hanged for the acts that you would glamorously do on a regular basis in Grand Theft Auto.

Being in a western setting, it doesn’t feel as stuffed and alive as Grand Theft Auto, but that doesn’t mean the game lack content.

There is plenty of content. From open-world missions to random events and lassoing rare breed horses (some horses come straight from hell).

Add to that a pretty solid story line and you have a game that allows you to immerse yourself into the lifestyle of a western outlaw.

It doesn’t cost as much as it used to but if you are one of those gamers who like to research a lot before making a decision on whether to buy a game or not, you should know that it will take you around 18 hours to complete the story line.

But if you are more than just a casual gamer then the Main story plus the extra side missions and mini-games will take that time upwards to about 27 hours.

But if you are a hardcore pro who just can’t help himself, then it will take you 50 hours to completely finish the game off once and for all.

Oh yeah, if you want to take it up a notch or two, then the Undead Nightmare DLC (you can get these two bundled in Game of the year edition) 7-15 hours depending the amount of game you actually want to experience.

All in all, if you get into the Red Dead Redemption world, there is little doubt that you will be spending a hefty amount of time devoted to exploring the wondrous world that Rockstar has built in it.


Xbox Feedback site had Red Dead Redemption ranked third behind Call of Duty Black Ops II and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It garnered more than 148,000 votes that placed it 3rd on the list.

Which is pretty stupendous for a game that was released more than half a decade ago.


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