Blackberry is Down and Out


Blackberry has desperately tried to wrestle back its top spot. But to no avail.

Blackberry has thrown in the towel. It has given up. The once pioneer of smartphone technology has bowed down to the likes of Google, Apple and not to mention, the world’s number one selling mobile brand, Samsung.

Blackberry has been trying to stand up on its feet ever since its market share was torn to shreds by the likes of Samsung, Apple, and other android device manufacturers.

The thriving smartphone company that was Blackberry, is now barren. Perhaps this is the point where you would read something like ‘but the future looks exciting for Blackberry”.

Sadly, that’s not true either. The future has never looked bleaker for Blackberry, a smartphone company that has been forced by its dire financial conditions to release a second Android phone.

The public seems as disinterested in Blackberry as ever and that doesn’t look like changing anytime soon. Even the company’s CEO was not spared as investors tried to compel John Chen (current CEO of Blackberry) to wrap up Blackberry’s smartphone business altogether.

That advice went unheeded as Blackberry has launched its new smartphone DTEK 50.

Blackberry says that this phone will turn the company’s smartphone business around. The “ultra-thin”, “Ultra-secure”, and “Ultra-affordable DTEK50 isn’t, in the strictest sense of the word, even a Blackberry anymore.

Yes, you read that right. The new smartphone device from Blackberry is actually running on Android.

This is Blackberry’s second Android phone as the smartphone company tries to stay alive in the mobile phone industry and there are rumors already that the next smartphone from Blackberry will also be an Android phone after which Blackberry might finally decide to call it a day as far as its smartphone business is concerned.

If you still haven’t forgotten about DTEK 50 smartphone from Blackberry, know that it is exactly the kind of phone you wouldn’t buy even for your worst enemy.

The name of this Blackberry phone is probably the only thing that remotely sounds nice.

People who have tested out the Blackberry phone have called it a cheap 5.2 inch Android phone.


Blackberry original wasn’t enough to lure back enough customers for Blackberry.

The DTEK50, as it turns out, is made in China and you can grab one for yourself, if you want to that is, for just under $300.

Is that cheap enough for you? We hope not. At $300, the GTEK50 is selling for half the price of a brand new iPhone.

This Blackberry Android phone will be able to download applications from places such as Google Play Store and through APK files.

So What Makes it Different?

Since Blackberry has ditched its own Blackberry OS in favor of Android Operating system which is owned by Google, that means its GTEK 50 smartphone should be able to handle everything that a normal Android can.

That may sound trite but for those who have used older Blackberry smartphones, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Blackberry has finally decided to move on from its wretched OS.

The biggest problem with Blackberry OS was that it could not even compete with the amount and robustness of applications that Android Operating System offered its smartphones.

Blackberry OS was old and simply not built for the 21st century. It was boring and the animations were simply not up to the mark.

The GTEK50 doesn’t have to carry that baggage since it’s operating on the world’s most widely used mobile operating system, which is Android.

To give its phone a unique identity, Blackberry has introduced a new set of special security software for its latest smartphone.

GTEK 50 will come preloaded with software that will make it the most secure Android phone in the world. At least that’s what Blackberry believes.

As far as the actual consumers are concerned, no one is going to bother to check out a piece of software that is of no use to 99 percent of smartphone users around the world.

Blackberry is clearly fearful. Fearful of being swept away by the vagaries of time. To put it mildly, Blackberry is desperate. It wants to go out with a bang by introducing a really neat smartphone.

All signs indicate that GTEK 50 isn’t that neat smartphone. No matter how big a fan you might be of Blackberry, the company cannot continue to do business with little to no innovation.

It either has to compete with others on design and features of its smartphone (which it can’t since Samsung and Apple have an insurmountable lead over everyone else let alone a laggard like Blackberry) or price.

Currently, Blackberry isn’t even close to competing on price with the likes of Xiaomi, OnePlus, and Oppo.

No matter how you slice it, Blackberry is getting thrashed in the smartphone market. And it doesn’t look too good as far as financial considerations are concerned either.

Blackberry, even after all these years of decline, still makes 40 percent of its revenue from its smartphone handset department.

According to the Bloomberg too, Blackberry’s smartphone division is a major source of revenue for the company as a whole.

John Chen, the current CEO of Blackberry, has expressed his desire to see Blackberry come back from the brink of extinction with the help of its extra software that no one will ever use.

Chen also hopes that Blackberry’s unique software will prove to be a source of earnings that will propel the company to the forefront of smartphone technology.

Deep down the executive knows that this won’t ever be enough to save the company’s flailing smartphone business as per his own words, John Chen, wants to see Blackberry’s handset division to turn its fortunes around, latest by September.

Whether Blackberry’s smartphone branch will turn into a profitable enterprise remains to be seen, although everything thus far suggests that it will fail miserably but for consumers, it becomes rather risky to invest any kind of money in GTEK 50 since the future of the company is at stake in its success.

If the smartphone branch of Blackberry does get dissolved then anyone who has bought the GTEK 50 would be left for dead as far as support and updates are concerned.

Some experts in the smartphone industry believe that John Chen has shown quite a few signs of being an ignorant CEO.

Chan recently stated that the reason why Blackberry’s first Android phone, the priv (short for privacy and privilege as the company claimed), didn’t do as well as the company hoped it would because its pricing wasn’t right.


A Blackberry phone with Blackberry OS, is never happening again.

The Priv was simply too expensive Chen said. Some reviewers of the priv said that they wouldn’t buy the phone regardless of the price since its build quality was cheap and didn’t offer anything different from other well-established brands like Samsung and Apple.

And if you thought that industry experts don’t know much of anything let alone about a smartphone company’s comeback then know that earlier this month, the US senate declared publicly that it won’t be using Blackberry anymore.

More specifically, the Senate said that it would stop the use of Blackberry smartphone models such as Q10, Z30, Classic, Passport, Z10 etc. Basically everything Blackberry.

And one couldn’t blame the US Senate since earlier this year the Netherlands Forensics Institute was able to hack into Blackberry’s ultra-encrypted handset that cost around $2000.

It should become clear to anyone who follows the mobile industry that Blackberry simply doesn’t care about its customers anymore.

A $2000 smartphone, no matter how secure, is a slap in the face of any smartphone owner. And besides, Blackberry has been reported to have outsourced most of its smartphone activities already. The company doesn’t design its phones anymore. It doesn’t even manufacture them if that wasn’t clear enough already.

The GTEK50 is a mediocre phone as far as reviews from industry insiders are concerned. But then again so is One Piece anime.

Therefore, we’ll all have to wait just a tad bit longer before Blackberry finally digs its own grave and buries itself in it.


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