What Is iSpoofer? Best Alternative To iSpoofer For Pokemon Go

Published: 20 March 2023

Do you play Pokemon Go? Do you want to take your gaming experience up a notch? Have you heard of iSpoofer, the popular app designed for players of this beloved game? If not, then read on. In this article, we will discuss what exactly iSpoofer is and why it’s become so popular amongst Pokemon GO aficionados – as well as the best alternative since iSpoofer is no longer be available.

Unfortunately, due to recent legal issues surrounding third-party apps like iSpoofer, some gamers may find themselves without access to their favorite cheating tool. Don’t worry though – there are still several other programs available that offer similar features while avoiding any potential problems with copyright infringement laws or malicious coding. We’ll go over those alternatives next so keep reading!

What Is iSpoofer Best Alternative To iSpoofer For Pokemon Go

What Is Ispoofer?

iSpoofer is a popular third-party app that allows players to spoof Pokemon Go and other augmented reality games. It works by altering the GPS of the user’s device, allowing them to appear in different places than their actual location. With iSpoofer, users can easily locate rare Pokémon, visit PokéStops or gyms without having to physically move around.

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Though iSpoofer has been widely used for some years now, it has recently come under fire from Niantic – the company behind Pokemon Go – as they have started cracking down on its use. This means that players must be careful when using iSpoofer, as there are risks associated with being caught. As such, many people are looking for an alternative to iSpoofer which offers similar features without risking bans or penalties from Niantic, while getting the advantages in playing Pokemon GO. These apps all offer similar functionality as iSpoofer but provide more protection against potential punishments from Niantic.

What Were iSpoofers Features?

iSpoofer was a popular location-spoofing tool for Pokemon Go. It allowed users to get a fake GPS location so that they could access their desired location in the game and find more rare Pokémon. The features of iSpoofer included:

  1. A customisable map view with various data points such as gyms, PokéStops, etc.
  2. Ability to spoof your location so you can play from anywhere in the world without leaving your home.
  3. Teleport feature which allows you to instantly teleport around the world and explore different regions within the game.
  4. Multiple accounts support to allow multiple players to play on one device at once.

The features of iSpoofer made it an incredibly useful tool for many players who wanted to increase their chances of capturing rare Pokémon or completing tasks quickly while playing outside of their own area. Unfortunately, iSpoofer has been shut down now, but there are still other alternatives available such as DrFone Virtual Location or iTools Pro which offer similar features and capabilities that make them good substitutes for those looking for a reliable alternative to iSpoofer when playing Pokemon GO.

using iSpoofer Pokemon go

Reasons For iSpoofer Shutting Down

The iSpoofer team announced the shutdown of their app in 2020 due to legal issues from getting sued by Niantek. This left a lot of Pokémon GO players wondering why it was shut down and what alternative apps they could use as replacements.

All the alternative options provide similar features to iSpoofer such as joystick controls and teleporting capabilities with minimal risk of detection from Niantic. They also offer more advanced features like customizing your avatar’s looks or using different map styles than the default one provided by Niantic. Additionally, each of them is regularly updated so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues with new versions of the game.

Overall, while losing access to iSpoofer was unfortunate for many players, thankfully there are still good options available for those who want to continue enjoying Pokemon GO without having to worry about getting banned from the game. With any luck, we may even see some new and improved spoofing apps released in the near future! If you’re planning on spoofing your location then your definitely want to know the best Pokemon GO coordinates to visit.

iSpoofer iOS app

What Are The Best Alternatives To iSpoofer For Pokemon Go?

Some VPNs like Nord VPN offer plenty of IP addresses from around the world that can be used to mimic different locations in order to catch rare Pokemon but they all don’t offer the best features specific for Pokemon Go gamer play. The best iSpoofer alternative can be found here:

1. iMyFone AnyTo For Pokemon Go

iMyFone AnyTo is the best alternative to iSpoofer for Pokemon Go. It’s an iOS location-changing tool that lets you simulate movement and teleport around the world from the comfort of your own home. With iMyFone AnyTo, users can access all of the game features without having to physically move or travel, giving them a much smoother experience when playing Pokemon Go. Unlike iSpoofer, which requires users to join a team and be part of their community in order to use it, iMyFone AnyTo does not require any additional steps – just download and start playing! Additionally, iMyFone AnyTo provides players with more accurate locations and options than iSpoofer does. The app also supports multiple devices so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. All in all, if you’re looking for an easy-to-use app to change location for Pokemon Go then look no further than iMyFone AnyTo; it’s one of the best alternatives out there.

