Hive Active Heating 2 Review – Fairly Attractive, But Not Smart Enough

The design of the Hive Active Heating 2 is largely responsible for the success of the Nest Smart Hub. This circular smart thermostat is, indeed, a beautiful device to behold. It is built with the combination of metal and glass, which is something that you wouldn’t mind if you’re of the modern minimalistic type. This 2nd generation is very different to the original, but it is still attractive nonetheless.

Hive Active Heating 2 Review - Fairly Attractive, But Not Smart Enough

The Hive Active Heating 2 is a Beautiful, User-Friendly Smart Thermostat

The Hive Active Heating 2 has a mirrored front plate which looks like much of the old and plain white plastic look found on the first generation. There is even an option wherein owners can purchase optional colored frames to replace the standard white one. This is to complement the device’s own style with that of the overall look of the room where it is placed.

Before you even press anything, it looks great. But when you do press either the central knob or any of its buttons below it, everything will light up in pleasing candy colors. These colors will shine through the chrome finish in a modern manner.

Its beauty is not only skin deep. The Hive 2 presents an interface that is so well-designed that beginners to the whole idea of a smart thermostat will find no problem adjusting the unit. The only thing that may not be as painfully obvious as the word “go,” which is what the two buttons atop the unit will do. Turns out that these are used to deliver a quick boost for your hot water or central heating systems.

But what does it do? Unlike other thermostats, it is not primarily made to operate by walking up to it and fiddling around with the controls, knobs, or buttons. It is meant to be operated with an accompanying app. The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Said app has been redesigned greatly to work well with the 2nd generation model. Using the app, you are able to quickly boost your heating, set up a schedule of up to six events per day, and you can even activate its “Holiday” mode from here. Holiday mode is essentially where the smart thermostat will put your heating and hot water in frost protection mode to be turned off for a period wherein nobody is inside the house.

While there is nothing absolutely wrong with the Hive Active Heating 2, but there is definitely nothing that can beat out its rivals out in the market. Simply put, it is just another beautiful-looking smart thermostat.


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