Climate Change – No Chance for a Greener Future if we Keep Covering up the Topic

There are those who believe that climate change is not happening, that everything about the world’s environment is going to be “peachy keen” or “hunky dory.” One of the latest topics to arise with regards to the subject is with Australia. There are warmer seas around its northern coast and the large amounts of bleaching of the corals found in the Great Barrier Reef is very real. While the bleaching phenomenon does not stop it from being of the largest and most precious habitats for many undersea wildlife, but question here is that do people still need a wake-up call? Recently, the Australian government had requested Unesco to delete an entire section on Australia and the Great Barrier Reef from its report pertaining to the impact of the staggering changes in climate.

Climate Change - No Chance for a Greener Future if we Keep Covering up the Topic

Australian Government Tells Unesco to Delete a Whole Section of a Report About the Impacts of Climate Change

The problem with regards to denying the effects of climate change is that we don’t try to change anything. Our willingness to change is the reason why we often refuse to acknowledge what is happening with the rest of the world. It is very easy for us humans to turn the other cheek and believe that what is happening is not taking place at all.

The explanation that has been given the Government of Australia for what appears to be a very blatant censorship is that the report states there is already 95-percent of the Great Barrier Reef that is being bleached due to warmer waters. Because of this, it is also hitting the tourism in the country quite hard.

When looking at the northern, more pristine portion of the Great Barrier Reef, a lot of corals have now died. Such a scenario does not just put climate change to blame, however, scientists estimate that the bleaching is 175-times more likely to happen due to warmer waters. Therefore, such conditions are likely to be a norm in 20 years.

However, Unesco sticks with its approach based on scientific findings as it reports on the growing impact on the various changes of our world’s climate. Unfortunately, it has bowed to pressure from the Australian government and commercial interests. Hence, the whole section about the aforementioned topic has been deleted off of the report.

This is not the first time wherein a government has chosen to ignore a major problem like climate change and applied some arm-twisting to ensure that silence is kept from parties. There are some sections of the Australian establishment that are now reluctant to act because they are powerless to act against the government.


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