2. Dr.Fone For Pokemon Go

Dr.Fone is a spoofing app alternative to Ispoofer for Pokémon Go. It can be used on both an Android device and iOS devices, making it an extremely versatile tool. When using Dr.Fone as your spoofing app alternative to Ispoofer, you will enjoy these three advantages:

Security Protection – With the advanced security protection feature of Dr.Fone, all data is protected against malware and unauthorized access when playing Pokemon Go.

Easy Navigation – The user interface is intuitive and straightforward, allowing users to navigate with ease even if they don’t have much experience with technology or gaming apps.

High Performance – Unlike other spoofing apps, Dr.Fone ensures high performance while providing reliable results that are safe from any potential threats or malicious attacks.

Overall, Dr Fone provides a great solution for those who want to get into the world of Pokémon Go without risking their safety or compromising their device’s performance in any way. Its comprehensive features provide a convenient way to play the game without worrying about any technical issues or potential risks associated with spoofing apps like Ispoofer. Whether you’re a novice or experienced player, Dr Fone will make sure that your gaming experience is smooth and hassle free!

3. iToolab AnyGo For Pokemon Go

An alternative program to consider is iToolab AnyGo. This powerful app allows users with iOS devices or Android devices to spoof their location when playing Pokémon GO. It can be used to fake a user’s location and move around the map without having to physically walk. Additionally, it supports multiple accounts and offers more features than many other programs in the same genre, such as Ispoofer Pokémon GO.

With this application, players have access to several different functions that can help them catch rare monsters or travel quickly between pokestops and gyms. Some of these features include speed-hacks, teleporting, auto walking/running and more! Furthermore, unlike some of its competitors which require jailbreaking your device or rooting your phone, iTool AnyGo requires neither of those steps making it much easier to use while still providing reliable results. All in all, iTool AnyGo is a great alternative for anyone who wants to take their gaming experience up another notch.


How Do Spoofing Apps Work?

Spoofing apps work by allowing users to “spoof” their device’s location. This means the user can change the GPS coordinates of their device, making it appear as though they are in a different place than they actually are. It is primarily used for gaming applications like Pokemon Go and allows users to access locations that may be far away from them physically. The most popular way to do this is through Teleport mode, where you set your desired destination and let the app take care of the rest.

Are IP Spoofing Apps Safe?

It is important to take into consideration that while this app may provide a fun way to play the game and gain easy access to rare Pokémons, it can also be potentially dangerous due to its ability to alter your location settings and bypass safety protocols.

The use of iSpoofer or any other app for that matter has been known for creating issues with devices such as freezes and crashes. Furthermore, using these apps could result in an account ban by Niantic which runs Pokénmon Go. As long as you opt for reputable services when downloading these applications, they can be relatively safe but there’s always the risk of being caught out by the search bar at the top right corner if you’re trying to fake locations. Therefore, it is recommended that users proceed with caution when deciding on using third-party applications for playing Pokémon Go.


iSpoofer Pokemon was a great tool for playing Pokemon Go, just like Pokemon Go++. It provided features that allowed players to gain an advantage over other players and explore the game in ways not possible before. Unfortunately, iSpoofer shut down due to specific leagal proceedings. Despite this, there are alternatives such as iMyFone AnyTo, iTools and iTool AnyGo which can fill the void to spoof location and cheat on Pokemon Go. These apps work by spoofing your IP address so you can access different parts of the game from anywhere in the world on your iOs device or Android. As with any app or program, safety should always come first when using these types of tools. I recommend researching each option carefully before deciding on which one best suits your needs. With all that said, I believe the best alternative to iSpoofer for Pokemon Go is still out there waiting for us!

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