HTC 11: What Do We Want


HTC has to work hard in order to make up for lost ground.

The only thing that can’t be debated about HTC 10 is that the smartphone has proven itself to be a revelation for the brand.

Its unique design, robust features, and high-end specs have made it one of the most popular smartphones in the market at the moment.

But, HTC 10 isn’t a perfect smartphone (not that we’re complaining). There are still many ways HTC can improve upon its hugely successful smartphone. For that to happen, the company has to introduce some features that some felt were lacking in HTC 10.

However, that doesn’t take away anything from HTC 10. HTC 10 is still a fantastic smartphone device. But in order for HTC to compete with the likes of Samsung and Apple, it has to deliver something beyond excellent.

HTC 10 isn’t that world-beater smartphone. It could have been if HTC had worked on the areas that required improvements just a tiny bit longer.

And because we feel that HTC 10’s successor is everything but poised to make a big impact in the smartphone industry, we have compiled a list of features that we think should be incorporated into the new HTC 11 that is expected to get a release date sometime in 2017.

Make no mistake, if HTC wants to increase its smartphone market share then the company will have to innovate a lot more in the coming years. And those innovation efforts should start from HTC 11.

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But Before That, Read This About HTC 11

Without wishing to sound redundant: HTC 11 will be HTC’s next flagship smartphone. It will be the successor to HTC’s solid HTC 10 and will come out sometime in 2017.

And because HTC is looking to break Samsung’s monopoly on the Android smartphone market, the HTC 11 will likely be a high-end smartphone that will be intended for users who are ready to break the bank in order to get the best of the best.

Can We Have A More Specific Release Date?

Well, considering the fact that HTC 10 was released in May 2016, it seems highly unlikely that we’ll see its next iteration anytime soon.

In other words, it is just too soon to start predictions about HTC 11’s release date, but of course, we are well within our rights to take a guess.

If HTC’s history is anything to go by then it is quite obvious that the company likes to release its big guns early on in any given year.

HTC 10 was, as mentioned before, released in May 2016 so that is a clear indication that HTC won’t be crossing the halfway mark in 2017 without releasing HTC 11.

Some industry experts are of the opinion that HTC might be targeting a release for HTC 11 at MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2017 which will take place from February 27 to March 2.

Of course, MWC date could also change but we know for sure that the event will take place no later than April.

If HTC does decide to release HTC 11 at MWC then the company will just be following its recent trend of introducing new flagship smartphones every 11 months or so.

Alright, that’s enough about HTC 11 release date speculation, let’s move towards the new features we would like to see in the new HTC whenever it comes out in the market.

1- A Memorable Design

More like an iconic one. You don’t need us to tell you that the HTC One was one of the most beautiful smartphones ever designed.

As expected from HTC, the company didn’t rest on its laurels and did better, in terms of design, with its next couple of flagship smartphones such as HTC One M8 and HTC One M9.

It almost seems as if HTC considers it obligatory to improve its flagship designs with each iteration come what may.

But of course, one can only go so far in terms of improving the same design. So what did HTC do next?

It transformed its next flagship smartphone, HTC 10, completely. Simply put: HTC 10 was a remarkably different smartphone from all the previous generations of HTC smartphones.

The HTC 10 came with a full metal body and slanting edges. The smartphone had a premium look about it from all possible angles.

With that said, the HTC 10 has probably been one of the most divisive smartphones to come out in the market in recent memory.

Despite its unique design, some have found it hard to look past the smartphone’s “fat” dimensions and lack of emblematic design appeal that was so apparent in the previous editions of HTC smartphones.

Now, it is a question of either going back to what worked or the drawing board to start from scratch.

Whatever HTC bigwigs decide, we certainly have the belief that HTC will come out looking good in the end and deliver the HTC that everyone deserves, not just what everyone wants.


HTC 11 will have to go up against the likes of iPhone 7 and Samsung (Note 7?) to wrestle back some smartphone market share.

2- With Apple Making Giant Strides In Camera Technology, HTC 11 Must Come With A Great Auto Focus Camera

In other words, the camera operation should be as simple as point and shoot. Anything more complex and the company will risk the ire of the smartphone market.

This doesn’t mean that HTC doesn’t know what it’s doing. The company did a great job in the camera department with HTC 10.

The HTC 10 has an impressive camera that has loads of features. The problem that HTC didn’t address (as much as Apple) was the camera’s performance when the user wanted to just snap away without much thought to technique or best practices.

The HTC 10’s camera results weren’t as positive as some of its competitor’s. Rival flagship smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy J7 and, of course, Apple iPhone 6S were one step ahead of HTC 10 when it came to image results.

Some industry experts are betting on the fact that people won’t be swayed by, arguably gimmicky, camera features such as the RAW format and pro mode.

