Nvidia Shield TV Review – Packing Power and Strong Streaming Abilities

The Nvidia Shield TV is not your everyday Android TV streamer as it is also able to bring gaming and powerful streaming into the mix. While the TV streamer market is, as of the moment, very crowded with Google and Amazon fighting it off with Apple thrown into the ring, there are some things that have lost their ground. The sector is full of confusing elements that come in as standard within this devices which may not even be used in the first place. Nvidia’s new contender aims to change the people’s perception about TV streamers as it brings in things that are in the right.

Nvidia Shield TV Review - Packing Power and Strong Streaming Abilities

The Nvidia Shield TV is the Evolution of the Company’s Own Shield

At its core, the Nvidia Shield TV is an update to the Nvidia Shield handheld console and the Shield gaming tablet. Simply put, the company has taken its Shield line to a logical solution by sticking it beneath a TV.

It runs on an Android platform (much like the other Shield products). But this system is different than other Android TV streamers. For the most part, it is not an inadequate Android TV console as it includes some features that are actually useful. It even stands a fair chance of becoming a smart hub for your living room home entertainment system.

But do note that this piece of wonderful technology is not cheap as it stands at a fairly hefty price point. There are different models with varying internal storage which can go from 16GB to all the way up to 500GB.

The reason for the heft in its price is found underneath its beautifully modern exterior as it is powered by the Tegra X1 processor. This is Nvidia’s latest mobile chip which is particularly designed for gaming and 4K video playback. Once you get to turn on the machine, you will definitely feel its quickness. To put it into comparison, this chip is twice as powerful than what the Nvidia Shield tablet has, or even that of the Nexus 6, and the Samsung Galaxy S6.

This may not come as a surprise, however, as it is a 2GHz octa-core processor which is powered alongside of an Nvidia Maxwell-based 256-core GPU and 3GB of RAM.

Ultimately, the Nvidia Shield TV is not your half-hearted Android system for your television set. In fact, with a bit of side-loading and some tinkering, you can even emulate Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, and even some GameCube games.


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