Outdoormaster Wireless Bike Computer: A Multifunction Bike Computer


Check out the features of the multifunction Outdoormaster Wireless Bike Computer and how it helps cyclist monitor their ride.

Bike computer is one of the most sought-after devices for cyclists. It really helps in improving the cycling sport as well as constantly challenging the user.

There is a wide range of bike computers available in the market. An average user is able to measure certain variables such as speed and distance covered.

Before buying a wireless bike computer, there are different things to consider.

These include:

  • Weather suitability
  • Battery duration
  • Ease of Installation on the bike
  • Portability

These factors are the reason as to why the Outdoormaster wireless bike computer has no competitor.

This piece of technology comes with just the right features to correct for any mistakes in other types of bike computers you may or may not, have encountered before.


  • Multifunction: The Outdoormaster comes with the capability to multitask, hence, giving the rider full control of the bike from one section. It is able to measure your speed, riding time, temperature, and distance among other factors all at the same time.
  • Waterproof: Most bike computers have always had a problem due to the fact that they can be affected by water. The Outdoormaster comes with the waterproof capability which is a feature that sets it above the bar.
  • Backlight Display: This feature makes the Outdoormaster usable at night. With the bright backlight that makes all the features readable while at the same not too bright to blur your vision of the road. In other words, you can’t go wrong with Outdoormaster Bike Computer.
  • Wireless: The fact that the Outdoormaster is wireless makes everything super easy. The bike computer becomes very portable and easy to mount.

With that said, you have all the reasons to hurry up and get your piece of the Outdoormaster.

Having considered the factors that you should look at while buying your bike computer, it is important to break down the advantages and disadvantages of the bike.

Advantages of the Outdoormaster Wireless Bike Computer

  • The bike is wireless which means less mechanical work is needed with the bike and as a result it lasts longer.
  • The gadget being waterproof is a big advantage over other bike computer models which cannot withstand rainy weather conditions.
  • The Outdoormaster is portable and flexible as compared to others.
  • The Outdoormaster has a backlight display and hence making it usable at night.

This type of device has made it simple to track almost each and every aspect of a rider.

Below are some of the ways a cyclist benefits when using the Outdoormaster Wireless Bike Computer.

Faster Progress


Bike Computer helps in improving the cycling sport as well as constantly challenging the user

Many cyclists train a lot but don’t make impressive progress.

This may be as a result of various issues, with the leading factor being deficiency in progressive overload.

This is where bike computer comes in handy to track cyclists through using real data to monitor your performance.

Compete With Yourself

Use of cycling computers to record your cycling time can be a positive way of creating your own challenges.

You can time yourself based on your ordinary performance. This plan is effective compared to the pre-built program.

Analyzing Data

This gadget allows one to analyse data once done with the riding sessions.

This enables you to see how you performed as well as which progresses you’ve made so far.


I find the fact that the Outdoormaster has many features clustered on the display to be a bit of a distraction.

However, after a few days of use I got used to it and it turned out to be amazing.

If the display has to have fewer features, then the cyclist will lack some of the fundamental information necessary for monitoring.


Outdoormaster Wireless Bike Computer is a simple yet effective tool for gathering data about your cycling sessions. It helps in tracking your performance and practice as well as fun to use.

If you’re really taking riding session seriously, then consider purchasing this device. Before buying a computer bike, consider elements such as the type of riding.

A basic bike computer will be ideal for a basic cyclist interested in knowing how far they have cycled. For exclusive and accurate monitoring performance, then purchase GPS bike processer.

I find the Outdoormaster very helpful to my riding and assessment of my movement. It has helped me stay in control of my bike even when I am just riding for fun.


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