Outdoormaster Wireless Bike Computer: A Multifunction Bike Computer

Published: 8 November 2016Updated: 24 August 2023

The Outdoormaster Wireless Bike Computer is a multifunction device that provides cyclists with an array of features to monitor their performance. It measures data such as speed, distance, and time in real-time, allowing cyclists to track their progress and adjust accordingly. Additionally, the product offers additional features such as weather forecasts and navigation capabilities, making it an all-inclusive solution for cycling enthusiasts. In this article, we will explore the features of the Outdoormaster Wireless Bike Computer in detail and discuss its benefits for cyclists. We will also examine installation and setup procedures, battery life expectations, compatibility with other devices, range capacity, pricing information and alternative options available on the market. Finally, we will provide our final thoughts on how this product can meet the needs of modern day cyclists.

Overview of Features

The Outdoormaster Wireless Bike Computer offers users a comprehensive range of features for tracking and monitoring their cycling performance. With GPS accuracy, the device provides real-time data on speed, distance traveled, time elapsed, and calories burned. The computer also allows users to compare their progress against previous trips or other riders. Additionally, the easy-to-use interface enables cyclists to customize settings according to personal preferences. Furthermore, advanced data analysis tools provide detailed insights into performance metrics such as cadence rate and altitude gain/loss. This information can be used for training purposes or simply for enjoying a ride more effectively.

In addition to its basic functions, the bike computer also comes with several useful accessories including an optional heart rate monitor and mountain biking mode that helps cyclists navigate tricky terrain. Not only does this make it easier to track progress over time but it also provides valuable feedback on how well one is doing compared to others in similar riding conditions. This ensures that cyclists can maximize their efforts while minimizing any potential risks associated with challenging conditions. Moreover, the wireless connection ensures that all data taken from the device is instantly sent to a compatible mobile device or web application for further analysis and review at any time.

The Outdoormaster Wireless Bike Computer is designed with both experienced and beginner riders in mind who want an intuitive way of monitoring their cycling performance without sacrificing accuracy or convenience in the process. All of its features are specially tailored towards providing accurate results while still keeping things simple enough for anyone to use with ease – making it an ideal choice for those looking for reliable data tracking solutions in order to take their cycling experience to the next level!

Benefits of the Outdoormaster Bike Computer

Using an Outdoormaster wireless bike computer can be an invaluable asset for the avid biker. It offers a range of features that allow riders to improve their performance and monitor their progress, as well as helping them find the most efficient routes. This makes it easier to track metrics such as speed, distance covered and more, so cyclists can compete against themselves over time in order to reach higher goals.

Improve your biking performance

Recent studies have indicated that cyclists who use a wireless bike computer can improve their performance by up to 25%, providing measurable improvements in speed, distance and overall biking efficiency. The Outdoormaster Wireless Bike Computer is designed to help achieve this goal with its built-in tracking metrics. Through the use of GPS technology, riders can accurately track their progress over time and measure their performance against past rides. Additionally, the bike computer’s safety features provide extra security on the roads. It has a built-in light sensor which activates lights when it is dark outside for improved visibility while cycling at night or during bad weather conditions. Furthermore, an emergency contact feature allows users to easily call for help in an unsafe situation without needing to take out their phone. By using the Outdoormaster Wireless Bike Computer, cyclists are able to safely monitor and optimize their performance over time as they become better bikers.

Monitor your progress

By tracking progress with a multifunction device, cyclists can accurately measure their performance and optimize their biking efficiency. The Outdoormaster Wireless Bike Computer is an ideal choice for this purpose as it provides optimal tracking capabilities and data analysis to monitor cycling performance. This device allows users to view real-time metrics on the LCD display such as speed, time, distance travelled and calories burned. It also offers additional features like heart rate measurement, cadence detection, temperature control and odometer functions. Additionally, the Outdoormaster Wireless Bike Computer has an integrated wireless connection which allows users to sync their activity data to compatible mobile devices for further analysis of past performances or set goals for future rides. Through this data analysis, cyclists can identify trends in their biking performance over time so that they can adjust their riding habits accordingly in order to maximize efficiency and achieve better results.


