How To Become A Pro At GoPro

Published: 10 October 2016

GoPro can be so much more than just an action camera.

Considering the amount of GoPro cameras that people are picking up from stores, it is safe to say that GoPro has become the action camera of choice for most people.

And the value for money that GoPro provides with its action cameras makes it easy to understand why that is the case.

GoPro action camera is adaptable, potent and robust. There is no other action camera on the market that can compete with GoPro in terms of value and quality.

Of course, most people would probably be able to get over the sense of unfamiliarity of using a GoPro camera, on a bike or even on an underwater swimming session, reasonably quickly because let’s face it, nothing is built to last forever and there are very few, if any, gadgets out there that actually try to improve people’s lives either through entertainment or work.

But even if you bought a $500 GoPro camera recently, it doesn’t mean that you have to throw it away after a month’s use or so.

As indicated earlier, the GoPro action camera is a versatile piece of technology in the sense that there are a lot of creative ways in which you can use the device to extract the maximum amount of value from your purchase.

For starters, you can always take a GoPro action camera whenever you go out for a trip and especially when you want to snap photos while on your underwater endeavors.

The GoPro action camera also offers time-lapse shots so you can always use that feature to capture those worthy moments.

Needless to say, after a while the novelty of using a GoPro camera wears off and it starts to collect dust in your store somewhere.

Using this guide, you’ll have no problems in picking it back up again to take it for another ride. Only this time, you’ll have more fun with it than ever because we’ll show you the exact methods you can use to go beyond the standard action videos that people make with their GoPro cameras.

Go Back To Those Numberless and Ignored Settings on Your GoPro Action Camera

First, check out this video to have a glimpse at what you can really do with your GoPro action camera and why GoPro action camera isn’t made for just taking photographs and videos while on the move.


Of course, there will always be those people who would say that the GoPro action camera is basically a redundant piece of technology since any action that you could take with GoPro action camera, you could also with your smartphone.

In some aspects, that is true since it really is easier and much more convenient (since the smartphone is always in your pocket and lying somewhere near you) to just take a photo or make a video with your smartphone camera rather than the GoPro action camera.


You can use your GoPro action camera in a variety of situations.

However, we’re going to argue that you can take much better photos and make high-quality videos with your GoPro action camera than with your smartphone’s camera.

Actually, if you really dig into GoPro action camera’s settings then you’ll be able to take some fantastic shots of regular boring everyday stuff with much more enthusiasm.

Remember, the GoPro camera wasn’t built to just take action shots. There are a lot of options that average users simply don’t both with and we’re going to tell you exactly how you can rise the ladder to GoPro mastery with our guide.

To start off, always choose the most suitable settings for any photo or video opportunity that you might want to grab using your GoPro action camera.

The GoPro action camera offers several different resolutions for different situations. It also provides options such as fields of view and various frame rate settings to get out of the ordinary and sometimes even exotic results on your photos and videos.

Let’s take a look at each to know what you can really achieve with your GoPro action camera.

Fields of View And Frame Rate Options of GoPro Action Camera

The first thing you should know about your GoPro action camera is that it comes with three distinct field of view settings. These are: wide, medium and narrow.

What do they all mean?

Well, the wide field of view option works fantastically well with those standard GoPro action shots that everyone likes to take in the first few hours after they’ve bought the actual product.

The wide option is great because it allows users to see everything in their peripheral view.

The medium setting is well suited for making regular videos while the narrow option is appropriate for those compact more focused shots.

As far as frame rate per second goal, most users will be able to get satisfactory results either with 30 frames per second or 60 frames per second.

If you want to go above that limit then know that higher frame rates are best suited for slow-motion videos.


GoPro cameras are known to be very versatile in their use.

If you shoot a video at, say, 120 frames per second then you’ll get more scope to actually slow down the video and the best part would be that you won’t lose any video quality.

The video will look much more smooth than a video shot at 30 or 60 frames per second.

GoPro Action Camera Resolution Options

Now we’re going to talk, at length, about GoPro action camera resolution.

If you want to shoot your video at 1080p then you can safely do that with your GoPro action camera because it has some nice HD resolution features.

However, there are a lot of other options as well to choose from with the GoPro action camera.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which you can take those special shots with your GoPro action camera and study the pros and cons of each resolution mode.


