Uber Accounts are for sale on the Dark Net.

Uber Accounts are for sale on the Dark Net.

There are stolen active Uber accounts for sale on the new darknet Market AlphaBay and the cost is only a dollar, and what you get in return is, information and user details of active but stolen accounts.

For sale high- profile Uber accounts is first time on the darknet markets. People who pay for the stolen details can log in to the Uber account and definitely, use it. There are already hundreds account sold. Motherboard’s Joseph Cox dug around and contacted some of the people, whose accounts leaked, confirming that at least some of the accounts are legit; moreover Uber has stated that there has been no data breach. Upon investigation, there is no evidence of breach found and it is not clear how the vendors gained access to so many Uber account details without hacking Uber, there is a probability that the for sale active Uber accounts are hacked individually.

The darknet markets sell almost all sorts of illicit stuff, from drugs to weapons and counterfeit goods and now selling stolen information, what’s next? With this latest incident everyone is reminded to take matters seriously especially in creating passwords and usernames, it should be created strongly and uniquely, and everyone should bear in mind to avoid re-using credentials to multiple sites and services.

One should proceed with caution specially when using multiple sites, because your information is your responsibility, somewhere out there someone might stole and sell your information because it is unprotected primarily by you, they make money out of your information, basically you got angry, but what can you do? Reporting it to authorities is just part of the long process; the point is the protection of your privacy should come first from you. Surely you know that re-using a credential to multiple sites is prone of attacks so avoid it.


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