Better Battery performance is in the works inside Google X lab.

Published: 16 April 2015

Better Battery performance is in the works inside Google X lab.

It is reported that there is a team that was group secretly to build better batteries and behind this is Google. In fact the small team is working in the Google X lab.

How important battery is?

Battery is a high-regarded piece of hardware, what device does not need a battery nowadays? It is difficult to answer that question because most of the devices and gadgets we have today are highly dependable to battery technology as a power source. How will a smartwatch work if it does not have battery? Even automobiles are dependent to battery technology.

However, in terms of advancement for battery technology it seems that this technology is being left behind compared to the advancement of today’s gadgets and devices. On the contrary an improvement in the field of battery technology could benefit every electronic consumer around the globe.

Companies want to improved battery technology.

Companies like Tesla, known to have gain as much improved battery technology as any other company in the world is serious of finding ways how to improved the battery technology and shift its market forward.

And with the latest report about a small secret team working inside Google X lab to build better batteries it is sounding like Google is also interested to shape up the battery technology.

Improved battery technology is something that would benefit just about every consumer piece of hardware out there, from something as small as a smartwatch to something as large as an automobile.


New Battery Technology.

This is what going inside the Google X Lab, a small yet secretive team is trying to develop a new battery technology to power the expanding universe of hardware products and emerging technology that is what the report from The Wall Street Journal indicates.


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