Rocketbook Wave – Your Microwavable Notebook

Once you get to hear about the Rocketbook Wave, your first reaction might be, “Wait, what?” It is a microwavable, cloud-ready notebook. It is an ingenious feature wherein you no longer have to scour supply shops for paper should you run out of sheets to work on. In other words, if you run out of paper to doodle or take notes on this notebook, simply put the product inside your microwave and it will erase everything in it. Don’t worry as your notes and doodles of that teacher you hate so much will automatically be saved into the cloud so you can laugh about them any other day.

Rocketbook Wave - Your Microwavable Notebook

The Rocketbook Wave Takes Note Writing to a Whole New Level

With the Rocketbook Wave, you get the combination of a notebook and a mobile app. You can use the notebook to write important notes, take down cooking recipes shown in TV shows, or doodle on it if you’re bored. Everything that’s written on the paper is connected to the cloud and can be accessed easily with a companion app.

The app can be connected with a number of online services, including Dropbox and Evernote. Each page on the notebook is processed for quality then sent to the destination you indicate. To do this, just mark an icon found on the bottom of the each of the notebook’s pages.

The notebook on the Rocketbook System is a special one since you no longer have to tear down sheets of paper, throw them in the trash bin, and contribute to harming Mother Nature. Instead, if you run out of sheets to write on, you can just place this special notebook into your microwave oven. The heat will erase everything on the sheets of paper so you will always have clean sheets to start on once more. It is recommended to microwave the product for 3 to 5 minutes only.

This product also contains unique pages for easier organization within the cloud. Each page features a dot grid pattern which allows for creativity in drawing and for writing text notes. It is even great to use for sketches and designs.

The Rocketbook Wave is designed for many people including individuals who are constantly inside boardroom meetings, classroom discussions, and art studio seminars, just to name a few. It is now available for crowdfunding over at the product’s Indiegogo page, and will be shipped to backers by February 2016.


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