Create an interesting object from Styrofoam into aluminum. How is it possible?

Create an interesting object from Styrofoam into aluminum. How is it possible?

Did you know that a simple unused Styrofoam can be transformed into something interesting? You may find unused Styrofoam inside your cabinet storage, or Styrofoam used to package some of your home appliances.

If you have these unused and stored styrofoams at home you can actually create something out of it, however, this is a risky project, so avoid creating it with kids around.

Decide what particular object you want to create out of styrofoams, and then draft it in the styrofoam then cut. After assembling it attach a thick foam riser to the top of your model, get a 5-gallon bucket filled with sand then bury your soon to be metal creation out of styrofoam.

The next thing you have to do is fire it up, you need to melt some aluminum cans and pour the molten metal to the buried foam cast the styrofoam quickly vaporize as liquid aluminum rushes in to take form into the object you want to create, When you are doing this project just be careful not to splash anything on your face and body and not to mention burn your face, so just be very careful. Once desired object achieved, wait within few minutes and allow it to cool then carefully remove it using pliers, polished it to give a smooth look and touch.

Thanks to Grant Thompson, the self-styled “King of Random”, for sharing his knowledge of how to transform styrofoam into metal, this allows most of us to see good low-technology alternative even though not having a liquid 3D-printer. Withal, just keep in mind that this is a high risk project proceed with caution, safety comes first all the time. Lastly, kids should not see you doing this project.


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