Find the most efficient route

Analyzing ride data can help cyclists identify the most efficient routes for their biking activities. With Outdoormaster’s wireless bike computer, cyclists have the ability to track and log their rides using GPS technology. This data is then used to generate detailed route maps that allow riders to view their past and current rides, along with elevation changes, distance traveled, and other metrics. By utilizing these route maps in conjunction with specific routing strategies such as minimizing distance or maximizing elevation change, cyclists can easily find the most efficient routes for their biking activities. Additionally, Outdoormaster’s bike computer supports a variety of mapping platforms such as Google Maps and OpenStreetMap which provide real-time traffic information so riders can also plan around congested areas when finding an optimal route. In conclusion, Outdoormaster’s wireless bike computer allows users to analyze ride data and utilize advanced routing strategies to find the most efficient routes for their biking activities.

Installation and Setup

Installing and setting up the Outdoormaster Wireless Bike Computer requires a few simple steps to ensure it is functioning properly. Firstly, the computer must be mounted on the handlebar of the bike. Depending on your preferences, there are various mounting options available for installation. To get started, decide which option works best for you and secure the mount firmly in place using screws or adhesive strips. Once done, connect the computer to your bike’s speed sensor and then attach it to its mount.

Next, you can pair your Outdoormaster Wireless Bike Computer with either an iOS or Android device depending on what type of system you have installed on your phone. You can do this by downloading and opening up the app associated with your device then following instructions given by the app to complete the connection process. Afterwards, you will be able to access navigation assistance from within the app that will allow you to plan out routes based off of current traffic information as well as other features such as trip logging and waypoint marking.

Finally, once everything is set up correctly, simply switch on your bike computer and begin using it! It’s important to make sure all settings are adjusted according to personal needs so that one can get accurate readings when cycling. With some attention paid towards proper installation and setup procedures, users should soon find themselves enjoying all that their Outdoormaster Wireless Bike Computer has to offer!

Battery Life

The Battery Life of a Multifunction Wireless Bike Computer is an important factor when considering its usability. Gauging the capacity of a bike computer’s battery requires taking into account the power draw from various components, such as the display and sensors, to estimate how long it can operate before needing to recharge. Optimizing the battery life of a wireless bike computer involves reducing its energy consumption through techniques such as dimming or disabling components when they are not in use. Additionally, some multifunction computers have adjustable settings that allow users to customize their device for improved efficiency.

One way to measure the energy efficiency of a wireless bike computer is by calculating its watt-hours per cycle (WHPC). This metric measures the amount of power consumed by the device during one complete cycling session, including powering up and down time. Generally speaking, higher WHPC scores indicate better battery performance for a given cycling session. By comparing different models with similar functions, cyclists can make an informed decision about which one best meets their needs in terms of battery life and overall performance.

For cyclists who need extended usage times while out on long rides or racing events, there are several options available such as external batteries and solar chargers that can be used to extend running times between recharges. Furthermore, rechargeable batteries with larger capacities can be installed onto certain models of wireless bike computers to provide additional hours of operation without having to worry about quickly draining them after each ride.


man biking

Having discussed the battery life of the Outdoormaster Wireless Bike Computer, it is now important to consider its compatibility. This multifunction bike computer is designed to be compatible with a range of navigation apps and connectivity options. The goal behind this design is to enable cyclists to make use of their preferred navigation app or device while still being able to access the features offered by the Outdoormaster Wireless Bike Computer.

The Outdoormaster Wireless Bike Computer is also compatible with many different hardware devices such as heart rate monitors, speedometers, altimeters, and other devices for tracking performance data. This helps ensure that cyclists have access to all the data they need in order to maximize their cycling experience. Additionally, these various functions can be accessed through a single interface which simplifies usage and makes it easier for users to track their progress over time.

