How to Not Put Your Battery to the Sword While Playing Pokemon Go

Published: 24 July 2016Updated: 27 September 2016

Pokemon Go application will drain your phone’s battery quickly if you’re not careful.

Pokemon Go is the all-time most downloaded mobile augmented reality game in United States history which means that there is little doubt that Pokemon would be at the number 1 spot in other regions as well.

But since Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game, it comes with a certain set of drawbacks. One of those drawbacks is heavy battery usage.

Games like Pokemon Go (and Niantic Labs previously released Ingress) are not what some people call run-of-the-mill video games.

These are augmented reality games (that make millions of dollars for their developers) and they will kill your phone’s battery life faster than you can say “Hye. where did all my battery go?”.

Well, maybe not that fast but you get the idea.

Pokemon Go has to track the location of its Pokemon Go trainer via GPS and that consumes a lot of resources.

Here are the best ways you can avoid a situation where you’re about to catch MewTwo (technically not possible) and your phone battery runs out.

Mute Your Smartphone’s Volume, Clear All Background Apps and Reduce Your Screen Brightness

Many Pokemon Go players have reported of their smartphone’s battery going from 90 percent to almost zero percent within three hours while playing Pokemon Go.

If you use an iPhone to play Pokemon Go then God help you because Pokemon Go will eat your battery up inside ninety minutes.

Normally your phone should last you about three days without a charge but with Pokemon Go running on it, don’t be shocked if it doesn’t last half a day.

Some battery saving common sense practices have helped people to manage their battery life much more effectively. Some of those practices will be discussed below.

You should always start your battery saving efforts by lowering the brightness of your smartphone screen.

Pokemon Go requires you to have your smartphone screen on all the time when you’re playing the game (which should be obvious) and that’s where the majority of your battery consumption will go.

Several tests have shown that most smartphones react favorably to lower screen brightness. Some iPhone’s have been shown to reduce battery usage by 50 percent when used at the lowest brightness setting.

The tip here is that you should lower your brightness as much as possible without straining your eyes.

A pro tip you should definitely take note of is to lock your smartphone once your walking between waypoints.

If you want to take it a notch higher, then put your smartphone in “airplane” mode while you walk to your next waypoint. That will save massive amounts of battery life.

Don’t forget to reduce the volume level on your phone. If you can manage, then reduce it all the way down to mute.

That will help you as your smartphone won’t be wasting energy on sounds coming out of smartphone’s speakers or headsets if you’re using them.

You should also diligently clear (disable) any applications that work in the background. That can drain a lot of energy.

If some applications make use of data while running as a background process then turn them off. If you’re streaming videos from YouTube, then stop and disable the app from the background processes list.

You may not be using applications like these actively but even then they still consume energy running in the background.

Turn off applications like Facebook, Google Maps, Google and email client apps as these are applications notorious for binging on battery life while running as background processes.

Make use of your smartphone’s Power Saving mode as well. But be careful, turning on this setting can mess up your game because the power saving mode tries to save battery by limiting processor power.

A game like Pokemon Go needs a lot of processing power. Don’t deny it that.

Several Pokemon Go players have reported technical problems when playing Pokemon Go with the power saving mode on.

Good news is that Pokemon Go itself offers you the option to save your battery life. You can make your screen go dim, but not turn off, with the game still running when your smartphone is upside down in your pocket.

Find that mode in the Settings menu of the game. Though the results have been mixed, it is still a handy tip.

Always Have a Nice Big External Battery Pack Near You


Extra battery packs always come in handy. Pokemon Go or no Pokemon Go

The truth is that you can’t save your battery from depleting rapidly when you’re playing an augmented reality game. These games, unlike normal mobile games, are built from the ground up to drain the life out of your phone’s battery.

But you can guard against that by always traveling with an extra battery pack and a USB cable. As soon as your phone’s battery levels drop to critical, just plug the USB cable into your phone and before you know it, you’ll be hunting down those irritating critters without even trying.

Use the battery packs that come with multiple charging USB ports. Some battery packs come with a micro USB cable and are exactly the size of your wallet. Buy one of those.

But don’t just buy a battery pack. Buy a big battery pack. Some battery packs can charge your smartphone over four to five times. They might be a touch expensive but you’ll thank yourself when they’ll rescue you in times of need.

