XMG U706 Review – Bigger, Faster, and Bolder

The XMG U706 is part of the company’s “Ultimate” series and it is the line’s 17.3-inch flagship. XMG places this gaming laptop front-and-center. If you don a laptop to have an “ultimate” moniker, then it can go down either one of two paths. The first is that it could be slim, light, and a good balance between battery life and performance. The other path is to have a machine that’s bigger, faster, and bolder. XMG chose the second path for the U706.

XMG U706 Review - Bigger, Faster, and Bolder

The XMG U706 Promotes Excellent Gaming Performance, But the Battery Life Could be Better

At 17.3-inches, the XMG U706 is one large laptop. It has 39-millimeters for its thickness and has 418-millimeters for its widths. It also weighs 3.9-kilograms which means this laptop won’t bring you much comfort when it comes to bringing it around town. Since it is quite large, then an equally sized (or larger) bag is required to lug it around. You may also want to lift a few weights to gain the muscle strength to carry it around for long periods of time.

Its back-breaking measurements come with a simple design. The lid is encased with a matte plastic that has the company’s logo (which is, by the way, barely visible). Its interior has a thick speaker grille that is nested right above the green power button. Below that is the keyboard which has been graciously topped with a futuristic font.

While it is brought into the market with much heft, it also means that it is built like a tank. There are no weaknesses here in terms of build quality. The wrist-rest does not budge one bit, and the metal beneath the keyboard feels very durable. The screen will barely move, which is great for gamers who fidget around so much when playing high-action games.

Since the XMG U706 Gaming Laptop is placed in the “Ultimate” series, then it comes to no question that its hardware specs also show much promise. It is powered by a Core i7-6700K processor, which is a desktop chip. It uses the Skylake architecture, has four Hyper-Threaded cores, and it has a 4GHz base clock which can boost up to 4.2GHz.

While the mobile gaming system does boast great power, its battery life could not simply keep up. Standard tests using the laptop’s Balanced power mode only raked in about 3-hours of use. Therefore, if you’re a gamer that does not want to be plugged into a wall socket for a long time, then you can use this for a few hours of fun but don’t expect to pull out an all-nighter.

The XMG U706 does lead its class in terms of performance and build quality. However, there are areas that could have been better, especially when talking about its battery life.


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