Another Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explodes And Apple Tries To Catch Up


No one will ever be able to save Samsung Galaxy Note 7 now.

Surprise, surprise another replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploded while passengers were boarding a Southwest flight.

Seems like death and taxes aren’t the only things one can’t avoid. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has done enough to merit a position somewhere between death and taxes as well.

And in yet another case of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, this time the replacement model, people were forced to experience, one more time, how an exploded smartphone felt like.

Does it really come as a shock that this time the replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploded at an airport?

Is there no place on earth that is safe from Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosions?

Whatever is the case, as more and more Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explode in public places, it becomes more obvious why US regulators had to call for an official recall of all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones last month.

As indicated before, this latest incident involving an exploded Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone took place during the boarding process of Southwest Flight 994. The flight was scheduled to go to Baltimore at Louisville International Airport on Wednesday.

We’ve already given you plenty of hints, but can you guess the worst part of the whole fiasco?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone that exploded at the airport was actually a replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone.

As expected, official sources said that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone overheated while people were boarding the airliner. Before the actual explosion, a smoke resulted in the entire aircraft to be evacuated.

Reports later revealed that more than 75 passengers on the airplane were forced to disembark from the aircraft which also included crew members on board.

Thankfully, there wasn’t any report of someone getting injured during the whole episode.

According to the report that was published by The Verge a couple of days ago, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone owner assured that he had indeed replaced the defective Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone at an AT&T outlet.

He revealed that he had done so on September 21.

The owner of the exploded Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone also sent a photograph of the smartphone to the news site which revealed a black square mark on the smartphone box which is supposed to act as evidence that the smartphone indeed was a replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone and not the original Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone.

The report from The Verge also uncovered that the replacement Note 7 was actually powered down and was located in the pocket of the owner when it exploded.


If you still have a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, then may God help you. Exchange it now.

It was also revealed that the exploded Note 7, managed to damage the plane’s carpet to a minor degree when it was dropped by the owner because of how hot the phone had gotten before the eventual explosion.

The news of another replacement Note 7 exploding could not have come at a worse time for the company since the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission had recently,just last month in fact, called for an official recall of over 1 million Note 7 smartphones.

According to a statement released by Consumer Product Safety Commission, it was reported that Samsung had received a total of 92 reports regarding the company’s fault batteries overheating in the United States of America.

Those reports also stated that the batteries issues concerning the Note 7 smartphone had caused property damage on 26 instances.

A recent report published by Gizmodo also showed that it was that simple for customers to get their faulty Note 7 smartphone devices exchanged for new ones from the company.

Gizmodo also reported that reader on their site had sent them dozens of emails if not more in which they complained about how bothersome the process of exchanging device through third parties, such as Verizon, was because of lack of concern shown by the manufacturer of the Note 7 device.

Moreover, the complaints were not limited to customers facing impediments in getting their faulty Note 7 devices replaced with new ones. In a report published by the Wall Street Journal, it was revealed that some customers were also facing problems such as overheating, in the replaced Note 7 devices as well.

Gizmodo, as it had been doing since the problem surfaced in the media, advised the owners of faulty Note 7 smartphones that they should get their Note 7 devices replaced immediately.

Of course, now after Google and Apple both have revealed their flagship smartphone devices, you’re way better off getting your Note 7 exchanged for something superior (based on the simple fact that Note 7 explodes, whether replaced or original it seems) like the Google Pixel (or Pixel XL) smartphone or Apple iPhone 7 (or the iPhone 7 Plus).

As mentioned before, if you’re one of those people who is still hanging onto their beloved Note 7 smartphone devices then for the sake of your life, you should exchange that God forsaken Note 7 smartphone like right now.

And be thankful to God that it hasn’t exploded already. That’s of course if you still want to stick to the Note 7 smartphone. Most industry experts would tell you to just forget about the Note 7 smartphone and go ahead with something like an iPhone 7 if you want something good right now.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 or Replaced Samsung Galaxy Note 7? Neither one, Thank you.

If you’re still not convinced about letting your Note 7 go for good then maybe an official statement from the chairman of the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, Elliot F. Kaye, might change your mind.

In an official statement regarding the Note 7 airport incident, Elliot F. Kaye said that the Consumer Product Safety Commission was moving expeditiously to investigate the incident involving another Note 7 explosion at the airport.

It further continued and said that thankfully, reports indicated that all of the passengers on board were able to make it off the plane without any harm coming to them and that the agency staff had already reached out to the FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) and Samsung to gather the facts about the incident.

The official statement from US Consumer Product Safety Commission also stated that the agency staff would also reach out to the consumer who experienced a serious incident with his phone.

Elliot F. Kaye said that he wanted to reiterate his call for consumers who have the recalled Galaxy Note 7 smartphone to keep their smartphones powered down and to immediately take advantage of the remedies being offered by Samsung and that consumers should know that one of the remedies is a refund.

