Afterlife: The New Clicker Based RPG


Afterlife is a hybrid game so expect some surprises.

Depending on how much you like role playing games and especially clicker based ones, you may be glad to know that a new clicker-based role-playing game by the name of Afterlife is now available for download on Google Play Store and the App store as well.

There is no doubt about the fact that clicker role playing games have rocketed up in popularity among the general gaming community especially on mobile devices in the last couple of years.

And it shows no signs of stopping. The past eight or nine months have seen a boom in role playing mobile video games such as Pokemon Go and Ingress (a bit older than eight months though).

But forget about some make-belief augmented reality mobile video game, if you follow clicker role playing games like many of the gamers are starting to follow then there is a brand new option for you out there.

The clicker RPG game is called Afterlife and it has been released just recently so you can expect all the latest features and role playing elements to be present in the game.

However, Afterlife: RPG Clicker CCG isn’t just any old role playing game. Afterlife RPG Clicker CCG is basically a mash up between multiple game genres.

If you didn’t know already then know now that CCG in Afterlife RPG Clicker CCG stands for Collectible Card Game and that’s where Afterlife RPG Clicker CCG is so different from the thousands of games that come out in the market every year without making an impact.

As mentioned before, Afterlife RPG Clicker CCG is basically a hybrid game. First, the game gives you some clicker style gameplay mechanics and then tops that off with collectible card game content as well.

If you ever wanted a game that meshed all of this together in a balanced way then Afterlife RPG Clicker CCG might be right up your alley.

As far as the backstory of Afterlife is concerned, you can consider it to be a cross between Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter.


You can choose from three different factions but be prepared for the consequences of your choices.

In other words, the game throws at you multiple arrays of warriors who each represent their own factions. The game basically puts you in a position where the three major factions of the warriors are now facing off against each other to take control of the land.

You’ll have to battle it out with your favorite warrior class against the other two warrior classes in order to gain control and stamp your authority on the land.

The three different factions are as follows,

  • Light
  • Darkness
  • Nature

As a unique player in the game, you will have the opportunity to take control of a wizard whose sole purpose is to somehow participate in the ensuing battle.


And as is the case with any battle, in order to win and defeat your opponents you have to train hard and get stronger before stepping on the field.

You can do that in Afterlife RPG Clicker CCG by enhancing your magical abilities and spells. As far as in-game mechanics are concerned, you’ll have to find special spell cards along with other archaic artifacts, known in the game as Giftstones, to increase your power and your ability to compete with your foes on a level playing field.

Afterlife RPG Clicker CCG Features


Hybrid games usually have a lot of content if you know where to look.

As a player in Afterlife RPG Clicker CCG, there are a ton of things you can do to make your time enjoyable in the game. Let’s go through some of them in order to have a better idea of what to expect in the game.

  • The game allows you to click, swipe and hold down your finger in order to use magic cards and change battle signs.
  • Afterlife also grants the player the ability to come up with their own one-of-a-kind character. The game is complex enough to offer players three main attributes along with forty-four secondary attributes to take advantage off and make their character develop in any way they like.
  • To have the most powerful spells, players will need to find the required number of cards and now just any old cards, players will need to gather rare cards which will grant them extra powers.
  • The game will allow players to improve attributes such as willpower, dexterity, vital energy and strength by gathering items such as spiritual dust etc.
  • Afterlife truly offers a player an open path since it is left up to the player to come up with the best combination of ancient artifacts in order to increase their strength and then find the best strategies to dominate the game with their created character.

As mentioned earlier, the game requires players to pick one faction from amongst three and then represent that particular faction from the start of the game.

Each faction will bring the player its own benefits and advantages, so players will have to choose wisely.

But there are always players who don’t like to follow a scripted storyline .If you are one of those players than Afterlife has got you covered since you can also take part in PvP matches that take places between you and  the other player.

The rules are pretty simple: defeat the other player to gain strength, energy, and some glory as well in order to rise through the ranks.

We’ve already noted before that for a hybrid clicker based RPG game, Afterlife has a lot of content to offer players who are strong enough to take the plunge. There are a lot of features that players can test out in order to truly measure the depth of this game.

And the best part is that you can play Afterlife RPG Clicker CCG right now for free by heading over to Google Play Store and installing it on your mobile device.

Afterlife is also available on the App Store if you want to play the game on an iOS enabled device.

The game also has some optional In-app purchases to enhance one’s gameplay experience. If you are interested in playing the game then you can check out the trailer below to get a better idea of the overall scheme of things.

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