How to Solve Samsung Galaxy J7 Freezing Problem

Published: 31 August 2016

Samsung Galaxy J7 is a great entry level smartphone. But it does have its problems. Read on to find out how to solve them.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy J7 freezing problem and want to fix it then follow this guide.

No, you haven’t been robbed or scammed. Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 (and the 2015 model of course) is a decent piece of technology.

The smartphone has sold particularly well in developing markets such as India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. It has also been a huge hit in countries such as Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Oman and some part of Europe even.

But, a huge number of sales does not mean that the Galaxy J7 doesn’t have minor issues which sometimes wreck user experience.

In fact, the Samsung Galaxy J7 has built somewhat of a reputation when it comes to minor glitches which totally lock the smartphone and render it unusable for a considerable period of time.

As mentioned before, the most common problem with Samsung Galaxy J7 which users have experienced almost in all markets, is the freezing of the phone.

Many users have reported that their J7 sometimes just freezes without any apparent reason.

Needless to say, the freezing issue is somewhat a perplexing problem since it is almost impossible to pin down the exact reason for the freeze.

On top of that, the freezing issue is also irritating for the users because they are unable to get things done.

Here are some methods which can try out in order to fix your Samsung Galaxy J7 freezing issues.

Now, do keep in mind that there are several in ways in which you can solve your smartphone freezing problem. The best way to make use of this guide is to go through each method, one by one and figure out which is the method which looks likely to present a solution for your particular problem.

So take your time and first, read through the solutions before beginning actual work on your Samsung Galaxy J7 smartphone.

Method 1

The simplest solution, which incidentally doesn’t even require work, is to wait it out. Since smartphones are complex devices, sometimes an application malfunctions and hence freezes the smartphone.

If you experience the freeze in the middle of a gaming session or a processor intensive work application, then give it a minute or two before you begin to fix your smartphone.

It is totally possible that your smartphone device might fix itself after recognizing the problem. If that indeed happens, then wait for a prompt from your smartphone in order to close the app which caused the initial crash (freeze).

If a smartphone does allow you to close the application, then you should be able to resume your normal work tasks on your smartphone device.

Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 is designed in such a way that the smartphone will actually inform its user if a crash took place. It also notifies the user whenever an application stops responding or experience some other malfunction.

Normally, the Samsung Galaxy J7 requires you to tap a button in order to return to the home screen and resume normal work-related tasks.

Method 2


Sometimes all you need to do is wait for your smartphone to automatically fix itself. This method doesn’t always work though

If for some reason the smartphone doesn’t give you a prompt and you can’t operate it, then you should probably go ahead and reboot your smartphone device.

If you want to know how to reboot your device then read on.

The first thing you want to do is press the “power” button of your smartphone device and keep pressing it until your Samsung Galaxy J7 shuts down. In other words, just keep a finger on your Power button, which should be located somewhere on the upper right side of your smartphone’s body, until your smartphone turns off.

After you have done that, then you need to press and hold the Power button again in order to restart your Galaxy J7 2016 device.

Just keep holding the Power button until something is displayed on the screen of your smartphone device.

Method 3

Sometimes even if you reboot your smartphone device, it doesn’t solve the freezing issue. If that is the case then there is a good chance that your smartphone device started to give freezing issues because of a newly installed application.

The days of simple applications like clock and calculator are well and truly over. Now you complex applications that eat up a lot of processing power because of the massive number of calculations that are involved in the whole process.

Games such as Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and other apps like Youtube video player are heavy duty apps that require a lot of effort on part of your hardware in order to execute appropriately.

Sometimes, these monster apps become too unstable and hence come in direct conflict with other applications that are pre-installed on your smartphone device.

If this is indeed the case with your freezing problems, then you need to uninstall any application that you might have installed recently.

It doesn’t matter if you installed a new application from Google Play Store or through an apk file from an unknown source, if your smartphone started to give you freezing problems after you installed some new applications then you need to get rid of them as soon  as possible.