After the US Consumer Product Safety Commission statement, Samsung came out and issued an official statement of its own which was published by Recode.

The statement from Samsung read that until the company was able to retrieve the device, they could not confirm that the airport incident involved the new Note device and that the company was working with the authorities and Southwest to recover the device and confirm the cause.

The statement from Samsung further read that once the company had examined the device, they would be in a position to share more information about the incident and the device.

How Is Apple Trying Desperately Hard To Not Take Full Advantage of Samsung’s Woes?

It just seems like Apple is deliberately not trying to gain some leverage over Samsung by profiting off of Samsung’s downfall to the maximum possible extent.

Recently, some iPhone 7 users reported being subject to connection hell as far as Verizon service was concerned.

Of course, Apple is nowhere near an exploding iPhone 7 on a mass scale (though there have been blips) but something seems off. Apple seems to be loosening its grip on providing the best possible customer support as possible for the company’s smartphone lineup.


A rare exploded iPhone smartphone.

You can probably judge how bad the situation has gotten with Apple, that Gizmodo had actually put out a call for all iPhone 7 users to tell the news site about problems they were facing with their new or old iPhone smartphone devices.

With that said, it is also true that most iPhone 7 complaints have been related to the Bluetooth connection problems and while that isn’t half as bad as an explosion, Apple needs to be double careful about not losing more ground to al already downed opponent, Samsung.

Regardless, various media reports have revealed dozens of Verizon customers who have been experiencing significant issues with their new iPhone smartphones.

Most of these connections issues involve the iPhone device dropping the LTE signal and the GPS feature of the smartphone device.

That, of course, isn’t the full scale of the problem but most of it can be summarized with random drops in service.

A reader by the name of Charles Almonde, for example, experienced random signal drops out of nowhere. Charles told Gizmodo that the signal on his device just “comes and goes on its own.”

While that doesn’t describe the problem completely, some other users have complained about enduring dropped signal in areas with traditionally strong network coverage.

That obviously doesn’t mean that people haven’t experienced dropouts in areas with low signal strength.

A writer at Gizmodo narrated his story on the news site and said that he was a Verizon iPhone 7 Plus owner and did experience connection drops.

He said that when he was in an area with low signal, his iPhone would drop to 1X and then come back to 3G.

He further added that in order to get it to reconnect with the LTE signal, he had to toggle the airplane mode manually and then turn if off again.

Furthermore, he wrote that he was also the owner of an iPhone 6 and did not experience the same problem on the same network in the same area. He said his iPhone 6 did not have a problem reconnecting to the LTE signal.

For what it’s worth, if you’re one of these users then the airplane mode turn off/turn on method will probably solve your problem as well.

However, some users have reported that they actually had to restart their iPHone 7 in order to get a reasonable cellular connection.

A reader who did not want to be named told Gizmodo that in his experience, if a user called Verizon, it lead to blame being placed on Apple and when the same user called Apple, it lead to the blame being put on Verizon in a never end game of cat and mouse.


Many iPhone 7 users have complained about connectivity issues regardless of model color or wireless carrier.

Another reader by the name of John L shared his encounters with the likes of Verizon and Apple and told Gizmodo that his phone from day one was dropping service and GPS signal and that it was easy to spot while using Waze.

He said that Apple had already replaced the phone and he did not notice any change. He then had Verizon replace the SIM card but the problem still persisted but the problem did seem to be happening fewer times.

John noted that disabling wifi and Bluetooth did not seem to change anything and it felt like the dropped signal problem happens when handing off between weak cell sites.

He described his experience with the problem as very frustrating.

As indicated before, John L wasn’t the only reader who had to go through GPS dropout zones. Gizmodo reported that they had received nearly 50 emails along with site comments that talked about the same issue i.e GPS drop-offs while using applications such as Google Maps or Waze.

Another user, Bill, told Gizmodo that his problem had to do with GPS and cellular network and that he had experienced, repeatedly, No Service messages when running applications such as Waze or Google Maps while traveling in a car.

He also added that this problem did not occur with his iPhone 5.

Gizmodo heard similar stories from many other users as well.

MacRumors, on the other hand, received about 1000 replies from disgruntled users who had various connectivity issues with their iPhone 7 smartphones.

In fact, there is also a thread on Apple community forums and on Verizon forums which you should definitely check out in order to gauge the true scale of the problems iPhone 7 users have been experiencing these past couple of weeks.

When Gizmodo contact Apple and Verizon for a possible solution to the problem they, eventually, were able to know a temporary solution involved fixing a malfunctioning Voice over LTE (VoLTE) problem in order to fix dropped call signals.

That solution is to first go to Settings and then to Cellular. After that go to Cellular Data Options, then Enable LTE and finally Data Only.

The only downside to this problem is that you won’t be able to talk and use data on your iPhone 7 at the same time.

But at least it’s better than the alternative: no signal at all.


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