Speedruns Raise $1.3 Million For Charity

Speedrun Event

Playing Video GamesIn an amazing feat of video games mastery (not really, unless you consider completing games in insanely small amounts of time as mastery instead of “why put yourself through such pain”) the competition known only as Summer Games Done Quick, raised $1.29 million for charity.

The money that was raised through the competition or more precisely from the speedrun event was raised to help out a charity by the name of Doctor Without Borders.

For those interested, Doctors Without Borders is a humanitarian aid non-governmental organization that is best known for its work in developing countries where there is disease and death. The NGO also works in war-torn regions throughout the world.

The speedrun event, Summer Games Done Quick 2016, recently came to a finish and brought in a huge sum of money which included contributions from an exclusive Humble Bundle that was on the offering throughout the duration of the show.

The Humble Bundle usually includes games, expansion packs and multiplayer rewards on special prices that end within a short amount of time.

As mentioned before, the total amount of money that was raised (around $1.3 million) would go to Doctors Without Borders.

That amount also topped the $1.23 million that was raised last year by this same speedrun event, i.e Summer Games Done Quick 2015.

Coincidently, it also toppled AGDQ (Awesome Games Done Quick) 2016 grand total of $1.2 million which took place a few months ago this year in which over 157 speed runs were made.

People who want to participate in the speedrun event, in any capacity, should know that the next GDQ speedrun event which would be Awesome Games Done Quick 2017 will be held in Herndon, VA and it will run from January 8 to January 15, 2017.

That should be a very stimulating experience indeed, watching people try to play video games for the sake of nothing, but charity.

Before we move forward, let’s answer two very relevant questions.

What Happens at an Event like Summer Games Done Quick

As the name suggests, Summer Games Done Quick is basically a speedrun event where hundreds of people come together and try to beat their chosen, mostly their favorite too, game and try to raise money for different charities.

This year, the charity that benefited from the speedrun event was Doctors Without Borders.

There is no restriction on the type of game you can play and beat but there is obviously a restriction on the amount of time you can take since the whole event is based on completing games quickly.

This year’s Summer Games Done Quick saw an assortment of games being played.

From games as hard as Demon’s Souls (seriously that game is on every list of all-time hardest games and I can guarantee you that you will die about fifty times before moving past the first stage in that video game) to casual games like Catherine (not suitable for children it must be added.

Children are better off playing video games like Mega Man series, which happened to be also on the list of games that got played and then got beat at the speedrun event), there was so much variety that one couldn’t focus on a single game for even half an hour before the eye caught another great video game being played at a rapid pace.

Secondly, What on Earth Is A Speedrun

Speedrun should be understood as a verb. You do a speedrun.

In fact, all you do in a speedrun (I guess you can use it as a noun, too) is try to beat your chosen game as fast as possible.

That is the basic definition of the term speedrun.

There is no limit on time, but you must try to finish a game off as quickly as possible.

Further variations include, things such as a 100 percent completion in the shortest amount of time or just the main missions in the shortest amount of time without getting sidetracked with side missions and useless collectibles (good luck trying to finish off games like The Witcher 3 if you don’t want to get lost in side quests because that game just reeks of side quests mixed with main quests).

But talking about the speedrun event itself, this year’s Summer Games Done Quick event started on July 3 and finished on July 10.

Super MarioThe speedrun event started off with fun games like Super Mario Sunshine and ended with similar games like Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars and a multiplayer racing game called Super Mario 64.

But that wasn’t all, in between those two legendary games, there were other games that were played aggressively such as Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, Metroid Prime Pokemon Red, Fallout 3 and 5 along with Bioshock.

The complete list, quite frankly, is pretty long so check out this link if you want to know the name of each and every game that was played in the speedrun marathon event.

If you really want to experience what took place at the speedrun event, just go to a website like YouTube and search a term similar to Pokemon Blue speedrun.

Other games that you should definitely check out are Super Mario Land 2 (that was beaten by a player inside eight minutes) and Guacamelee: Gold edition.

It wouldn’t hurt to see Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze along with Final Fantasy 6 as some of the speedrunners also entertained the crowd with their witty commentary during their playthroughs.

There were rumors that only 50 % of the raised amount would go to the actual charity while the rest would go into the owner’s pocket who had to bear the expenses of rented rooms, event hosting, staffing, prizes, and equipment, but we’ll just stick to calling it what it is, a rumor.

Skeptics have admitted that for once, speed runners were able to do something productive with their time and energy.


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