Laser Cloaking Device – The Only Way to Hide From Aliens

If you’ve been wondering if there is life in other planets but are scared that they would be hostile towards Earth, then you can lessen your worries as scientists show us how we might be able to cloak some of the prying eyes on our lovely planet with the aid of a laser cloaking device.

Laser Cloaking Device - The Only Way to Hide From Aliens

A Laser Cloaking Device is Deemed as the Solution to Hide the Earth From Intergalactic Prying Eyes

Because we cannot rule out the possibility that some life out there could be malevolent, scientists have suggested about making a laser cloaking device. And get this – they have a strategy to do this. They would employ the principles behind our very own searches for promising planets to terraform, as stated from a recent paper. By doing so, we can potentially shield our own home planet from those who have no other intention but do us harm.

Alex Teachey of Columbia University tells the following to Scientific American: “So a lot of scientists, including Stephen Hawking, have said it actually might be dangerous for other civilizations out there to know that we exist. If you look at the history of humanity there have been cases where two civilizations have come in contact for the first time, one of these civilizations with a slightly more advanced technology, and that group has ended up subjugating the other group.”

The concern being pointed out here is that it can always happen to us, and on a planetary scale. This is akin to the scenarios being portrayed in certain literature and Hollywood films such as “Independence Day” and “War of the Worlds.” To avoid having such a scenario happening on our planet, researchers looked into a way wherein our very own scientists would locate other planets found outside of our solar system. These planets would then be called as exoplanets.

Mr. Teacher explains in a Youtube video, ” If you wanted to cloak (laser technology) a planet, if you wanted to make it look like the planet is not there at all, you’ve got to get rid of that dip. You’ve got to fill in the missing starlight.”

As per the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, a laser cloaking device can be done. To do this, lasers would have to be fired off into space in order to compensate for the sunlight hidden by the passing Earth. This would trick any observers found in other heavenly bodies into thinking nothing was happening, at all.


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