Final Fantasy Explorers – Monster Hunter Meets Square Enix

For dedicated fans of Square Enix’s titles but still want to get a hold of all the exciting action being felt by the Monster Hunter titles, rejoice as the Final Fantasy Explorers is just what you need. Available for the 3DS, FF Explorers will let you dive back into the history of Final Fantasy. Perhaps its closest predecessor will have to be Final Fantasy Chronicles. The difference between the two is that Explorers focuses more on the action whereas Chronicles lets players immerse themselves more into the narrative.

Final Fantasy Explorers - Monster Hunter Meets Square Enix

Final Fantasy Explorers is Essentially Monster Hunter Transplanted Into Square Enix’s Famous Universe

In Final Fantasy Explorers, you will start out as an unnamed freelance explorer. At the start, you will choose your character’s name, sex, and edit basic appearance. After which, the game will throw you into the two of Libertas. After that, it’s off to run away from that old, famous, but still incredibly deadly dragon from just about every Final Fantasy game, Bahamut.

Bahamut is one of the game’s Eidolons (if you’re a Final Fantasy fan, you may hear that a lot in FF IX). Eidolons are pretty much the bosses that you will eventually battle in your adventures. These monsters and beings guard the crystals to which you, the explorer, must seek out and obtain.

Just like Monster Hunter, Final Fantasy Explorers (3DS) will let you cement your reputation within the town of Libertas by taking on various quests. These are pretty simple at first such as killing off minor enemies or gathering supplies (you know, the basic stuff). These preliminary quests are just a way to introduce you to the game’s battle system, which can be happily said is to be quite simple. However, any form of magic attack has a cooldown period before you can use them again. This breeds a turn-based vibe into the game, albeit slightly.

When it comes to its story, surprisingly, Square Enix has kept things to a bare minimum. The overall goal of this game is to battle Eidolons and collect crystals. In other words, there is very little in between. You do, however, often get an encounter from a guy called Cid (yes, there is a Cid in this game as well). He is the emissary from the Queen of Amostela. Cid will give you tasks and a bit of the story that unravels FF Explorers.

Don’t let the simplicity of Final Fantasy Explorers get the best of you. There is plenty of fun to be felt in this game. There are many elements that envelop the realm of Final Fantasy and some that have clearly been borrowed from Monster Hunter. Nonetheless, expect that you won’t put down your Nintendo 3DS for a while when you get this game.


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