So go ahead and tap your way to the section of the Settings menu where you can access installed applications.

Remove any applications that you think might be causing the freezing issues.

If uninstalling applications does not fix the issue on your smartphone then read on.

You must also remember that since there are so many smartphone users around the world, the chances of hackers coming up with viruses and malware have exponentially increased.

And indeed, malware can be a major factor that is causing your smartphone to give you issues when operated.

In order to fix your freezing issues, you must make sure that you have the latest version of all applications that are installed on your device.

Give special attention to your internet browser since it is the main culprit on many occasions because of being a user’s sole route to internet connectivity.

Install an antivirus program if you have to and scan your entire smartphone with it. Antivirus programs scan your smartphone automatically and prompt you with a notification if there is any virus or malware on your smartphone.

However, if you haven’t downloaded anything from the internet and haven’t installed application apart from the ones that are present in Google Play Store, then you can rest assured that your smartphone doesn’t have any malware,spyware or virus on it.

Method 4


Be careful here since you wouldn’t want to lose all your data when hard resetting your smartphone

If you have tried the aforementioned three methods and still haven’t been able to resolve your freezing issues then there is a strong chance that your smartphone device is short on memory.

What should you do if your smartphone is running low on memory?

Well, free up some space and “force stop” some applications which might be consuming a bit too much RAM.

The Samsung Galaxy J7 isn’t particularly a high-end smartphone device. And since it isn’t, there is a limit to the amount of memory the J7 can reserve for your data.

Generally, the Samsung Galaxy J7 (or any other smartphone for that matter) comes with two forms of memories. The first memory is the storage memory that comes pre-installed on your smartphone.

The second one is the extra storage memory that you get when you insert a microSD card into your smartphone.

Double check if there is sufficient space available on both your storage devices. If you don’t have some free space on both your storage devices then go ahead and delete some photos, videos and unwanted applications.

Lack of free space can lead to freezing issues along with other operational and processor related problems.

If you want to remove some content to free up some space then simply go to Menu and then to Settings.

After you have entered the Settings menu then simply tap on the Storage option to analyze how your smartphone device is using up the available storage space.

Method 5

There is a slight chance that you’re freezing problems still haven’t gone away even after trying out the four methods described above.

If that is indeed the case then you have no other choice but to do a hard reset on your Samsung Galaxy J7 device.

You may also know the hard reset option as “factory reset” option. Let’s get to it then.

Make sure you are on your Home screen.

When you’re on your Home screen, tap the Apps icon which is present in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Then go to the Settings menu by tapping on the relevant symbol when you have entered the main menu

After that, select the Backup and Reset option.

Make sure you are signed in to your Google account, otherwise you won’t be able to backup your apps and personal data.

If you have never backed up your data then tap the Backup account option and then select Add Account from the resulting menu.

Then just follow the instructions on the screen. You may also need to create a Google account if you didn’t already have one.

If you want to be extra secure then select the Backup my data option from the check box.

And just to be even safer, tap on the Backup account option from the check box.

Press the Back key and then select Google from the menu.

Other Tips

As mentioned before, the list of reason why your Galaxy J7 smartphone might be freezing is really long.

If solutions such as restarting your smartphone, uninstalling some applications and hard resetting do not work for you then you need to think about getting another smartphone.

Yes, if a smartphone does not stop giving you freezing issues even after trying all the methods described above, then you need to get rid of that damn smartphone.

But before you do, perhaps it’s best if you take it to a repair shop and get a second opinion on whether you should change your smartphone device.

Remember, just because your smartphone is giving your freezing issues, doesn’t mean that you need to buy a brand new smartphone in order to get back on track.

If your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone still locks up on a regular basis and crashes whenever you are working then follow the hard reset method described above.

If that method doesn’t work for you then let us break the bad new to you: You need to replace your phone.

But as mentioned before, you should definitely take your malfunctioning smartphone to your nearest service center at least once before you decide to throw it away because of freezing issues.




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