Tivoli Audio Music System Three+ Review – Offers Great Features for Wireless Streaming Music, But is Not Cheap

The Tivoli Audio Music System Three+ is a Bluetooth DAB/FM radio for streaming music with a glossy finish and a premium price tag. It has a built-in battery and is weather-proofed. It is also small enough to provide portability. It also has a dual-alarm function and an illuminated display, which means that the device is just as good to be placed at home beside the bed, or outdoors during a camping trip.

Tivoli Audio Music System Three+ Review - Offers Great Features for Wireless Streaming Music, But is Not Cheap

The Tivoli Audio Music System Three+ is a Portable Radio That Can Stream Loud Music

The Tivoli Audio Music System Three+ is available in either gloss white or black. It has a blocky aesthetic and it will immediately feel like a premium product once you get a hold of it. This extra weight and bulk is provided by the built-in battery as it can deliver up to 20-hours of portable play.

Controls are simple and are few. However, they do look somewhat fussy. There is a metal volume wheel found at the top which also doubles as a power/snooze button when pressed. However, it does look neat. It adds to that extra luxury you might be looking for with its brushed finish.

As for the display, it is a three-line LCD one and it is nice and bright. The text found on the screen is even legible from across a decently-sized room. Still, there will be some that would prefer more contrast on the display if they would like to bring the portable streaming radio outdoors.

At the back of the Three+ radio, there are sockets for charging and for the mains. There is also a 3.5-millimeter jack for headphones and line input, and the telescopic aerial. These three connections are covered by a simple rubber covering that is able to assist with the device’s weatherproofing functionality. However, this covering can be completely removed, so if you’re not careful you might lose it.

Since there is a lack of buttons on the device itself, it makes up for most of its control functions with the included remote. Therefore, it is in your best interest to not lose that remote else the device will be as good as a premium paperweight.

For its sound quality, well, it is on the thicker side of things. It does convey power in a portable device since it can allow you to crank up the volume to high levels. However, this also means that if you’re the type who likes to listen to relaxing classical music, then this streaming radio may not be the one for you.

The Tivoli Audio Music System Three+ is a premium radio that has streaming capabilities. It allows people to listen to music at really high levels. But if you prefer more gentle background music, then perhaps there are other devices that may catch your fancy.


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