Razer Mamba 2015 Review – The Latest Iteration to the Flagship Wireless Mouse

If you know Razer, then you’ll know you’re about to get a great gaming peripheral, and that essence can be seen in the Razer Mamba 2015. This is the latest model for the company’s flagship wireless mouse. Since it is a premium gaming device, then you would expect a hefty price tag for it. However, Razer claims that the price is justified as it is “the world’s most advanced gaming mouse.”

Razer Mamba 2015 Review - The Latest Iteration to the Flagship Wireless Mouse

Could the Razer Mamba 2015 Really be “The World’s Most Advanced Gaming Mouse?”

With the new Razer Mamba 2015, the company has made improvements such as lowering response time, adding in Chrome lighting, and installing Click Force technology. For its exterior look, this premium gaming mouse has all the marks of Razer’s flare. It has a matte black coating, a lot of buttons and light strips, and fierce curves and angles. Although, it is a bit heavier this time around as it weighs 125-grams. But this weight makes the new Mamba to feel all the more premium-like.

The top of the mouse is smooth and comfortable (just as what you would expect from a high-end gaming mouse). For its sides, it is coated with rubber that has a nice grip to it to prevent slipping. The spine of the Mamba 2015 model has a gentle curve to make the device to be suitable for those who have claw or palm-grips. However, this mouse is asymmetrical, which means that left-handed people should consider other high-end gaming mice instead.

Included in the package is a charging dock which also has that refined sense of style. Said dock will work as a great pedestal to show it off when guests enter your room. It even resembles the Mamba’s lighting.

One of the latest additions to this mouse’s line of features is the new Click Force Technology. In other words, it will let users adjust how much force is needed to click the main left and right buttons respectively. In the package is a small screwdriver which allows you to modify a screw mechanism to have one of either 14 varying “click feels.” This may sound a bit vague, but it means that you can change the click actuation force from a low number of 45g to a stiff 95g.

As for its performance, well, let’s just say that the company did not happen to make premium gaming peripherals by chance. The new Mamba mouse is no exception to that tradition as it is a serious performer. There is Razer’s new 5G sensor built into it, which can track p to 1 DPI increments. Each of the mouse’s features will deliver incredible tracking – one that you won’t see in your ordinary computer mouse.

The company’s claim that the Razer Mamba 2015 could be the “world’s most advanced gaming mouse” may not be so far-fetched after all. If money is no object to you, then look no further if you’re still on your search for the best gaming mouse.


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