Bush LE-58GCL Review – A 58-inch 4K TV With an Aggressive Price Tag

The Bush LE-58GCL is a 58-inch screen TV that can deliver UHD image resolution. Aside from that, it’s pretty much straightforward, aesthetically speaking. Its black frame is reasonably thin, but it also looks a little too plasticky. Also, it’s design is something what you would expect from most television sets – a rectangular device that can display image. However, it is still a pleasant surprise as it did not dwell too much from modern trends of curved displays, especially when mentioning those who are capable of delivering 4K resolutions.

Bush LE-58GCL Review - A 58-inch 4K TV With an Aggressive Price Tag

The Bush LE-58GCL Tries to Introduce Class While Maintaining Conventional Flare

As for the connections of the Bush LE-58GCL, they look promising. There are four HDMI ports, which include the HDMI 2.0 standard. These HDMI ports will allow you to play stunning 4K videos at up to 40 fps. Also part of its array of connections is a USB port for multimedia, and a also a LAN port in hopes that it will be used for smart features and multimedia streaming when placed inside your local home network.

However, this type of connectivity is not as solid as compared to modern day television sets. The worst one being its LAN port. Since the TV is not accompanied by a built-in Wi-Fi compatability, this port is only present to support the built-in Freeview tuner. Meaning, you cannot go online with it using any apps, and you definitely cannot stream multimedia from other devices from your network. In other words, this feels like a “disconnected” connected TV.

As a result, you will be restricted to a very limited number of options to view your 4k content. This will include the Amazon Fire TV, possible 4K-capable set-top broadcast viewers, and upcoming UHD Blu-rays. This is hardly what people are looking for in a 4K-capable large-screened TV, especially with the cash you have to shell out to get it.

As for picture quality, they even come as standard quality. The color saturation, contrast, brightness, and other image preferences come off as average. The only option to note about here is the noise-reduction system and a multi-level motion-compensation circuit. There is also no backlight adjustment option available on the TV.

With so much missing on the Bush LE-58GCL it does make you wonder as to why it would have such an aggressive price tag. Those who are looking to get their daily fix of 4K content can do better with other modern TVs that are within a similar price range.


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