Fallout 4 – Explore the Wasteland in the Eyes of Dogmeat

When a highly popular game is received very well by video gamers all over, such as Fallout 4, it might not come as a definite surprise that a mod will pop up here-and-there. In one recent mod, your K9 companion while your traversing the apocalyptic wasteland that is “The Commonwealth,” also known as Dogmeat, can now be played. Aside from Dogmeat, you can also choose to become one of the feral and/or raiders’ dogs. The mod was created by Abbalovesyou over at Nexus Mods.

Fallout 4 - Explore the Wasteland in the Eyes of Dogmeat

Fallout 4 Mod Lets You Play as Dogmeat and Other Dogs

In order to get the this particular Fallout 4 working, players must first choose which dog they want to play as then type in the code “setrace 1dogmeat,” “setrace raiderdog,” or “setrace 1viciousdog” for their player to transform, or rather morph into the K9 of their choosing.

Unfortunately, just like a lot of other fan mods, this particular one (which is entitled “Be the Dog – Playable Dogs”) has its own set of issues. For one, mod creator Abbalovesyou wrote on Nexus Mods that the Pipboy HUD will not be able to work while players are playing in the four-legged form. Furthermore, if the player should decide to start the game as the dog, then there will be a very high chance that Fallout will crash just after touching the baby and talking to the main character’s wife.

Hence, Abbalovesyou warns players to go through the original storyline first as the main character first without the mod, proceeding through the introductory plot, then proceed to go through in transforming themselves into the dog of their choosing after the starting hurdles.

While players are using “Be the Dog – Playable Dogs,” players are able to choose from four different attack modes. As a dog, they are able to do two basic attacks, which are the left and right bite, and the two bash/power attacks. The latter attacks are a jumping bite while standing while the other is the jumping forward bite.

On other news but still concerning the game, Bethesda has just released their much-anticipated downloadable content (DLC) for Fallout 4. Said DLC is called Automatron and it will give players the chance to pick up junk(?) from the wasteland. But instead of building their homes with the items they pick up, they can customize their very own robot companion with said pieces. The next DLC to follow Automatron will be on April 2016 and it is called “Wasteland Workshop.”


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