Pokemon Go Team Leaders: Who Are They?

Published: 26 August 2016Updated: 27 September 2016

Did you know that you had Pokemon Go Team leaders? Probably not because before the latest update, they didn’t do much if anything at all.

Pokemon Go has still not died. And since Niantic Labs is consistently finding new ways of making it to the headlines, it seems as if it will be a while before Pokemon Go is put to rest for good.

Pokemon Go augmented reality mobile video game has a big social element to it. You actually need to go out in the real world to catch and evolve your Pokemon Go monsters.

However, Niantic Labs didn’t do a good job of making the social feature of Pokemon Go fundamental to the gameplay of the augmented reality video game.

Now, after perhaps listening to some of the feedback from the Pokemon Go community, Niantic Labs have started to add new features to the game like a new tracking system (they removed the old one for whatever reason that we won’t discuss in this post) and have now introduced Pokemon Go team leaders.

Yes, you may not have noticed it too much (because it wasn’t worth noticing) but in Pokemon Go every Pokemon Go player is part of a team.

There is a total of three teams and whichever you join has no bearing on your gameplay except for deciding which teams you’ll fight against and which teams you’ll align with.

The three teams are,

  1. Team Valor
  2. Team Mystic
  3. Team Instinct

Glad that we were able to get that out of the quickly. Now, you need to know about the true faces that are behind Team Valor, Team Mystic, and Team Instinct.

These are:


These are your Pokemon Go Team leaders.

So did you like your Pokemon Go team leaders? Are you happy with your choice? Are you willing to stand with your current team leader?

Truth be told, some people didn’t like the design of Candela and even though Spark has an energetic look, Blanche is clearly the one with some personality.

Niantic Labs, the developers behind Pokemon Go augmented reality mobile video game for Android and iOS, held a Pokemon Go session at San Diego Comic-Con and revealed the designs at the end of the panel’s discussion.

Truth be told, the design of the new Pokemon Go team leaders was not what thousands of people who had gathered at the event came to see.

Most wanted to hear the latest news on legendary Pokemon Go monsters. Some even expected Niantic Labs to announce a Legendary Pokemon monster for Pokemon Go.

And perhaps Niantic Labs should have made some announcements about the current situation with legendary Pokemon Go monsters just for the sake of celebrating the occasion.

Of course, no such revelation was heard.

However, the Pokemon Go panel wasn’t completely useless as the panel talked about a lot of things that were fairly interesting.

Firstly, the panel talked about how there were still easter eggs in the game that no Pokemon Go player had been able to found yet.

Well, if that is indeed true, it is easy to see why. Most, if not all, PoGo (Pokemon Go) players are busy leveling up their trainer and their PoGo monsters round the clock. So that leaves little time if any for them to venture out and find easter eggs.

The only PoGo players that aren’t leveling up their trainers are the ones who are trying to find every PoGo monster that the game has to offer.

Some have even gone to lengths such as editing the code of the augmented reality mobile video game in order to insert the missing PoGo monsters into PoGo themselves.

Niantic Labs, as expected, did take action against those players and removed all Legendary PoGo monsters from any player’s Pokedex who had caught one.

And now that people know for a fact that just like Jimmy, they too can earn a ridiculous amount of experience points in a single day, more PoGo players will turn their attention towards gaining more experience points in the shortest amount of time.

And of course, playing PoGo for the sake of leveling up kills the most enjoyable part of the game: venturing out in the wild and stumbling upon PoGo monsters.

The PoGo panel at San Diego Comic-Con also revealed that the developers behind the augmented reality mobile video game are planning ways to customize Pokestops.

That again is good news but when most PoGo players can’t seem to get enough of finding new PoGo monsters and leveling up, who would even appreciate, let alone try out, the new customization options for PokeStops.

Unless of course those customization options somehow helped PoGo players to level up and find even more powerful Pokemon.

Niantic PoGo panel also told the audience that they would introduce Pokemon Centers in the game and this new feature would be coming to the game very soon.

The panel also talked about how the developers behind the game would add more functionality to Poke Gyms. Although no specifics were revealed about the new features that would be added to Poke Gyms.

Perhaps the most important news piece of the whole event was that Niantic Labs revealed that PoGo was currently at 10% of what they wanted it to be.


Now you will get tips before going into battle thanks to your team leaders.

That is certainly great news since, a lot of PoGo players have complained about not being able to do much in the game except for collecting experience points and finding more powerful Pokemon.

The first new feature that Niantic Labs should introduce to PoGo on the double should be, without a doubt, the ability to fight against other PoGo players on the go and not just at Poke Gyms.

The panel also disclosed that the PoGo team was discussing breeding but nothing concrete was in the works yet.

It was also told that the Legendary birds were tired to teams in some special way as the original designs had indicated.

The panel also had some bad news for PoGo players who used “tricky” methods to capture more PoGo monsters i.e Niantic Labs knew about the three-step glitch that some players had exploited previously.

What On Earth Is The Three Step Glitch?

Well, let’s start with this: the entire point of playing PoGo is to get out of your house (or office or whatever) and find these cute little critters. But the three step glitch made that task very difficult for many PoGo players.

Basically, the glitch forced the game to show every single PoGo monster around you to be three steps away. Forever.

No matter what you did, the monster never got close enough to be sighted and hence caught. If you walked 5 kilometers, the game would show you that each and every Pokemon was at a maximum distance away.

If you walked another 5 kilometers, the game would still show you the same. The “Nearby” tab would not show any Pokemon that might have come closer to your position.

Of course, the game will allow players to still catch Pokemon even with the glitch but players won’t be able to actually hunt down these specific Pokemon since every feature to track them has malfunctioned.

As mentioned before, Niantic Labs still hasn’t found a solution for the problem though the studio did bring a new tracking system in some regions.

As of now, the PoGo launch can officially be labeled as “terrible” because players all around the world are facing problems such as servers being overloaded, gyms being obstructed, the PoGo app being extraordinarily slow and the tracking system being unusable.

And if anyone cares at this point, the panel at comic-con also gave a number of hints that PoGo players should not expect legendaries being introduced in the game until after the game had been released in all regions.

Of course, that makes sense as well but why not make the announcement crystal clear?

We’ll just move forward to the recent news that PoGo team leaders will now be able to do a lot of things aside from being just present in the game.

The augmented reality mobile video game’s latest update has introduced something that is being called as “Implemented Pokemon Appraisal”.

Thanks to the new feature, every time a PoGo player will go into battle at a Poke Gym, Candela (Team Valor leader) or Blanche (Team Mystic leader) or Spark (Team Instinct leader) will tell the player about the opponent’s attack and defense capabilities and will suggest which Pokemon from the player’s selection “have the most potential for battle.”

The new Appraisal feature was announced on the official website of the Pokemon Company and it was also disclosed that the developers behind the game were still working hard on several new and exciting feature that were to come in the future of Pokemon Go.




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