What does that mean for HTC?

Well, it means that company would be wise if it focused on a simple-to-use camera rather than a monstrously powerful one.

People should not have to go through six or seven menu options in order to take a great looking photo.

That is what HTC should focus on.

If the company is able to come up with a camera where users are only required to point and shoot to get an image that is focused and sharp, then that would be enough for HTC to make a decent impact on the smartphone market.

3- Tolerable Low Light Performance

We can’t stress on this feature enough. In fact, make that a respectable low light performance camera rather than a tolerable one.

Apple has, more or less, hit the jackpot with iPhone 7’s camera in terms of low light performance and we expect to see HTC do the same just to keep up.

Some of you might be wondering, why we are focusing so much on the camera alone when there are a million other things that smartphones do on a regular basis for a typical smartphone user.

Well, the answer is that people, mostly, don’t use a dedicated camera to take photos anymore. And since everyone loves to take selfies, all the time, it is important for any flagship smartphone (which intends to make a reasonable impression in the smartphone market) to have those capabilities on board.

Smartphone cameras should be able to give users good photos in low light surroundings and otherwise too.

Smartphone cameras that perform appropriately in pressure conditions, such as when a user tries to take a photo while moving or  of a moving object, are the only one’s that get to make headlines for more than 24 hours after launch date.

HTC 10, doesn’t have a camera that is anything to talk about when it comes to low light conditions.

And that is surprising because historically the company has  done a great job of coming up with smartphone cameras that have held up reasonably well in low light scenes.

So it doesn’t take a genius to guess that we desire that HTC release an HTC 11 with a camera that can execute competently in both low light (and bright light) ambience.

4- Speakers For The HTC 11 Should Be Front-Facing


Smartphones, nowadays, are about three things. Camera,camera, and camera.

If there is one thing HTC has been extremely competitive at, then that’s smartphone audio.

The HTC 10 is a shining example of the fact that HTC is capable of doing in terms of audio quality and stability.

Not only that, but the HTC 10 also comes with Hi-Res audio output and, most of all, has BoomSound enabled speakers.

The only problem is that the speakers are located at the top and bottom edge instead of at the front.

Even worse (relatively speaking), HTC also divided the high frequencies and low frequencies between the on-board speaker pair. As a result, the sound felt more separated than before.

For HTC 11, the company would do well to ensure that the sound is unified with the help of front-facing (maybe dual too) speakers.

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5- Don’t Go Easy On Modernization

In other words, more innovation is the need of the hour.

As indicated before, the HTC 10 is a sensational smartphone. But that’s all it is. It isn’t a particularly great flagship smartphone.

The primary reason is that HTC hasn’t gone beyond what is expected with HTC 10. HTC played it just a bit too safe (and straightforward) with the overall package of HTC 10.

Don’t get us wrong, the HTC is an exceptional smartphone with superb technology and user interface.

But, unlike Apple, it doesn’t make you skip a heartbeat. Of course, HTC would feel that they did a fair bit of innovation with HTC 10 and we’ll give them points for that.

But in a world where there is Apple iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC 10 is simply not enough for people who want to be at the bleeding edge of whatever’s new.

And let’s not forget the fact that there is hardly a smartphone brand out there that isn’t guilty of not pushing the boundaries enough in terms of innovation and design.

In short, HTC will have to take big risks with HTC 11 in order to disturb the status quo that sits at the top of the table.

HTC 11 will have to bring something new, something more than just eye-catching. The HTC 10 did place HTC on sound footings in terms of giving the likes of Apple and Samsung a good run for their money, but the company must try to shoot for the stars so that it lands on the cloud.

6- With Apple iPhone 7 Taking The Lead, HTC 11 Has To Be Waterproof If Not Water Resistance.

Again, the waterproof feature isn’t even close to being a standard feature for smartphones but that shouldn’t stop HTC from trying to do so, at least for its own lineup of smartphones.

Of course, now more and more players are coming into the game and are trying hard to make their respective smartphone waterproof.

But what we would like HTC to do is to take the lead or at least share the first position with Apple by making HTC 11 waterproof from the outset without any add-on.

Some of you might think that all HTC needs to do is to engage in a bit of spying and steal the technology from Samsung and Sony to make a waterproof smartphone but of course the reality is far more complex than that.

With that said, nothing is impossible if one is willing to throw a ton of money at it. HTC should do so for the sake of HTC 11’s success.

If the company doesn’t waterproof HTC 11 and customers experience failed devices because of accidental drops and unexpected rain showers, then HTC will certainly lose a good chunk of its already dwindling market share.

No one likes to spend hundreds of dollars on a device that is susceptible to getting burnt with some water contact.

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