The compatibility of this bike computer has been carefully considered in order to meet the needs of modern cyclists who are looking for an easy-to-use device that offers them a comprehensive set of features without sacrificing accuracy or reliability. As such, riders can rest assured knowing that they have access to all the tools necessary for achieving their goals when using this multifunction bike computer from Outdoormaster.


Designed with durability in mind, the Outdoormaster Wireless Bike Computer is an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable device that can withstand tough conditions. This bike computer is suspended from the handlebars using a durable structure and tension band, ensuring it stays securely attached even when riding on bumpy roads or trails. In addition, its weather-resistant body ensures that it remains functional regardless of rain or shine. Furthermore, it is powered by two AAA batteries which are able to provide long-lasting power, allowing users to go on longer rides without fear of running out of battery life.

The Outdoormaster Wireless Bike Computer also features multiple shockproof sensors in order to ensure its accuracy and reliability over time. The sensors have been tested extensively and are designed to be able to survive many impacts from bumps or jumps without compromising their performance. Additionally, the multi-function display shows information regarding speed, distance travelled and other essential biking metrics clearly and accurately even during low light conditions such as dusk or dawn.

Overall, the Outdoormaster Wireless Bike Computer has been designed with durability in mind so as to provide users with a reliable device that can withstand tough conditions while still delivering accurate readings at all times. With its shockproof sensors and weather-resistant body, this bike computer is sure to last through any adventure you may take it on.


Offering a wide range of coverage, the Outdoormaster Wireless Bike Computer is capable of providing users with real-time data up to 30 miles away. For example, an avid cyclist can track their progress on a long-distance ride without worry of losing signal due to the device’s extended range. This makes it an ideal choice for cyclists who enjoy taking longer rides, as they can be assured that their distance and speed will stay connected throughout their journey.

When comparing ranges between bike computers, there are several factors to consider such as battery life and quality of connection. The Outdoormaster Wireless Bike Computer has been designed to provide exceptional performance while keeping power consumption low, allowing riders to push further without worrying about the battery dying mid-ride. Additionally, its robust wireless connection ensures that riders stay connected all the way through their rides and receive accurate data readings in real time.

The Outdoormaster Wireless Bike Computer is designed with connectivity issues in mind, ensuring that cyclists have access to reliable information during even the longest rides. Its impressive 30 mile range allows riders to confidently explore new routes without fear of losing signal or running out of battery life prematurely. With this bike computer at your side, you can feel confident in taking on any cycling challenge!


The Outdoormaster Wireless Bike Computer is competitively priced, allowing cyclists to enjoy its many features without breaking the bank. This bike computer offers optimal pricing for a range of functions that create cost effective solutions to cycling needs. It provides an extensive set of features such as GPS navigation, wireless communications, and speed and distance tracking that make it an ideal choice for those looking to maximize their ride performance.

The Outdoormaster Wireless Bike Computer is also designed with affordability in mind. Its modular design allows cyclists to customize the setup according to their individual requirements without compromising on quality or performance. The device comes with various accessories such as mounting kits and chargers, making it easy to install and use without costly additional purchases. Additionally, its battery life is longer than other similar products in the market, further enhancing its value proposition.

This multifunction bike computer has been engineered for maximum durability and reliability while being easy-to-use – all at an affordable price point that makes it a great choice for budget-conscious consumers who want the best features without spending too much money. Its combination of advanced technology, easy installation process, cost-effectiveness and reliable performance makes this product a great investment for any cyclist looking to enhance their cycling experience with cutting edge technology at reasonable prices.



The discussion of the Outdoormaster Wireless Bike Computer’s pricing has provided an overview of the cost associated with this multifunction bike computer. However, for those who are interested in a similar product, there are several alternatives available.

