Zenbo – The Family Robot That Will Overpower You With its Cuteness and Overall Functionality

Everybody was expecting the reveal of the new Asus Zenfone smartphones during the company’s recent Zenvolution event, and the tech firm did deliver on that note; however, nobody was expecting the reveal of another piece of technology that can literally wow every age group and this surprise comes in the form of Zenbo, which is a robot assistant that has a ton of smart features. Also, it’s really cute.

Zenbo - The Family Robot That Will Overpower You With its Cuteness and Overall Functionality

Asus Zenbo, the Cute Robot Assistant That Can Fit Into Any Family

The Zenbo is a family-friendly robot that can overpower you with its cuteness and overall smart features. It is a household assistant with a huge range of announced features. Asus even pulled out all the stops in announcing the cute robot by giving it a video, complete with several scenes of what it can do for you and your family.

Asus’ Zenbo is able to move independently around the house, will be able to recognize faces, play games with the kids, read them stories, search the web for cooking recipes and whatnot (and assist you on how to cook them as well). It can also be controlled by way of voice command, can take photos, run home security, turn on connected smart devices such as the lights and TV, and even deliver call management procedures.

The video that introduced the robot looked like to be too genuine that it was like presented on stage. While it ran the show with its wide array of smart features, the robot can also overpower you with its absolute cuteness. It’s like your own personal Wall-E (that cute trash compacting robot from Disney Pictures), but instead of just picking up the trash and turning it into a cube, it can deliver so much more.

The robot assistant cal pull off cute faces, turn around in a cute manner, and did we mention its overall cuteness? What’s more is that this is no mere concept as what many would expect as Asus has already placed a price tag on it and it will be available for purchase sometime soon, albeit there is still no release date for it at the time of writing. It can even answer a lot of questions as shown in the demo, but it can also refuse to answer some.

In the announcement of Zenbo, Jonney Shih, Asus Chairman, called on to developers to work with the company for the robot’s platform. He said the following: “Together we can make ZenBo the best and most practical robot for every household. Together we can work on the next chapter of proactive computing.”


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