Pokemon Go Will Punish You For Being Great

Published: 26 August 2016Updated: 27 September 2016

Pokemon Go player Jimmy tried the hard way and got punished

The internet has been on fire since the news broke out that a Pokemon Go player was treated like a cheater for trying to earn a million XP in a single day.

Granted, right now, there aren’t too many Pokemon Go players on the face of the earth who can earn that amount of XP in a month, let alone in a single day.

But, hey, one must be rewarded for being smart. Niantic Labs, on the other hand, have given us plenty of evidence that they will not tolerate smart players who know how to game the system in order to get their rewards quickly.

But then again, as far as the past couple of weeks are concerned, Pokemon Go has been in the news for mainly one reason: Cheaters.

Sometimes the cheaters are caught red handed while other times Niantic Labs, the studio behind Pokemon Go augmented reality mobile video game, has to patch up the game in order to stop Pokemon Go players from exploiting the game in order to receive massive amounts of bonus XP.

This has lead Pokemon Go players to several conclusions. One of those conclusions is that only Pokemon Go cheaters should not be able to earn a massive amount of XP in a short period of time.

Well, now a player has come up with a “loop” that allows Pokemon Go players to earn incredible amounts of XP in a matter of hours.

Kimmy Derocher, who is alleged to be a hardcore Pokemon Go player, has devoted an extraordinary amount of time to Pokemon Go in the last couple of weeks.

Because of such religious dedication to his craft, Jimmy was able to come up with a brilliant plan that allowed him to accumulate as much XP has humanly possible.

Some four weeks ago, Jimmy was able to secure a million XP over the course of a single weekend.

Some of you might ask, why did old Jimmy go to the trouble of collecting so much XP in such little time?

Well, Jimmy, it turns out, wanted to prove those people wrong who kept flooding the internet comment sections with reasons as to why it was simply impossible to earn a large amount of XP without cheating in Pokemon Go.

So in order to prove himself as the ultimate Pokemon Go master, Jimmy devised a single master plan which involved a special walking route in Austin, Texas.

Derocher, when inquired, said that he had placed in-game lures on 10 Poke Stops in a 0.2 mile loop which he planned to walk over and over. He also told reporters that since the plan was so successful, people started to call it “Jimmy’s Loop”

Jimmy’s loop was the secret recipe to earning a million XP inside 24 hours. And just to take it up a notch in terms of legitimacy, Jimmy also livestreamed the whole process on Twitch with the help of some of his friends who also wanted to undertake the journey to a million Pokemon Go XP.

Unexpectedly, the new broke out and hundreds of people started to watch Jimmy’s Twitch channel in order to witness the historic evening.

A post on Facebook even had thousands of other Pokemon Go players pledging their support by being there at the venue to join the event in-person as well.

Needless to say, the whole internet wanted to spectate the event. Of course, no one really knew if Jimmy’s audacious plan would actually pay off.

In the beginning of the experiment, things went really smoothly as Derocher was able to earn hundreds of thousands of experience points using advanced Pokemon Go techniques such as Pokestops, Pokemon captures, and some other neat Pokemon evolution tactics.

However, once he passed the 13 hour mark, things started to change for the worst.

Suddenly, Jimmy couldn’t earn more experience points no matter what technique he used since every single Pokemon Go monster that he encountered started to run away from him as soon as it was sighted. None of his special Pokeballs were useful in the unfortunate situation.

The Pokemon Go monsters that Jimmy bumped into kept running away at the first sight for many hours without a break.

So what was happening?


Jimmy had a perfect plan for earning a million experience points in a single day. Until he was banned.

Well, as has been revealed since the story broke out, Jimmy actually triggered Pokemon Go’s anti-cheat measures after he amassed about 600,000 XP by using nothing but legitimate methods.

Jimmy later explained that Niantic Labs recently implemented an anti-botting policy which was labeled as a “soft ban” in the Pokemon Go community.

Derocher further added that the anti-cheat measures were basically a 24 hour policy which acted as a cheat prevention tool that stopped Pokemon Go players from gaining more XP than should be possible.

Pokemon Go is an addictive social augmented reality mobile video game and because of its social element, Pokemon Go players want to be at a higher level than their peers.

This “urge” has forced many Pokemon Go players to try out unethical means of obtaining large amounts of experience points in a short period of time.

And as mentioned before, Niantic Labs has taken strong actions against PoGo(Pokemon Go) players who have used bots and other third-party applications to sort of automate playing PoGo.

Some folks have labeled such PoGo players as “botters” and for good reason.

Botters were able to gather insane levels and strong PoGo monsters that none of the other PoGo players could.

This scenario made PoGo unfair and rather boring, for any PoGo player who wanted to raid a Poke Gym because the botters’ Poke Gyms were stocked with ridiculously powerful PoGo monsters.

In an attempt to put PoGo back on track, Niantic labs started to punish PoGo cheaters and even put out a statement which said that Niantic Labs would continue to terminate accounts that showed clear signs of cheating.

However, Jimmy had already planned for Niantic Labs measures against cheaters. Before he had even begun his million XP challenge, Jimmy tried to contact Niantic Labs to see if the studio would allow him to the amount of XP that he wanted to earn through legitimate means.

Derocher said that he was trying to prove to Niantic that the experience point limit was actually hurting PoGo players who knew how to play the game more efficiently.

Derocher added that he was a hardcore gamer and thus wanted to play the augmented reality video game efficiently and that Niantic Labs should not have hit the 24 hour ban on him when he had only played the game for about 13 hours.


Niantic Labs will hunt you down if you cheat. They will ban you if you don’t.

Jimmy also spoke about how Bots were indeed way more efficient than humans were and thought that the effective soft ban was put into effect without much thought which ended up hurting a lot more players than the studio expected.

The positive upshot of the whole event was that despite being soft-banned for hours, Jimmy was able to raise sufficient money for charity during the livestream.

Jimmy had earlier tweeted about how he planned to donate the money for a good cause.

Derocher also told reporters that he recorded 25 miles using the app Charity Miles and would be able to donate $50-$60 to charity thanks to donations from stream viewers.

Jimmy also said that he could have easily logged in 1.5x more miles and donated 10x more charity had he been given the opportunity to finish off his livestream.

Even with the odds against him, Jimmy didn’t give up his mission although he was hit with the 24 hours in-game ban.

Jimmy said that he was still able to spin Poke Stops and earned 25 XP from a PoGo monster that ran away.

He continued and said that people had a good laugh about the event on stream because he continued to play PoGo for over ninety minutes after the man in which he was able to earn 25k experience points.

Derocher ended by saying that games were meant to be played and played well and that Niantic Labs anti-cheat measures were hurting hard working PoGo players more than the cheaters.




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