You Block someone in your digital life, why?

You Block someone in your digital life, why?

Today – In the Internet world we have a variety of social networking sites available, and most of us use these sites to connect to old friends, acquaintances, relatives and etc., and sometimes we meet new friends from abroad and there are also times that someone meets the love of their lives using the social networking sites.

These are just some of the many advantages we enjoy using these platform; however, there are also disadvantages that come along with it. You cannot avoid nasty people in your network and these people can sometimes hurt you and tarnished your reputation. There are people that also annoy you even bully you-thus you decided to block them.

However, blocking these unavoidable people in your Twitter and Facebook is not always the best idea but is the best option because they can easily create another account, add you again and throws you the same insults and annoyances but you can also block them again and again.

Good thing, Facebook and Twitter and other major social networking platforms has the option to digitally delete someone from your digital life. It is an option that helps its users avoid people they personally don’t want to be connected to, it gives peace of mind knowing a certain person cannot view your personal account and profile, cannot send nasty messages to you, thus blocking option is more of self-help, you help and save yourself from unnecessary disturbance of a particular person who’s intentions is just to annoy and insult you.

Blocking option of these major platforms gives us not just the freedom to choose who we want to network with but also protection to its users against bullies. Digital life has this great advantage in blocking unwanted person, it is just a click away while in real life you just can’t clicked and block away a bully you really have to deal with them.


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