For cyclists who seek increased GPS tracking capabilities, one potential alternative is the CatEye Strada Digital Wireless Bicycle Computer. This model offers a weatherproof design and features advanced GPS tracking that tracks speed and distance traveled. Despite its more sophisticated capabilities compared to the Outdoormaster model, it is still competitively priced at around $50 USD.

Another option for cyclists is the Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT GPS Bike Computer. This device provides users with navigation assistance that can be accessed via their smartphone device, allowing them to plan routes in advance and receive real-time directions throughout their rides. It also includes waterproofing and reliable GPS tracking capabilities. The Wahoo model comes in slightly higher than the Outdoormaster at around $150 USD; however it may provide users with additional features worth considering when selecting a bike computer.

Final Thoughts

Considering the various options available, it is important to weigh the features and costs of each bike computer before making a purchase. Navigating terrain can be made easier with a reliable bike computer that has advanced GPS capabilities. The Outdoormaster Wireless Bike Computer is an ideal option, as it offers an array of features designed to make tracking metrics more efficient and accurate. It also provides more detailed information for cyclists who need or want to compare models.

The Outdoormaster Wireless Bike Computer includes several key features that are beneficial for cyclists. This model has multiple functions such as navigation, speed tracking, and altitude monitoring. Furthermore, the device is equipped with GPS technology which enables riders to track their rides in real-time. Additionally, this bike computer is compatible with both Android and Apple devices so users can access their data from any smartphone or tablet they own.

Overall, the Outdoormaster Wireless Bike Computer is a great choice for any cyclist wanting to track metrics accurately while navigating terrain safely and efficiently. Its advanced features make it stand out among other models on the market today due its compatibility with mobile devices as well as its ability to provide detailed data about rides taken by cyclists who want to compare models and monitor progress over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Outdoormaster Bike Computer come with a warranty?

Customer feedback indicates that dealer policies regarding warranties for bike computers vary. It is recommended to ask the dealer directly to learn about warranty options.

What type of data can the Outdoormaster Bike Computer track?

The Outdoormaster bike computer is capable of tracking a variety of data, including bike speed and data accuracy. It is an accurate and reliable device that provides users with detailed information about their ride. The computer can help cyclists stay on top of their performance, making it an excellent choice for those wanting to improve their biking experience.

Is the Outdoormaster Bike Computer waterproof?

The waterproofing process of the bike computer is a serious endeavor, as it can drastically reduce battery life if not done correctly. With its advanced engineering and testing protocols, this device can withstand most elements. A comprehensive analysis provides assurance that one’s investment will remain safe from Mother Nature’s wrath.

Does the Outdoormaster Bike Computer have GPS capabilities?

The Outdoormaster bike computer does have GPS capabilities, making it possible for riders to compare cost and battery life of various routes. This feature offers a reliable way for cyclists to track their progress while also finding the best route available.

Is the Outdoormaster Bike Computer compatible with other fitness tracking apps?

Can the Outdoormaster bike computer sync with other fitness tracking applications? With its power saving mode and long battery life, this multifunction bike computer offers compatibility with a variety of fitness tracking apps. So the answer is yes, it can be used to sync with these specialized applications.


The Outdoormaster Wireless Bike Computer offers an array of features that make it a great multifunctional cycling companion. Its ability to accurately track speed, distance, and time is beneficial for cyclists who want to monitor their progress, while its wide compatibility allows it to be used on nearly any bike. The long battery life ensures sufficient power on long rides and the extended range makes it ideal for use in remote areas. In terms of pricing, the Outdoormaster is cost-effective when compared with other similar products in the market.

Symbolically speaking, the Outdoormaster Bike Computer symbolizes freedom – freedom from relying on technology for navigation and monitoring performance outdoors. It provides users with independence from depending on external sources such as cell service or Wi-Fi connections; instead they can rely solely on this device to accomplish their goals. The Outdoormaster represents a powerful tool that cyclists can utilize to maximize their potential out in nature and unlock new possibilities.



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