If the thought of carrying an external battery pack scares the bejesus out of you then buy the ones that look just like your average wallet. Yes, we have those now so search them out.

If you have the time to catch Pokemon during the day as well then buy a solar-powered charger. That will certainly give you an edge over other “average” Pokemon Go players.

Always put your smartphone in airplane mode (this mode saves battery life by suspending all phone connections and background processes) when charging as it will speed up the process of charging and because of that you’ll be able to get back into the game quickly.

Don’t Have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Turned On When Playing Pokemon Go


For longer experience, turn off extra services you don’t need while playing Pokemon Go.

The biggest drawback of having Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on all the time is that it forces the smartphone to constantly search for other devices and internet access points.

That drains energy a lot quickly than normal.

The process of finding Wi-Fi networks, authenticating them and discovering other Bluetooth devices (and pairing with them) zaps the life out of your smartphone.

And because you’ll be moving a lot while playing Pokemon Go, the process will continue in an infinite loop and hence will drain your battery.

So when you’re playing Pokemon Go, only have GPS on. All other features should be turned off.

That way, your phone will not only consume less battery but also will not get disrupted while handling in-game requests from Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go players have reported many technical issues arising as a result of their phone trying to connect with other networks during gameplay.

Try to be As Thrifty As Possible When Your Battery is Low While Playing Pokemon Go


Playing with Augmented Reality feature off isn’t as bad as you may think it is

Saving battery isn’t about having extra battery packs or disabling Wi-Fi. It’s also about playing the game in a manner that reduces battery usage.

If any of your in-game actions lead your phone to process more data and request more relevant information, then it’s going to affect your battery life.

So if you gawk at the 3D models of your caught Pokemon or tap on Pokemon models to hear their captivating voices or consistently zoom in and out on the map without a reason or even click on Poke Gyms that aren’t near you, then stop.

Stop doing that to save your battery life.

And while we’re at it, turn off your Augmented Reality background when you face off against a Pokemon or fight with a Pokemon Gym owner because the camera thing on your phone, munches on battery life when given a chance.

Now, Pokemon Go is an awesome augmented reality video game but no one is forcing you to have the “complete experience” all the time when playing Pokemon Go. You can do that when your battery isn’t dying on you while you’re running after a Pokemon in the middle of the road.

Stuff Your Backpack With Things You Would Definitely Need When Outside

What good would be a battery pack if the smartphone’s owner is out of fuel?

Yes. That will happen to you if you don’t prepare for it in advance.

So, invest in some shoes before going out to hunt Pokemon. Running shoes are the best for these type of outdoor tours.

You don’t have to break the bank for your shoes but a decent pair of running shoes will keep you fatigue-free and fresh for longer.

Always go out with a backpack and before you do anything stupid, we’ll advise you to keep your backpack small and light.

Only take things that will help you stay energized and safe when you’re out hunting these animals. This backpack won’t be your average backpack. This backpack will assist you in catching them all.

So always have an extra water bottle in your backpack. Ideally, your water battle should attach to your hand easily and should keep your water cold for hours if the need arises.

Carry some sunscreen with you at all times and apply it on your face and arms (and neck) at regular intervals to keep yourself safe from sunburns.

Did we mention hats? Yes, those hats are a must if you want to become a Pokemon Go monster.

Wise men hope for the best and prepare for the worst, so always carry a first aid kit in your backpack. Who knows what’s out there in the wild beside your cute little Pokemon.

Take regular rests (preferably in a shade if you’re out during the day or get warm if it happens to be cold outside) and try to stay comfortable when out.

Of course, don’t forget to follow all battery saving tips mentioned before.

Believe it or not but your smartphones also have comfort levels. Usually, smartphones work best in a 16C to 22C temperature range. Any temperature over 35 C can potentially damage your phone’s battery both for short term use and long term use regardless of how much money you spent on your “latest” smartphone.

If you live in a cold environment then don’t think your phone wouldn’t freeze if you’re not careful. Also, take care of your hands when in cold because your hands will be exposed when you’re tapping on your screen to catch that next Pokemon.

Invest in some good touchscreen gloves to keep your hands warm during winter time. They can cost as little as $10 dollars if you know your way on Amazon or eBay.

And just for your health’s sake, keep a couple of snacks in your backpack if you venture too far out while hunting Pokemon Go monsters.




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