Windows 10 Start Button Arrives For the Surface RT

Windows 10 Start Button Arrives For the Surface RT

Microsoft recent published an update to their orphaned Windows RT 8.1 operating system to give it that Windows 10 feel. The update includes the 10th generation start menu button that many felt was the main thing that was missing from the Windows 8 operating systems. For those who are not accustomed to what the Windows 8 had to offer, it had many features but the legendary Windows Start Button was not included. Instead, Microsoft gave us a full-screen menu each time the Windows key was pressed on the computer’s keyboard. This was very cumbersome for many, especially when said button on the keyboard decides to give out giving users no other option to open their menu for their Windows operating system.

When Windows 8.1 rolled in, Microsoft did include a Start Menu button but it still resulted in the full-screen grid of apps and programs. While this was still not the exact thing that many people desired, it was still welcomed nonetheless primarily because users had no other option.

Surface RT Users Are Introduced With The Start Menu Button on Latest Update

When the preview of the Windows 10 was revealed, people across the globe rejoiced as it did bring back the old Start Menu button without the having to shift to that full-screen view of the computer’s apps and installed software. This update is now available to Surface RT and Surface 2 RT users.

Both the Surface RT and Surface 2 RT are hybrid laptops. While it does look like the inclusion of the Start Menu button is like that of the Windows 10 OS, it isn’t exactly the same. Users will immediately notice that there are some things that are not the same for their Surface Start Menu button, and those are the settings options (which is completely lacking), and the power-off icon can be seen at the upper right of the menu instead of the default lower left location.

Aside from the inclusion of the Start Menu button, there is no further news about any other new features as the update was not announced by Microsoft. The “Update 3,” which is the title of said update, is good news for Microsoft Windows RT users. The update was an earlier promise by Microsoft when the company said that they would give “some” of the Windows 10’s features by September of this year. The update made the RT’s OS looking fresh despite its “hard ice” as what the CEO of Acer had put it.


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