PC Gets Fallout Shelter. Mobile Gets Just An Update

fallout_4PC fans would be able to rejoice as Bethesda has announced the launching of their super hit mobile game Fallout Shelter for the PC market.

Mobile market was not left alone as Bethesda also announced some major updates for the mobile game as well.

The updates would bring new locations and a unique combat system to the already beloved Fallout Shelter.

There is little doubt now that Fallout Shelter is growing as a brand. It isn’t just growing; it is growing rapidly and getting bigger with each passing day.

Fallout Shelter, which was released for Android on August 13, 2015, and for the iOS on June 14, 2015, is basically a single-player simulation game which is a part of the long-running fallout series.

The game allows the players to complete tasks by building houses and managing their vaults, hence, comes the name Fallout Shelter.

The main fallout games are still RPG games with elements of shooters and simulation games.

But Fallout Shelter deviates from those mainstream games by being a side scroller of sorts where players have to take care of their vault inhabitants by feeding them and training them to fight.

That put Fallout Shelter more in the category of Sims-like games rather than traditional fallout games.

Fallout Shelter received, mostly, favorable reviews from the critics and the game was praised for its visual appeal and gameplay mechanics.

Fans also did not let slip the fact that it was a continuation of the much larger fallout universe and that in itself was enough, for many, to buy the game and give it a shot.

But continuing with the big news, the mobile version of the game (which is still the mainstay of the series), it was revealed would get a major update – Update 1.6. Along with that update is the release of the PC version.

The announcement was initially made during the E3 conference, and it was specifically mentioned that the new update (that is update 1.6) would be a really significant update for the mobile platform.

It was confirmed that there would definitely be new locations to explore, new corners of the maps to visit, enemies to beat up and kill and a new array of characters that would get added to your very own Vault.

Players will also be allowed to send out more dweller of the vaults on mission and quests of different sorts from time to time.

There will also be an “all new” combat system which is expected to introduce new concepts to the game that weren’t tested before.

As far as the PC version of the game goes, it is still unknown if the PC game would be any different from the mobile version of the game.

But the wise man’s money would be on at least one or two changes from the mobile game, since modern day PC’s can handle much more load than a mobile phone, which is, as compared to a PC, a weakling in terms of processing power.

fallout_shelterFallout Shelter mobile game that is available on Android and the iOS platform is initially a free to play game.

The game offers microtransactions (which has been a fit looking at the financial numbers) within the game which generated over $5 million within the first few weeks from the launch date.

To say that Fallout Shelter has been a big hit would be a gross understatement. Gigantic success would be the most suitable term for a game that has been downloaded over 50 million times to date.

Bear in mind that Fallout Shelter was Bethesda’s first ever mobile game. And it proved to be a huge success.

In fact, it became more than just a success as it developed a cult following even within the developer community.

Fallout Shelter paved the way for countless indie games that tried to mimic the game’s setting, amongst which the most popular ones are 60 Seconds! And Sheltered.

Fallout Shelter has currently been rated an impressive 4.5 stars out of a possible 5 and has garnered over 1.5 million ratings.

And while it is free to download from places such as Google Play Store, experts say that the franchise is a huge money-maker for Bethesda because of the microtransaction system that is placed within the game mechanics.

Bethesda hasn’t released figures related to the amount of money microtransactions have brought into the company, but in all likeliness, it is a lot.

The Fallout Shelter has launched on PC alongside the mobile game’s major 1.6 update.


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