Withings Home Review – Keep Track of What’s Important

The Withings Home is the company’s home monitoring camera which wins points for its utter simplicity. This is not your “all-in-one” security system as it does not reek of overflowing tech. There is a soft styling and bamboo sheath which helps it blend into the interior decor like it is nothing but a wooden-looking paperweight. This is something that a traditional IP camera does not have as burglars, thieves, and most people immediately know what a security camera looks like.

Withings Home Review - Keep Track of What's Important

The Withings Home Wins Points for Simplicity

Aside from its winning design, the Withings Home can further win you over with its high-quality video. The security sector has been riddled with 640 x 480 resolution cameras for years. For Withing’s new inconspicuous contender, it sports a low-distortion 135-degree view camera. This means that you don’t have to necessarily pan all the time with its wide-angle lens. However, it has a 5-megapixel imaging sensor which won’t definitely win any awards but is still a step up above its closest competitors.

When using night mode, it is equally superb as capturing video in the daytime. The quality of the video is above average as compared to its rivals and their own respected “night modes.” Apart from its video and still capabilities, you also get two-way audio. To use this, you can push-to-talk from a connected iPhone to talk with people in the camera’s vicinity. Using this feature, you can remonstrate discipline to unruly children who can’t seem to keep their hands to themselves.

Of course, much like any other connected security camera of today, you will get notifications. The camera can detect motion, noise, or even high levels of volatile compounds. That last item on the previous list can be in the form of when you open your window whilst you’re cleaning as it will warn you with the area’s poor air quality.

Another unique feature here is that there is another app that connects the camera to an Apple TV or the Apple Watch. The latter will let you toggle the notifications sent to the device in discreet manner. You can also see the scene live or you can review it later on The Home‘s “journal.”

While it is beautifully compact, and its design and performance can easily blow away the competition, the Withings Home is not cheap. However, it is commendable for the company for putting together a security camera that is slick and very user-friendly.


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