Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor Review – A More Affordable Option to Fitness Tracking

Published: 12 February 2016Updated: 14 February 2016

With the activity tracking market now heavily dominated by wearable tech that are mainly worn on the wrist, the Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor takes on the form of the traditional chest strap, but adds in modern, smarter features such as Bluetooth connectivity. With the addition of this wireless technology, you are now able to connect it to other devices such as sport watches, compatible gym equipment, and even an accompanying phone app. What’s great about its simplistic nature is it is placed in a very reasonable price point.

Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor Review - A More Affordable Option to Fitness Tracking

The Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor Takes on the Traditional Approach for Recording Activity Data

The Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor won’t knock anyone’s socks off in terms of design or with its list of features. Once you take it out of its box, you will get a small, lightweight clip-on transmitter, along with an adjustable material chest strap. This strap comes in either XS-S or M-XXL variants, hence it can fit most chest sizes. Furthermore, the simple clip and loop mechanism will give a secure fit.

When it is firmly in place, it won’t budge for as long as you’ve secured the device correctly. You will place the clip-on just below the chest muscles when it is underneath your shirt. There will be no discomfort or irritation when wearing the strap or the device, which would otherwise be the biggest complaint associated with similar devices.

Because of its cheap price tag, the H7 Heart Rate Sensor does not include a rechargeable battery. Instead, tucked behind the small transmitter lies the CR2025 coin battery. It should last about a month for as long as you disconnect the battery from the strap when you’re not using the device. Replacing the battery won’t put a hole in your wallet so that’s not a total disappointment.

The device is also waterproof, however, the Bluetooth connectivity won’t work. Should you want to receive information when you’re underwater, you would need to use one of the smartwatches from the same manufacturer as they make use of the GymLink connectivity.

Since the clip-on is placed very near to your heart, then you would expect that the heart-rate monitoring is top-notch, and it is. When connecting it to a wearable fitness tracker, say the TomTom runner, there is little to no waiting time for the watch to detect the device’s Bluetooth signal. It will then almost immediately start relaying data in real-time.

If you want to start accurately tracking data for your fitness activities but do not want to spend a lot of money into that notion, then you’d best want to try out the Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor.


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