Aliens: Colonial Marines – Mod Makes the Game Fun to Play

Let’s be frank – Aliens: Colonial Marines is not the best game to be ever developed in history. Many would just look at the game as a non-existent title and move on towards other videogames instead. It is deemed as a loss and the entire game is just a pile of hot mess. However, thanks to the PC modding community, it is now actually fun to play.

Aliens: Colonial Marines - Mod Makes the Game Fun to Play

Mod Makes Aliens: Colonial Marines Fun to Play Again

It is clear from the onset that when you start playing Aliens: Colonial Marines, it is what not the game developers had not intended to make, much less make it do any justice from the source material. However, TemplarGFX, a modder from ModDB, aims to change the way how people think and play the game. Simply put, the modder made a total overhaul of just about every facet of the game.

There are cosmetic changes as well as updates towards the game’s inner core mechanics. More specifically speaking, the AI in the game has received the biggest overhaul. It changes the way the Xenomorphs behave which now makes for a more intense challenge than when playing the videogame without the mod.

Of course, this naturally means that Colonial Marines is now made to be more difficult. However, Xenomorphs (the popular aliens from, well, Alien) should not be easy to kill in the first place anyway. In other words, the mod makes it better for the game’s cogs to fit nicely together. It has now been transformed into a more intricate and better overall experience wherein enemies adapt more easily to various situations instead of blatantly showing that they are just artificial intelligence. Xenomorphs will quickly adjust to your tactics and will now make for harder targets to kill while you try to make sure that your head is still connected with your body.

To further make for the increase in difficulty, your allies also have their health greatly reduced. This is to increase the overall tension that the game has to offer. However, it’s not all bad as their AI has also been reworked for you to call them the allies that you would want to have in a space alien-hunting mission.

Overall, the new experience brought about by Aliens: Colonial Marines is far better than the original gameplay was like. Enemy to ally movements have all been revamped, and the firearm mechanics have been made better.


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