  • 4K videos: The 4K resolution offers awe-inspiring quality for your favorite wide and sweeping (in other words panoramic) shots.
    A recent report published by Gizmodo noted that GoPro Hero3 Black had the capacity to take good 4K video at 15 frames per second.
    Is that really useful? Probably not because a 15 frames per second video is simply not good enough. Higher frame rates generally translate to higher quality of video.
    The reason why low frame rates are frowned upon is that they degrade a videos quality to an unacceptable level when there is a lot of motion involved. The videos simply look weird.
    With that said, the GoPro Hero4 (an upgraded version of GoPro Hero3) can make videos that are of 4k quality and are taken at 30 frames per second. The 30 frames per second mark is a great one for videos because you can truly appreciate the jump in the quality of videos that are taken at 30 frames per second.
    Of course, you’ll need a 4k monitor to run 4k videos in their true form.


    Hero3 or Hero4, it doesn’t matter which version you have. Capturing videos is easy with GoPro

  • 2.7k: The 2.7k resolution video option isn’t something exceptional. In fact, even some gold GoPro action cameras can shoot videos at this resolution and at 30 frames per second. In other words, at 2.7K resolution, it is much easier to maintain high quality in your videos without sacrificing the smoothness.
  • 1080p: Probably the most used resolution of any camera let along a GoPro action camera. The all-purpose, 1080p (full HD) resolution is quite a capable one. With GoPro however, you can make videos at very high frame rates and hence can slow down the speed of your videos which is always great for those alluring slow motion shots.
  • 1440p: Again, this setting allows for high-quality videos just like the 1080p mode. The difference is that videos made in 1440p resolution are slightly taller than the ones made with the 1080p resolution mode.
    Moreover, the 1440p resolution provides a great platform for your most-liked point of view shots.
  • 1080 Super: Not the most popular resolution mode and the reason for that could be a lack of awareness.
    The 1080 super option takes a video that has been shot in 1440 resolution and then flattens it down to a regular 1080 size.
    Of course, you will still be able to capture the old field of vision that you could with your 1440p videos. The difference, as indicated before, is that the video you’ll get would be of 1080 size.
    Not surprisingly, this resolution is suitable for point of view videos (these are the ones you make when you have the GoPro action camera placed either in your helmet or a chest cam) if you don’t like to work with 1440p video’s square frame.
  • 960p: The 960p resolution is essentially the same size as 1440p but the videos captured in this mode are made with less quality.
    The upside of using this resolution mode is that you’ll be able to capture videos with your GoPro action camera at a higher frame rate.
  • 720p: This might come as a surprise to some but the 720p offers videos the same size as 1080p.
    The difference, again, is in the quality of the videos captured. In 720p, the quality is understandably lower which allows for higher frame rates.
    This mode is particularly useful for people who want to capture videos at really high frame rates and hence make super slow motion videos.
  • WVGA 240: The label might sound complicated but it’s not. This resolution mode is simply a resolution mode that is lower than the 720p resolution mode.
    That might sound like a resolution mode that you’ll never use but the fact that you can captures videos at 240 frames per second, might help you change your mind.
    This mode is great for slow motion shots as well.
    Of course, the video quality is not as great as you might be used to especially when viewed on a big screen but it still does a pretty good job on your videos if you plan on sharing them with the world on various social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.


    It takes time but with a little bit patience you can get a lot more from your GoPro.


If you still don’t know which set of modes you want to capture your videos at then we’ll recommend that you go for 1080p with a wide field of view at 30 frames per second.
By using these settings, you’ll be able to capture a decent enough video and will get an exceptional quality that couldn’t possibly be matched by your smartphone’s camera.
Moreover, by utilizing these settings, you’ll get a better peripheral view than you would if you use your smartphone to capture the same videos.

But for the people who want to go pro with their GoPro action camera, the GoPro settings that are ideal for that scenario are 1080p along with a wide field of view at 60 frames per second.
These settings will enable users to capture videos at a much better quality than before and most of all, this setting will help users to shoot those slow motion videos without any effort or problem.

If you’re the adventurous type then you can study some other specific resolutions along with fields of view and frame rate settings here.
Try them out and see what kind of a result you get and then tweak the settings according to your preferences.


There is still a lot more you can learn about your GoPro action camera. If you put in enough time and effort into understanding the way GoPro action cameras are supposed to be handled and used then you can get a lot more value out of it than ninety percent of the users around the world.
In the next post, we’ll a look at some of the other pro GoPro video settings and their advantages along with their disadvantages.
We’ll also explain how users can stabilize their GoPro shots by following easy and simple steps.

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And do let us know your thoughts and suggestions by using the comments section below. We’ll love to hear about your GoPro endeavors and any hacks that you might have come across in order to improve your experience with GoPro actions cameras.




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