Wolverine F2D Mighty Review – For High Quality Slide Scans

The Wolverine F2D Mighty has been created with a very simple thought in mind – convert slides into digital images. Aside from this, it can also convert 35-millimeter and 110-millimeter film into digital copies. Its simplicity comes with quality, and can even be one of the best of its class of slide to digital image converters out in today’s market. Even though converting does take a bit of time, this unit is quite the cost effective alternative to using professional services or flatbed scanners, especially when you have a ton of old slides and film negatives hanging around your attic for quite some time.

Wolverine F2D Mighty Review - For High Quality Slide Scans

The Wolverine F2D Mighty Performs Well for What it Can Do

For image quality of scans, the Wolverine F2D Mighty delivers high marks in this department. It uses a high-resolution fixed digital camera to capture the images placed inside its slots. It will also take about three seconds for each photo to be made into a digital copy of its physical form. Its speed is an important factor, especially if you are an avid photographer in the grand days of the film camera. The small camera will snap a shot of your slide, which will instantly capture it, then save to an inserted SD card or through the unit’s own internal memory. After which, you can safely transfer the images, or share them to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media platform of your preference.

Its compact footprint also makes the unit portable and lightweight. The F2D Mighty only weighs less than 2-pounds. It is also very easy to carry from your closet straight to your desk. Additionally, it promotes a standalone design which means that you can use independently without being connected to a computer and a software. Hence, you can bring it to your friend’s house and they don’t have to worry about supplying a computer to run this machine or installing any programs.

Compared to other digital converters in the market, it also boasts a suitable amount of internal memory. With 100MB of internal storage, it will be a while before the device warns you that it’s low on memory. This is a bonus since there is a flaw for the unit – you cannot save the images directly to your computer. If 100MB is still not enough for you, you can plug-in an SD card through the right slot on the unit for added storage capacity.

If you are in the market for a digital slide and film negative converter but do not need a photo format conversion feature, then the Wolverine F2D Mighty is probably one of the best in the market that you can readily purchase. It boasts one of the highest resolutions of scanned images that is able to beat its rivals in a heartbeat. Also, with a high integrated memory, you cannot go wrong with this device.


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